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Key Business Concepts – a concise guide


When I had started the category Terms and Fundas , I had in mind explaining the terms which are more frequently used in business management and which non-professionals find difficult to understand. This book intended to do exactly that. It says, “Key Business Concepts provides a clear guide to strategic business terms and models for the practicing manager and business student”.


But after going through it, it seems the author who was a president of a consultancy firm, got diverted and forgot the SMART formula. The terms he explains are as simple as: leadership, development, competition, culture, etc; though in the later half of the book he tries to make up by explaining some models like BCG Matrix. But he doesn’t explain the terms as he should have, to a layman. Plus most of the latest terms in vogue in business are missing. He tried to explain simple terms in non-simple way. This may be explained by the fact that the book is a translation from Swedish.


Not recommended. Interested should find some similar book on the theme, or I can write one :)


Book:        Key business concepts – a concise guide

Author:     Bengt Karlof

Publisher: Routledge

Price:        Rs 150 (1993 edition)

Amazon Link with reviews and details: [Link]

Kumar Rahul Tiwary 

PS: You can read this book here, thanks to Google Books [Link]