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Lord Shiva is greatly connected with Vastu. It is believed that Vaastu Purusha (the deity of land or plots) was born when Shiva’s sweat fell to the ground (in the fight against the great demon Andhaka). It firmly believes that women who want to marry should worship this deity. For that matter, apart from a few vastu offers tips for marriage, we offer a very powerful song for Girls (performed every Monday).

Vastu for marriage:
• Unmarried girls of the north-western room of the house has to be given. This is because this direction is controlled by the air vastu element has attributes such as transformation and change.
• It is good to hang wind chimes, fresh flowers and keep a henna plant in the girl’s room, her chances married early to improve.

Space for an unmarried boy: The boy should be in a room to sleep at the extreme western and extreme southern side of the house. Even in the case of the boy is the oldest then the extreme southwestern side is war z film

Shiva Gouri SADHANA: THIS SADHANA SHOULD be tried on Monday

FIRST: The girl should get up early in the morning, take a bath and wear white clothes. Then they must prepare the “pooja thali” (use copper plate), the white flowers, Shiv Shakti yantra should contain some rice and cereals. Then, while with flowers sing “Om Namah Shivaay” five times. Remember, a ghee lamp is lit.

SECOND: hands and sing:
“Shivaay Gourivadanaabjavrinda Suryaay
Dakshaadhvar Naashkaay. Shreeneelkantthaay
Vrishdhwajaay Tasmei Shikaaraay Namah Shivaay “

Explanation: I pray to Lord Shiva that shook the Yagya of Prajapati Daksha and who is resting on a white bull with his divine companion Gouri, which has a beautiful face like a lotus flower.

THIRD: Once done, chant five rounds of the below mentioned mantra rudraksha rosary with black:

“Om Namah Om Gam Gloum Grouripataye”

They say when a girl does this for 3 consecutive Monday they will get a perfect partner. Through this powerful mantra, a revered Shiva and Gouri son Lord Ganapati. Such a great combination will really bring about favorable results soon. Also, if the girl can not do Sadhna, her brother, sister, parents or relatives can try it on their behalf. Once the Sadhana is done, put the rosary in the temple of worship and tie the Mouli on the arm or the wrist of the girl. Make sure it is attached hold until the girl finds a good match. Once the girl is married to drop the Shiv Shakti Yantra and rosary in a river or pond.

We understand that getting married to a daughter, when she gets the right age is a big responsibility.filmy 2013 Vastu for marriage, if followed properly, can really help you and take the burden off your shoulders. It will not only help you, also make sure the game for the girls, but the girls remain happily married. Marriage is an institution that is a beginning to a new life, triumphs in the form of identity, love and support. Our ancient scriptures have to marry remedy for those who have trouble, facing a divorce or have problems assigned conception. Following these remedies help make things better! Good Luck!

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