November 2009
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(Life V3)




While I was walking towards home, I saw two small kids coming from the opposite direction. When we got nearer, I saw that the younger of the two had stopped and was looking at me. He would be of around 3, a very lovely young boy, may be from some nearby area… When I asked what had happened, he said something while raising and giving his arm to me. I got to know that he wanted me to help him cross the road. I held his hand and made him cross the road. When he successfully crossed the road, he said something in his child’s language to the other kid on the other side of the road. (May be they had quarreled and the other elder kid had declined to help him cross the road)


It was interesting to see how easily the kid asked for help. He didn’t have any ego, nor did he fear the possibility of being rejected. He also knew it well that there was danger in crossing the road by himself and hence he chose asked for help.


How many times, when faced with a problem, we tend to make it tough by choosing not to ask for a help. If we try on our own, we may be hurt or may end up doing a mistake, or some times we would ask for a help too late… We also have fear of rejection, and the worse thing is that our fear is not wrong: we grown ups carry our egos with us.


Still, our life would be much better if we ask for help when required… The basic premise is that all of us can’t be good in all respects and hence all of us would benefit if we help each other out in our areas of expertise…


But no help would come, if we don’t ask for it…



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