October 2010
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Love of the Birds

There was a blue bird and there was a green bird. Both lived on different trees. They didn’t know about each other. They ate in different fields and floated in different directions. When they grew up, their parents got them married with each other. Blue bird was very happy to find a companion. Green bird, who was a female, liked the blue bird too. They built a small nest separate on a different tree. After some time, green bird gave birth to three small baby birds. Two of them were green and one of them was blue. They were all so happy.  

One day there was a big storm. The birds got into their nests and prayed for the storm to pass without any harm. But it became harsher and harsher. Suddenly, the branch of the tree on which they had their nest broke down. After that, when the blue bird opened his eyes, he saw everything ruined. Trees were uprooted and everything was scattered out of place. He searched for the green bird and their children. She was not in sight. He kept on flying and searching. Suddenly, he found something. Above another Peepal tree which was not uprooted, his green bird had taken shelter in a broken nest of some other bird. Babies were fine too! Green bird also became so happy seeing blue bird safe.  

In the days to come, something changed in their relationship. Blue bird got the feeling that the green bird didn’t love him enough. After all, when the storm had come, she had taken shelter in the Peepal tree along with their babies, but had not worried to find him out! He had to find and reach her. What if he was in danger? Would she care to worry about him? This thinking kept consuming his inside and he became more and more introvert. The green bird was too busy taking care of her babies. She couldn’t note what was in his mind. But she did notice that something was building up.  

Now the blue bird started coming home without bringing much of food. When green bird asked, he said that she could also go and bring something for children herself – bringing food was not entirely his responsibility. Green bird was pained hearing this. Gradually, both became distanced…  

Now the children had grown up a bit and started going away to play. One evening, again the blue bird returned home and just went to his bed. He didn’t talk to the green bird at all. Green bird realized that something was serious. She went to the blue bird, touched his feathers and pecked at his cheeks. She also started massaging his legs. She saw that he had gone weak. Tears came to her eyes…  

Blue bird was not touched seeing the tears though. “Sorry”, said the green bird. Blue bird asked, “Why sorry”? Green bird said, “I see that I have not been taking proper care of you recently. You have become so thin.” Now blue bird couldn’t hold himself and told her that he thought she no longer loved him. She tried to explain that she had been busy with kids, which was the truth, but he didn’t listen. Then he mentioned about the incident on the day storm had come.  

Green bird then realized where it all started. She said, “Do you know why I went after the babies and not after you?” 

“It was because those were ‘your’ babies.” 

Blue bird was speechless.  

“Do you think I don’t love you? I love you so much that I can sacrifice my relationship for the sake of your children – after all they are symbols of ‘our’ love. If they live, our love would be immortal.” 

She went on, “I knew that day that you would survive. I was sure that you will find me and our children. There wasn’t a slightest doubt. This is the strength of my love towards you…” 

The blue bird was awestruck. He didn’t know what to say. His heart was beating so fast. And a pain was building up inside him, for the mistake he had made.  

“I am sorry.” No matter how dumb guys are, they still can say a “sorry”.  

And make everything alright again…  

- Rahul

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