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Sankatnashan Shri Ganpati Stotra Para -4

Navamam Bhalachandrach, Dashamam tu Vinayakam |

Ekadasha Ganapati, Dvadasha tu Gajananam || 4 ||

In his all swarupas think him ninth as Bhalachandra mean god whose forehead is adorned by the moon, tenth as Vinayaka mean the God as the great leader, eleventh as Ganapati mean the lord of all ganas, twelfth as Gajanana mean the one with the elephant-faced

Gajanana – We have already seen the origins of the word gaja. Gajanana was born to overcome the demon Lobha-asura (greed) and Moha-asura. Once Kubera, the richest person, meditated on the eternal couple of Lord Shiva-Shakti. After a long penance, They appeared before Kubera thought to himself that since he was the richest person, everyone would be greedy for his wealth. So thinking, he cast amorous glances at the divine mother, Parvati. Parvati was greatly angered that Kubera would think like this of her and cursed him saying that she was not greedy (She had Shiva, no other wealth is necessary) and Kubera was deluded by moha. Out of this encounter was the asuras. They were killed by Gajanana.

Balachandra – Ganesha’s head is adorned by the moon. The moon signifies the subtle tendencies i.e., the mind.

Vinakaya and Ganapati – He is the lord of ganas (groups, numbers) and the leader of the army. To the King Aabhijit and queen Gunavati was born a beautiful son named Gana. He was very bright and strong. In addition, he had great devotion to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva pleased with his devotion granted him some boons. However, this increased Gana’s ego and he also fell into bad company. One day he visited sage Kapila’s ashram. Kapila had a gem called Chintamani which was wish-fulfilling and could provide food for thousands. When Gana saw this, he wanted to possess the gem but Kapila did not want to give it to him. But Gana forcibly took it away from him. Kapila prayed to Lord Ganesha and Ganesha appeared in the dream of Gana and cut off his head. Gana, on waking up, did not repent but became angry and took his army to kill Kapila. Gana’s father, abhijit, pleaded with Gana to give Kapila back his gem but Gana did not heed the advice. However, on reaching Kapila’s ashram he found that Ganesha had assembled an army. In a huge fight, Gana was killed by Ganesha and Ganesha restored the Chintamani to Kapila.

Kapila, however, gave it back to Ganesha saying that even a small gem like that is the cause of all troubles and wealth is the root of many troubles of the world. Kapila, however, requested Ganesha to stay in that place. That place is called ‘Chintamani Vinayaka’ and is at Theur, near Poona (Pune). There are also other incidents involving other demons called gana in the Ganesha purana and mudgala purana. Let us look at the esoteric meaning. Gana means numbers, groups of. That is, any group is a gana. Thus Lord Shiva’s group of attendants, servants, mischieveous children etc. are called ganas. But what is a group ? Mind is a group of thoughts. Who is Ganapati ? the lord of ganas- i.e group of thoughts. Who is the Lord of thoughts ? Obviously, the source of thoughts. What is the Source ? Atman i.e. Ganapati.

Normally if we overeat, we are not merry. We feel pain, but Ganesha will be our friend and eat all our obstacles and still be very merry. See the incident under Lambodhara. why ? Because he is Vigneshvara. We should be never proud of wealth and riches, either in material or spiritual. We should be dedicated and devoted to the Lord since everything is His. Humbly serving whosoever asks, we should pass our time singing his glory. This brings us to the verse which is the next sholka.

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  1. Misty Lake says

    That”s very refreshing ….. was on a vacation so didnt get to see your posts….. now its nice to read your posts again, :)
    Misty Lake

  2. Think Tank says

    Thanks for sharing… Happy Vivekananda Jayanti… (Rahul)

  3. anvesh khansali says

    JAI SHRI Sankatnashan Shri Ganpati……..THANKS 4 SHARE IT…..

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