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Let us bring Him down


Let us talk nonsense – and justify it


I want to settle this once and for all. For the first time in my blogging experience, I am really angry with my fellow bloggers…


What happened?


This blogosphere is truly liberating. It gives us a space which in real life is in a crunch. It gives us learning from unbiased opinion, when in real life most of what we get is done in self-interest. It gives us an opportunity to share our innermost views, complains, and opinion. There are no sacred cows. We are free to write on anything and everything that we wish to. But don’t we bloggers have any principles? Are we so disenchanted with the ethical boundaries in our real lives that we hold none in this virtual life?


I have seen many of us writing our opinion on Gods, come they from any religion. And what kind of logic? The most unfortunate part is that they are based on references that are unreliable and imaginative in my opinion.  


Link from my past


When I wrote about why I loved Ram or exactly what I saw in a picture that showed Ram, Sita and Lakshman, I never imagined what I was getting into. How happy I was to post that! And then the hell broke loose.


In the days to follow, I got at least four persons who objected to my part of writing when I wrote Ram was a good husband.


I follow it up with all of them. I wanted to understand why they hated him. But they won’t reply. I remember two of them said, “I just hate Ram”. One of them was kind enough to accept that she is so hateful against Ram that she didn’t even read any logic in his favour. And after that she also didn’t reply. None of them replied.


There, my friends, our bloggers’ unwritten code was broken. There is no harm in registering our concerns, but to pass a verdict without an explanation is the same thing that many of us object to – that Ram didn’t say a thing to Sita when he left her.


The hell keeps breaking loose. One of us will read some highly creative lesser-known poet who imagined near-pornographic details about Krishna-Radha or any other revered character from the epics. And you will post it there, and will go on to justify how points made by you were ‘based on facts and books’, while whatever I say comes as an ‘emotional’ response. I take it in positive spirits.


But for how long?


Bit by bit and character by character, you will go on writing anything that ran through any poet’s mind sometime. And you will justify all that because they are based on ‘facts’! As if those poets had seen them having sex. Or had witnessed everything on their close circuit cameras!


Why do we write about the things that we don’t understand; and the things which are sure to hurt others?


What I discovered


The best part of blogging is that it gives you opportunities to experiment with thoughts and ideas. And you get to contribute something knowing that you won’t get anything in return. That is the best part – doing something without an expectation of returns – the ultimate message of Karma.


Throughout my blogging experience, I have reached many of conclusions. I have shared some of these with you:


1.    Never judge a person by his/her ‘one’ action.


2.    Don’t accuse someone who is not there to defend him/herself.


3.    In case of confusion, remain conservative.


4.    Hate the deed, not the doer.


5.    It depends on the way we think. There are mirrors-mirrors everywhere.


If anyone followed these principles, s/he won’t have written wrong about all that I described in the beginning.


Never judge a person by his/her ‘one’ action: A principle which makes me look out if there were some more dimensions containing some other truths. Most of what we see is not the complete picture. We should not judge any person by his/her single deed. Put his other past actions into perspective, and then judge him looking at the larger picture. (While defending that Ram loved Sita, I asked if they can show me one more event, other than the separation part, in Ram’s life where he was disrespectful to Sita; and I didn’t get a reply.)


Don’t accuse someone who is not there to defend him/herself: This principle may give many of them the benefit of doubt. But the least respect that I can show towards their soul is to leave them in peace after they have left their bodies. That is only ethical, isn’t it?


In case of confusion, remain conservative: I learnt this principle in financial management, but dragged it into real life. Many a times, it pays to remain conservative when we are in doubt. ‘Conservation’ respects the time that the world has spent in developing a theory. If I don’t have sufficient proof, I would rather not form an opinion, than to try destroying it only to discover later on that I was a fool, and I can’t reverse it.


Hate the deed, not the doer: This statement by Gandhi ji, is one of my favourite philosophies. I hate the way Ram deserted Sita without talking with her about anything, I hate the way they asked Sita to appear for the examination for her chastity; but I don’t hate Ram who did it and I don’t hate the people who did it. Hating people is like entering into mud to get a clean lotus flower. Hating their wrong deeds makes me learn something; and will inspire me not to do that myself. Hating the ‘person’ will make me see him ‘down’, but I can still do the same things he did, because I will justify them on some other ground. Hating people is so selfish – all that we get from the hatred is a self-gratifying feeling of seeing others down. But from hating the deeds instead, we get an inspiration of not doing anything like that, ever. And that is what is reasonable.


It depends on the way we think: There are mirrors-mirrors everywhere. Someone said, it depends on which side of the door you are standing. Because, then the whole perspective changes. From the same events and circumstances, we see two different people making two very different conclusions. Or taking two very different lessons. It depends on which plane we are thinking on. I discovered this logic a hard way. And I always keep this in mind.


Following these five principles makes me live in peace with the facts which make some of us read some diverse writings about the Gods and their ‘girl-friends’ for example.


Knowledge for?


If our readings lead us to hate others, isn’t it better to be an illiterate? If our understanding poetry lead us to point fingers on others’ characters, isn’t it better to be a naïve?


Kabir said this long time back:


Pothi padh padh jag mua,

Pandit bhaya na koi,

Dhai aakhar prem ka,

Padhe jo pandit hoi.


(The world doesn’t become ‘learned’ even if they keep reading books till their graves. But those who understand the two and a half letters of love (‘prem’ in Devnagari script consists of 2.5 letters), are the real ‘learned’.)




(Kumar Rahul Tiwary)

30 comments to Let us bring Him down

  • You are a good player with words and adept in putting YOUR emotions in a manner that these would appear as Great social, intellectual and human TRUTHS. Don”t be so angry if people have other emotions but are not so adept in creating verbal models for these.
    As far as Rama is concerned… The story of Rama (or the historical truth if you like) has been used so skilfully to create, enforce and perpetuate a particular model of social-politico-economic organization of Indian society by vested interests that there bound to be contrary emotions associated with this character.
    May be you shall also give it a thought.

  • I think each one of us has the right to express our views and each one of us has the right to counter the views expressed by someone else. If we disallow that, we may be stuck , like the frog in the well. Of course one must be aware of the consequences of what we do and say. Intentions matter a lot, i think. Our expressions may be just a way of thinking out loud, an attempt to sort through the jumble of our thoughts and find clarity, with or without the inputs from others. On the other hand , our speech and writing may be consciously intended to create mischief. We should be able to gauge the difference between the two.

  • forcefully argues, is all i want to say; yes, the blogworld is very complex, it is a public domain, and one will have to accept different perceptions on events and individuals…

  • Dear Rahul, I have full sympathy for you. LL is verbose and very lucid in her writings. Like a good advocate she can turn a case on its head. Her power of expression is very-very good; one of the best I think…on this iland . I have read her works several time – without commenting of course; because I may not agree with her all the time. Read LL, because she gives good logic; Sound logic. No one expects that you or every one has to agree with her. Secondly …LoL… she has already kheechofied your ears, called you a kiddo hahaha…. that means ki ” senior Teacher” ney maafkiya.. aapko. Also don”t take it personally if people don”t agree with you or even jump at your throat. That is the beauty of this medium. You can get involved and also not be personal. Even if they abuse. Ki farak painda hai. Koi rishtaydari karni hai kya … hahaha :)))

  • Well Rahul , now u r full of suggesions n all of them r right. Even u were right while blogging about Ram. I mean u blog 4 urself not 2 please others or entertain others. No matter what I comment or they comment, what is important is ur feelings, ur expressions while blogging. If feel gd by blogging more on Ram, Please do so. It fair to express urself freely n please don”t get hurt bcos of others views that doesn”t match wid u. V all have our opinions, don”t mould them or force some1 2 walk wid u. let them b free 2 b wid u when they want 2. just like real friends. Don”t worry n just b happy……..Keep blogging …….Happy Blogging :-) :-) :-D :-D

  • Oh the sweet old debate on what is bloggable? ;-) Rahul, I personally think anything can be written on a blog. Anything! I am for FULL freedom of expression on blog pages as this medium shows only the thoughts, not the person. But I cannot fully agree with Gandhiji when he says Hate the deed, not the doer. Ideally we should not even hate the deed. Or hate both. In the first case, I am God and in the second case I am human – now who is this guy in between, a human being who is ”almost” God :P If you think well, what Gandhiji said is Impossible practically, like a lot other that he said. And as for Ram, Lakshman and Sita – we are slaves to the names. Do they care a darn, if some creative writer wants to imagine the story differently? Any writing just reflects the wide range of thoughts possible in those times and they SHOULD :) Let us celebrate liberty and freedom – freedom to write anything and your freedom to not go back and read it if you don”t like!

  • U had written once on my iland…”write whatever you feel like,some will like it and some will like after some time..”..then y take tension? whatever they said is their way of thinking and you cannot change it..
    ”hoihe wohi jo ram rachi raakha…” :)

  • Rahul, dont take this too seriously, just share ur thoughts, if they dont understand it is there problem. sometiems when things get out of hand, i write abt them also like the way u did now, with this post :) keep writing, Rahul.

  • Well, I would not have jumped though I agree with you Rahul, but for my dear friend ”Sathya”s comment. :) I know sathya, my writings irks many ”loonies commies” and u r no exception. :) And as for “what i love…” come on pal spend some time reading and you will be surprised. :) love, PI.

  • Wah Ustad kya principles hai. Agree with all ur findings. Rahul take it easy, its quite natural that ppl will react differently, accept those u like and discard the others. so simple it is. don”t forget abt the exam time :))))))))))))))

  • common rahul….donot worry…never take these silly things to mind…just write & express your feelings…diff people will have diff opinion…not a big deal….HUM HAI NA >>.

  • sathya

    Rahul, if you are “sensitive” then lock up the comments column. The blog world is no different from the real world; it has its share of goons. There are many merchants of hate in here. Examples are unavoidable and so take PI. His blog only generates hatred and bigotisim. (If he were smart, he will write about the things he loves instead and can make for better reading). Take LL and she another character who will drown a ship in the name of logic and reason; both warped to suit her point of view. The point is this: this is not a medium of friendship and don”t get personal. Time for you to grow up.
    I don”t blog here and my blog in blogspot is restricted. Now, does that make sense. It does.
    Rgds, Sathya

  • Ramas character is appropriately portrayed in Valmikis Ramayan and not in Manas. Very Few ppl hv bothered to read manas leave aside Ramayan.
    By Reacting to low IQ responses one only legitimises them. They are best ignored. Blogosphere is principally popluated by them alone.
    I wd like give a broadside. At the time of Ram and sitas wedding their horoscopes were matched. It was a perfect match. Yet Sita did not have the happiest conjugal life. So two hoots for horoscope matching.

  • Now LL is changing tune…..LOLZ…..

    Rahul…..ignore all this…..if you had written bad things about mohammed or christ, same bloggers would have killed you.

    But same bloggers do not like you to praise your own god…..such is the mentality.

    Anyhow…for once I don”t agree with VTjee….just because you are invisible doesn”t mean you can behave badly, lose your manners and leave your ettiqutes (sp?) outside. That too if you are a teacher/professor!!! I can”t believe this…..I guess I am from old school “gurur brahma, gurur vishnu….”
    Will e-mail you

  • U r right Rahul. It is not necessary to comment on the subject about which one knows nothing! Just read the blog, and enjoy it! It”s not good to hurt others” feelings with thoughtless criticism. But still, take this criticism as a new subject! In our Marathi language, there is a proverb “Nindkache ghar asave shejari” it means that The Critic must be our neighbour. Every time he will comment on ur actions and u will get the chance to be more perfect! So, be happy!

  • My dear Rahul, I have no clue who said what regarding what n whom, so i m puzzled but as I see…. you have written this with all in a reaction… in a state of deep hurt…. thus I agree with what VT has stated here…. dear you know it…. you do…. that purpose of all education is to widen our horizons.. to make our mind & heart all encompassing…. and to respect the freedom of expression of all…. aint it? hey… My teacher used to tell me…. if someone disaggrees with you…. do not interpret it as disrespect…. :O))) Both the things are different…. But with all said and done, I feel you need that Dhaaee Akhaar right now, more than anything else…. thus I send lot of Love & Care your way… Take a pause my dear…. Take a deep breath…. N Pardon me if I have added to the hurt, though unintentionally! Your friend, Pra~! :O))

  • V T

    (3) Any work of art/thought has many ways of menifesting itself; and one of the purposes is to ”offend’ sensibilities. I may not be a good idea see an offensive work of art/thought as all Black. This, (seeing offense as evil), tendency is the same school of thought that gets people (personally) angry at MF Hussain, Tasleema and Rushdie. (4) Are our religious structures so fragile that they are danger if someone asks questions or pokes fun? If they are, then I am not too sure they will last very long. (5) Don”t take so much of pressure, just chill. If u do not like anything, just don”t read it. Simple.

  • V T

    I am not fully aware of the background or the context here. But I assume that your sensibilities have been hurt by reading some blog/comment. As usual it probably had something to with religious feelings. See Rahul, this is what I feel (1) Freedom of expression at ALL costs, in fact I would go so far to say that everyone has the right to say or feel anything, DESPITE me not agreeing with, or getting offended with that the POV. (2) It is always a good idea not to take a blog personally. In fact, I try to avoid people who try to get personal.

  • *sigh* the everything revolves around understanding. Well written Rahul!

  • A few shall see what none yet understands , God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep , for man shall not know the coming till its hour, and belief shall be not till the work is done. …….. by Sri Aurobindo .

  • m a

    Today it is too philosophical

  • prem chij hi hai aisi
    kisi ko bhi karti bas me
    pyar nahi to kuchh nahi
    pyar hai to kisi ki jaroor nahi

  • As it is a free space, everyone is supposed to maintain a code of dignity by himself/herself. if something is posted in yuor guest book or blogs, yuo canr helt it. peopel are free to express their views. if yuo dont like them personally, can very well neglect them. People do it sometimes, to gain attention.

  • I remember I was one of those who did not reply to your reasoning Rahul in the Ram post. I did not coz I saw a personal comment made on me in your blog which had NOTHING to do with the topic. I chose to withdraw from the public defecation by narrow minded people on sensitive issues. I saw it becoming one big personal mud slinging match in which I did not wish to participate. I even deleted your comments in My GB! It is obnoxious to become personal and have narrow minded comments against the person and to sideline the topic .It is a free country and we all have the right to have our views without being personally attacked. Hats off to you for having the courage to blog this There is hope for the country with people like you.alanced, aware, reasoning.and reasonable!.god bless you!

  • :) gud points………………

  • From the mouth of babes! I agree with you on every count. The blog is meant to share ideas not to ‘tear’ people and ‘bare’ egos . Some people have made it their business to tear down everything written by a fellow blogger. If you notice that this is basically in the area of religion and politics. No wonder it is said that in polite circles these two topics should not be discussed for people tend to lose reason and logic and manners and generally show their ‘class’ or ‘lack of class’ in such discussions. There are bloggers . however, who discuss all this without getting carried away by personal prejudice. They retain their dignity and put across their point. One has to know where to stop.

  • RAHUL ,,,,,do what you write,and write what you do,,,,and thats it,,speak out what you want..let the others say how they feel..and write what so ever they feel like to write,,after all it is nothing,just sharing of opinions,knowledge and informations,,,,,,and thats the best plus point of our sweet sweet blogland,,,,,,,,,stay happy,,,let all of us stay together,appreciate or criticise,its ok, but dont hate please,,important is,,love me the way i am,,,,, please,,,,,heheeee

  • Rahulji,aapne bahut hi satik vishay ko chun aur uspar badhiya dhang se sari baton ko rakha hai.mein aapke pancho nishkarsho se sahamat hun.lekhan ki swatantrata ke liye is ukti ka palan har kiso ko karana chahiye ki ””aapko hath phailane ki aajadi vanhi tak hai janha tak vah kisi dosare ke kaan tak na pahunche.””aapko sargarbhit aut sabke liye prerak vishay uthane ke liye bahut-bahut badhai……

  • I have also experienced same situation with some of the bloggers.It is the ignorance about other religions which makes some stupid,pig heads write about other religions in a distorted ways.Let me tell you not a single religion can be logically explained……Religions have evolved and devloped in a course of thousands of years in different parts of globe and written in different languages…..I personally explain these type of people in a language which they understand…..These type of people are not actually interested in your religion or any religion…….

  • you are right Think Tank. Let us observe a certain code of conduct and avoid unnecessary criticism ,which may cause great ill-will and hatred…ranjit

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