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Strong Man stylish–Mann zug3 rugged smart phone

   Occasionally, As a pure man , listen to music comer recorded video Liugejinian or make a phone contact with friends under the feelings and so on. Despite the industry’s highest level of sealed IP68 protection,
 but the German engineers MANN CLEARVOICE unique technology and dual microphone noise reduction function, inhibition of cell phone calls or video recording in background noise, ensuring ZUG3 waterproof phones call quality in noisy environments remains clear and perfect, recording audio and video reproduction without distortion pure acoustic. Whenever and wherever, sound tempted Yuet.
Pure man should focus internally and externally. Although MANN ZUG3 waterproof phones price close to the people, but in the hardware configuration is not really a little vague.
 MANNZUG3 rugged smart phone equipped with Android4.0 version of the smartphone operating system, with a frequency of 1.0GHz Qualcomm dual-core processor, the phone runs still very very smooth. 
It also supports WCDMA and GSM network dual card dual standby function, one machine, not only saving money but also save space. 
This machine is also equipped with 768MB of memory and 4GB storage space to run, expand the resources available space is very abundant, while supporting memory card expansion capabilities, usually play games, download some application software alone.
 In the current market price of the phone in the same file, MANN ZUG3 cost-effective without a doubt.

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