March 2011
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Sheila’s Gift to Delhi on Women’s Day

8th of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. But Delhi, which is virtually the rape-capital of India, celebrated it by learning about an incident where a college going female student was shot dead in the broad day light. (goes without saying that the killer was a male.) The killer may be mentally disturbed; he may have some personal vindication against the girl, the case even may be that of revenge, but we can’t ignore the bold circumstances in which the crime was committed. It speaks much of the law and order situation in the national capital. 

Why my blame goes to Sheila Dixit has historical reasons behind it. At a time when rapes were being committed in Delhi in moving cars and by all sort of people, Sheila Dixit had made an important comment, virtually blaming the girls who dare to go out on the road late in the night. Many of us thought she was blaming the rape victims rather than the criminals. What we never imagined at that time was that Sheila Ji is totally incorrigible – even today she blames the public for her government’s failures:  

Society should help in fighting crime: Delhi CM 

Mar 10, 2011 at 03:21pm IST  

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has shifted some of the blame on the public saying civil society should speak up when they see crimes being committed in the city. Sheila made the statement even as hundreds of students from various Delhi University colleges are up in arms against the killing of 20-year-old Radhika Tanwar and increasing crime against women in the capital.”Civil society should also take responsibility and people should be more responsible when they see acts of crime in front of them.” Sheila said on Thursday. 

It is true that aam aadmi is often a mere spectator when a crime is committed in front of his/her eyes, but there is a reason why one behaves like a coward. It is because people don’t trust the police and our government to protect them from criminals’ revenge, if they come out in the open to stop or identify the criminals. Our government and our system have failed to create that sort of confidence in the minds of our citizens. If Sheila Dixit doesn’t understand this, it is her problem.  

I look forward to the media to take up this case and create some pressure on governments like Delhi’s and powerful but irresponsible Chief Ministers like Sheila Dixit, to come out of their cozy offices and do something for which they have been elected by the people.

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