December 2010
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‘Outliers: The Story of Success’   

By: Malcolm Gladwell  

Little, Brown and Company  

ISBN 9780316017923  

Memories from Hyderabad

For the past few months, I stayed in Hyderabad. Though I lived in the outskirts, I did see places of worth visiting in the city and got a feel of the city. I found the city very friendly, peaceful and calm. There is no language [...]

View from the Top

Our flight was about to land in some time. Now land started to get visible from the window. I saw Mumbai. It seemed so tiny. As the plane got nearer to the land, now roads and buildings became visible. Nearer; and people could also be seen.

Our earth is only a small planet rotating [...]

Train Journey

In my recent train journey, I noticed an interesting behavior. There was a couple with a little daughter travelling in our compartment. After some hours the gentleman became restless: he started complaining that the AC was not running effectively. I felt the AC was running but the temperature setting should be high – perhaps 26. [...]

Anuradha Koirala Wins

It is like a personal dream come true. I had written about Anuradha Koirala and asked you to vote for her.

Now I hear that she has won the 2010 CNN Hero of the Year Award!

Anuradha Koirala wins 2010 CNN Hero of the Year Award

Anuradha Koirala of Maiti Nepal received [...]