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Review of the best free sms websites

Sites that allow users to send free
sms online
have existed on the internet since
before 2000.

In that time, some efficient and not
so efficient sites free SMS services have come and gone! But thanks to the
recent technological upgrade in this sector, the internet still offers
thousands of websites where you can send free web SMS. In this article, we give
you a brief review of  5 recommended free
SMS sites.

This virtually means you can now confidently
send free text messages no matter where you are located!

So lets get down to business, given
below is a list of my personal favorite sites to ‘send free sms online‘ …

1. – Worldwide

The above websites are some what country specific but if you want to send free sms worldwide is the way to go. This is because it will allow you to send SMS messages free irrespective of where you live. This is probably the best website I have used till date.

2. -

This website is relatively new in
the arena of free SMS services, its only a couple of years old. UK users can
use this website for free others will have to pay a very small free to use the
services. This website is very user friendly and you should be able to use it
easily. You can send free sms without registration on this website.

3. 160By2 –

This site is one of the best free
text sms services – and it has been around for a long time now most probably
since 2007. You will need to register, to start using their services. It may
also be noted that they allow 80 characters for you and the balance 80 paid

4. -

Free text messaging sites in America use a particular technology, this technology allows you to send e-mail to SMS. And uses the email to sms technology too. For this to work you have to know the mobile phone network of the receiver. allows you to receive sms on their site in addition to sending, but for this you will need to register with them. After registration you can also create your contacts list in an online address book. There is a 50 SMS per month per account limit on this website.

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