November 2009
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Balanced Approach

(Life V3)

Goodness in everything Bad


We were having our lunch in between a long presentation to a client. The top most executive in our company was there with us, along with a senior person from the client’s side. They started talking about GST (Goods and Services Tax) that is planned to be implemented from April 2010. The talk turned out into praise for the Prime Minister who has taken the initiative to implement it. I kept listening to the interesting conversation. They seemed to be in a good mood – as they started praising Congress party for having leaders like Manmohan Singh, P Chidambaram, Pranab Mukherjee and others who are very good in economics and finance. Sensing that he was praising INC, the other person tried a trick. He said that the BJP didn’t have such leaders! Now I was uncomfortable – as the talk had turned out to be a free-ki-publicity for Congress! But I was surprised at what followed this remark.


He said he disagreed! He said that Atal Bihari Vajpayee was such a learned man and so highly qualified for the post! Then he mentioned names like Arun Shourie, Pramod Mahajan and the likes and said the BJP government in the center didn’t have any dearth of highly qualified and experienced ministers! Next, he said let us take Naredra Modi for example. Narendra Modi has changed the fortune of Gujarat: just look at the Gujarat that was before he took over and what he made out of it in his term in the chair. He said if we are strictly looking from the moral point of view (on post-Godhra riots cases), we can think that he is not a good man: but no one can dispute that he is a brilliant and exceptional leader! I said wow! But, next, he said that he thought that Narendra Modi in his second term was not the same as the one in his first term: he had done much better and much more in his first term in the office.


The entire conversation made me open up my eyes. How often, we rush to take up either of the sides: either we support Congress blindly, or we support the BJP in whatever it does. Either we support the USA in all its actions or we support the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, etc) and would even support their wrong deeds. At this point, I remember what was said once about Manmohan Singh: “He is a right guy in a wrong party”.


What I learnt from this conversation was that we should have the heart to accept good things in all people and all parties. And we should be able to criticize wrong things, no matter from which quarter it comes. This is called a ‘balanced’ view. The top guy in our company must have learnt it on his way to the top… We should get it right too.





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