March 2011
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Book Review: The Rules of Wealth

‘The Rules of Wealth: A personal code for prosperity’

First Impression, 2007

By: Richard Templar

Pearson Power

What interested me into this book first and foremost was its title. “Rules of
wealth”: interesting enough. And I enjoyed reading it and got experienced
perspective too. Richard Templar is the bestseller-author of “The Rules of
Life”, and a very successful man himself, hence an authority to write on this

The book lists 100 rules which we can apply to gain, enjoy and
sustain wealth in the best manner possible. It is divided into five parts: 1.
thinking wealthy, 2. getting wealthy, 3. get even wealthier, 4. staying wealthy
and 5. sharing your wealth. It was the first part which I enjoyed most.
Thinking wealthy is the first point to start becoming wealthy anyway.

I found the author to have the right balance and mix of optimism with caution.
At places he is conservative, and rightly so, and at other places he is bold
and not risk averse. There are rules which make us keep humane and family causes
above pure financial greed, and there are others which ask to give up
short-term gains for the long term wins, and the vice versa. The key, as the
author rightly says, is to apply the strategy and take actions rather than keep
thinking or procrastinating.

Though there were places where I found the rules to be against the present or
future business models and too conservative also, I think prudent readers would
separate the chaff from the seeds. Recommended.

- Rahul


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