May 2008
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Changing Times

The Sister act…




I am two years younger to my elder sister. When we were young, we fought countless wars to grab the biggest share of our world. Whatever be the format, time or place, we fought it out full throttle and seldom won. The war was drawn out even to the teen years. But when she married and went away, I felt really bad. Though I knew that she won’t be competing against me anymore, I thought it was unfair…  


This morning, I returned after visiting her place. In the meanwhile she has had a kid who is now two years old and calls me Mama :) Last time I saw him and played with him, he was only one year old. Now he speaks very well and understands things. And every time he calls her “Mommy!” my ears become sensitive!  


My biggest competitor, for whom I felt sorry at one point of time, has actually got an unfair advantage! I listened with curiosity, as he called her “Mommy” again and again :) It was a nice feeling. Even if a shred of our old rivalry remained, it vanished with this kid and this word…


Picture: her love and my fascination.

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  • The nicest post with sweetest tasveer! Congrates Rahul Mamu!

  • behtareen..aur sabse pyaari to ye tasveer hai..:)

  • so nostalgice . Lot of life in what u hav written Rahul.


  • it is understandable how beautiful you are as like as your nephew (bhagne) . Jano to mama bhagne jekhane …. bhay naai sekhaane .
    thank you for this personal post.

  • Congrats on being a mama to such a cutie!

  • yeah……kids take it all away mamu! :)

  • ……nice account and beautiful photograph…congrats Rahul. What do you call this Angel?…ranjit

  • I have a brother, 3 years younger to me. When my son was in his late teens, many times I used to unknowingly call him by my brothers name. Maybe because that age was my last close interaction with my brother as I left for ajob then marraigae kids and w ehad less time together. So you ae a mama happy!

  • Feeling heavy in heart… thinking of when I will see my dear akka

  • Bachapan ki beshakimati yaadon ko aapne jitane sundar dhang se sahej kar rakha ,usi khubsurati se unhe aapne vyakt kiya.bhavantak anubhav ko baant kar aapne sabko bachapan ki meethi yaandon mein bahunchaya,badhai…..

  • Touching indeed…. ditto Savi rey Rahul…. This is so cute… so sensitive… God Bless you… Loves & Hugs… Pra~! :O))))

  • what a lovely kid and rahul…u know ur more lovely than the kid. I dunno what has given u this sensitivity at such a young age. It is a delight to meet a boy who has the rare combination of sense and sensibility!sh I am notsaying any more or you will blush delightfully!

  • the way it is narrated is so wonderful….reality drops out….well the generation next is always more loving to all…perhpas the bond which you have with your sister”s son will surely be different and of higher level then that of what you have it for youer sister…

  • lovely and emotion post Rahul… I can very well relate to your post as I have have three sister and they have kids.. I haven”t seen them for a year now but soon will be visiting them in few days. Your post toched my heart and increased my eagerness to meet them and hear them calling me maamu…. I love them a lot but they love me more…. God bless you… and you bhaja.. he is really handsome…

  • like EP says, the sense of belonging is what makes a family system work beautifully. this post is a testimony to that…

  • so sweet… n very unusual name too..:) hope u ejoyed ur stay:) ….

  • I guess there is something very special about the bond between siblings , all the fights of the growing up times, notwithstanding. Sometimes, the quarrels and differences of opinion do spill over even after we grow up. But at the bottom of it all, there is a sense of belongingness as well. This was perhaps the strength of the joint family system, though it had its disadvantags as well. And kids….they can melt any false barriers that we adults construct.:-)

  • memories ..sweet old memories…..:))) cute kid !!! thanks for sharing!

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