Sadhana—The Way of Life

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Sadhana—The Way of Life
There have always been, there are, and there will
always be teachers who reveal to man and who
instruct him to attain the heights which he can
reach by the fullest manifestation of his physical, mental
and intellectual powers, through one-pointed steadfastness.
The mind of man revels in external objects and in purposeless
observation and criticism of the outside world. How then
can it be trained to be steadfast?
Each one should ask himself the question: Mahatmas
and Mahapurushas were also persons like me, they were
also embodied beings. When they could attain perfection, I
can also succeed, if I follow their method. What profits me
if I spend my time in discovering the faults and weakness of
Therefore the first sadhana (spiritual practice) is, search
for the faults and weaknesses within thyself and strive to
correct them and become perfect.
The unceasing toil of each succeeding day has as its
aim and justification this consummation; to make one’s last
days sweet and pleasant. But each day, too, has its evening.
If the day is spent in good deeds, then the evening blesses
us with deep sleep, invigorating refreshing sleep, the sleep
about which it is said that it is akin to Samaadhi
(superconscious state, transcending the body, mind and
Man has only a short span of life, here upon earth. But
even in this short life one can, by wisely using the time with
care, attain Divine Bliss. Two men, in appearance the same,
ostensibly of the same mould, grow under the same
conditions, but one turns out to be an angel while the other
stays on with his animal nature. What is the reason for this
differential development? Habits and the behaviour formed
out of these habits, and the character into which that
behaviour has solidified. Man is the creature of character.
(Sharing with Sai Love)



  1. There is a mahatma in me1 The day i can locate him, I can hopefully say that i”ve located the God! But to locate that Mahathma, I need to strive,sacrifice and live for others! But the days that we are passing through now is the one which seeks ” what is in there for me in it?” And this little selfishness is enough to mar all the effort that you had put so far! The path to attain the level is tortuous But there ias always light at the end! OM SAIRAM AND OM SAINATH!

  2. I agree with the suggestion of ramnath rajaram in this article. It may not be possible for us fully go to the level of mahatmas in our life time as most of us hape passed some part of our life and we can start the practice from now on only. During the life we have completed, we have acquired many of the dirts and filths which cannot be removed and cleanesed so easily. However, we can start from now on so that the no new dirt/filth attach to us and perhaps a portion, depending our sincerity and time spent for the same, can be removed. We may remember that “better late than never: and “Something is better than nothing”

  3. Devi says:

    where do u find time for everything?

  4. Mahen Mishra says:

    good post as usual..

  5. sn mishra says:

    Nice post with everyone must follow appeal.

  6. the paragraph that talks about mahatmas were people like us and that we also should strive to gain purity like them….DO U THINK IN THIS BUSY HECTIC DOG EATING DOG WORLD THIS THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. FOR A NORMAL HUMAN BEING?I MEAN CONDITIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.ALL AROUND THERE DIRTS ALL OVER THE BODY MY FRIEND.

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