May 2008
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Dinner time folks

Life V2

The lady and her Dogs


On an after-dinner walk, I and my friend reached a road block. We watched a lady crossing the road. She seemed to be in her forties. She had a big polythene bag in one hand and a purse was hanging from her other shoulder. As she crossed the road, a pack of at least half a dozen dogs tried hard to get some thing out from the bag. She was trying to drive them away. As usual, people on the road were not people but traffic, busy in their own honks and takeovers. I thought I should do something.


As I tried to go save her, my friend asked me not to. Why? There was no answer. The fact that he was married with two kids and hence minded his own business was one explanation. And that there were hundreds of men like him on the roads who also didn’t act was another. But Rahul is Rahul. I again tried to go towards her. By that time, she had crossed the road, had gone much ahead and but still was fighting the dogs.


When the problem is at some distance, we sometimes hang our guards. Do we also have territory feeling, like dogs? Anyway, I still looked towards her again, if she still needed help. By this time, another world had opened in there.


She was taking some stuff out of her bag and was feeding the dogs…


From that day onwards, I watch her daily, crossing the road, reaching that place, and then the dogs would have their dinner..


What we see, is not always the truth…


Picture: Rahul fighting with dogs to save the lady? :)


Kumar Rahul Tiwary