August 2009
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Bachna Jaruri Hai



Serial Something


In the recently released Love Aaj Kal, Saif Ali Khan plays the role of a ‘serial lover’ who changes his girlfriends as a rule. Before that, Ranvir Kapoor played a character in Bachna Ai Haseenon who chases and pursues girls as a challenge, then dumps them for fun. The emotional devastation that his games incur on the girl Mahi was played in such a touching way by Manissha Lamba. Now the worst thing is that these cases and such guys are not only in the movies. They might be sitting right across our table.


Recently I came to know one guy who shared his interesting time-pass. He can’t marry for some years because his present job and salary are not good enough. In the meanwhile he has found a way out for his recreation. He searches for girls open for friendships in matrimony and some social-networking websites. He chats with them, talks with them over phone, and then proposes to meet them too. All this is done with the intention to get to ‘know’ each other better. These days many girls are willing to search for their spouses by themselves and hence don’t find something wrong in such dating. Some of the girls would agree to meet and they would see places together. Now after every 2-3 months, he would make some genuine looking excuses to the girl, making it appear that their marriage won’t be possible and hence they have to ‘move on’. Next morning: another girl. Three months afterwards: his next victim. He would definitely break some hearts in the process and would fake some love. May be he has become too perfect in his ‘art’ of ‘falling in love’ and enjoys the process of ‘getting to know’ each other.


Why am I writing this? Because I felt too bad coming to know about all this happening in our society. Why I am sharing this? Because we can better be watchful…



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