September 2009
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Stay Childish

(Life V3) (Personal)


Wave like a kid does!


The bus had stopped at a traffic signal. I gave a casual glance outside the window. There was something special in that black car! A young kid of around 2 was waving at the bus! I tried to read him and found he was looking at someone in the front seats. He kept waving his hands with a cute chuckle. I moved and tried to find the person he was waiving at. I found it was another kid in the bus! As time passed, the kiddo in the car looked harder and harder as if trying to recognise this boy and he kept waiving and waving his hand. The boy in the bus was slightly older, may be of around 5. This boy was also waiving at the other kiddo, this was the kids’ way to say hi to each others, and these two kids were perhaps in another world!


The cute kid in the car was from a well-to-do family. He was in the pink of comfort along with his parents in the car. The boy in the bus was also in his mother’s lap – but his and his mother’s looks told they were from an economically struggling family. But their personal rapport seemed very instant and natural. Indeed children know no economic or class divide – and these two kids proved that in front of my eyes… After a while the traffic started and the car zoomed away. The two kids kept waiving at each other until they lost their line of vision… I sat with moist eyes and a touched heart; while the poorer boy’s mother pulled him closer to herself. May be she had noticed him and wanted to divert his attention. (Will their mothers wave at each other like they did?) Indeed, children are unbiased and pure at heart…


Now what if we, the adults, happen to be unbiased and pure at heart? People call us – childish! I wonder if being childish is a bane or a virtue…  


This world will try to corrupt you. Stay childish.


And, wave like a kid does!



Dil Bole Hadippa

I watched Dil Bole Hadippa yesterday, and found it very entertaining. It’s a hilarious movie which makes us laugh all along and Rani Mukherjee has given a brilliant comic performance :) I was never a great admirer for hers, but her role as a male Sardar ji is simply superb. And a bonus: India wins the cricket match in the end :) I recommend this to all: go watch with family, kids and even parents.