September 2008
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Sense of Humour


Wish it were contagious…


When the class gets boring, the class looks out for some unclassified diversions. It was one such day. A guy opened the door and asked the ma’am, “I had left my bag in the classroom by mistake, can I take it please?” Ma’am consented but the class said, “no, no..” :) The guy looked puzzled but came in and took his bag. But before leaving, he said, “I was asking ma’am and not you” :) Now some voices were heard, “get lost, get lost”. I wondered what was happening! The guy looked insulted and went out after giving a threatening glance to the class :) We all laughed…  


This is where a little sense of humour could make a difference. If the guy had just smiled at the “no, no”, he would have been much more at peace. But then we won’t have had so much fun :)


A “sense of humour” is also an overused term which we all flaunt to possess. And thanks to the media, we all are made aware that a good sense of humour counts above a six-pack abs. Here, my focus is on a different aspect: that our sense of humour can do miracles in difficult situations.


A good sense of humour gives us the technique to handle very difficult situations very effectively and allows us to bear the load with ease, be it work-related or personal. No doubt that almost all my role models and people I look up to have a great sense of humour which makes me remember the encounters and incidents for ever. When I remember them, I smile :)


Trees which bear the maximum fruits, not only have enough strength and depth, but also the flexibility. In humans, nothing comes parallel to our sense of humour.


As someone sent me a message through an sms: “A smile doesn’t mean the person has no problem, it means the person has the capability to handle all problems”. So true and so simple!


And what if a tough life makes one loose his/her sense of humour? Of course the greatest losses in our life are what die ‘inside’ us while we are alive…  


I wish a sense of humour were contagious. While many of our other qualities are so, I suspect this is not. We can make a person break into laughter by our humour, but can’t make them ‘see’ it our way. But world would have been a much better place if sense of humour can be spread like the way some other things are spread or propagated. A lovely song can make you forget everything for the moment, but the next moment you will be left alone with your ‘way of looking at things’. This can’t be taught in a classroom also. But if we were meant to learn everything in a classroom, then the greatest colosseums in the history should have been used not for games or fights but for mass teaching sessions! At the closest, reading and a library is of help, since we get to learn about the outside world through them. And, history is filled with people whose sense of humour gave them the strength to sail through very difficult days and years while they maintained their sanity and sensibility. A sense of humour makes us see bubbles, babbles, and balloons even in the battlefields. 


I love watching interviews and remember some moments for ever. It was one couple being interviewed at that time, which had remained together for decades in a profession where it is rare – glamour. The interviewer asked the gentleman his secret and he said, “I have fallen in love a hundreds of times……. :) but…….. every time with the same lady!” :) Perhaps I will never forget this incident and this tells how effective our communication becomes if it has the element of our good sense of humour in them. Messages conveyed with right amount of humour gets their impact multiplied many folds.


As the last thought, I wonder if animals have a great sense of humour too :) We have made them do all the works and mechanised them in ways that was never meant to be. For the horses which are made to see only one direction and run for miles mechanically; what makes them maintain their sanity at our insanity? A sense of humour? :) And hence this picture:

Keep smiling :)

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