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Tips Info Muda Mutiarabijak What does it take to be a wise word love? Ask around and you will find different answers to the formula of success. The truth is, success leaves clues and you can achieve success in the area you want to observe the general quality and principles. They are simple and are considered common sense, but most of the quotes are not following them. Kata Kata Mutiara dan Kata Kata Bijak Cinta 
Let me share with you one of my favorite quotes:
No secret word to the wise words of love. This is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure ~
As stated in that quote, there are three key factors to achieve the wise words of a great love in your life:
1. Preparation
You do not have to wait for everything to be perfect. Start with the first step and keep moving. wise words of love does not happen overnight. Prepare, prepare, and prepare. You must be ready to receive the success you desire. Adjust your view to the goals you want to achieve, then work and prepare for the moment when opportunity comes knocking on your door.
2. Toil
wise words of love takes hard work. Do not listen to the ‘get rich quick’ scheme. You need to build your character and work hard on yourself and your business to achieve greatness. Working hard and working smart. Do the right thing and do it the right way. Do not procrastinate. Take decisive action. Work long hours and craft your legacy.
3. Learning from failure
word quotes and wise words of love do not see failure as failure. They see them as an important learning lesson. Lessons that can give them an insight to prevent such a mistake happening again. By adopting this mindset to turn every failure into a learning lesson or opportunity, you can never fail until you stop yourself.
Preparation, hard work and learning from your failures are the basics to build your bright future. Regards set of words and quotes wise words of love for love.
sharing information online again. This time I share the info you are looking for a business wants to make money on the internet. In accordance with title passing Find Money You’ll learn how to easily earn money from the website, please refer to the well.
Find money on the internet is easy for those who have become accustomed. But for a beginner course will be a lot of wondering how and where that is making money on the internet. Well today is an opportunity for those of you unfamiliar business on the internet is no best way to earn money from the internet earn money through website Find money on the website you do not need a lot of expertise because in an easy way and a technical guarantee.
Okay bro, what the actual website? sebeleum started this business of course you must know in advance who will be your working partner. Judging from the history, Ekiosku apparently formed by three creative young people. In 2010 three young children earlier formed a group called the Alliance Fleet and then make some websites that are not much involved in the world their website Online Store. However, one of their partners cheated in online transactions.
That’s when they think that the alleged incident was not possible because of online transaction security system on their website less organized. On June 27, 2011 they are more serious in his business so as to make the website incorporated as a limited liability company with a vision that is PT.EKIOSKU “eager to provide online secure best market in the country” and the motto “Buying and selling online is safe, comfortable, and fun “. Since then nominally change online transactions using the Joint Account (rekber) course with this rekber will make each other safe.
In that regard, as the vision and motto dimilkinya. create a program called Ekilink. Ekilink is divided into two categories, the first and the second EkiLink Promotion is becoming EkiLink agent. 

Promotion EkiLink

Ekilink is an affiliate system product promotion through various media online either through the website, blog or social networking EkiLink belonging to the Agent. EkiLink aims to expand the range of promotion and increase sales.
Promotion advantage through EkiLinks
1. Networks become more widespread promotion of the product.
2. There is no fee / commission / fee charged to the seller whatsoever.
3. The selling price per product only in Rev 3% (minimum Rp. 100, – s / d maximum of Rp. 50.000, -) and the price difference is the commission paid by the buyer ONLY if the product is sold (commission applies rounding it up).
Ekilink agent

EkiLink agent is through the promotion of affiliate partners EkiLink network which is an affiliate promotion system with online media owners who want to join to earn extra income. Through EkiLink, anyone can be an agent that can help promote the product link products in its online media page (website / blog / social media) and Agent EkiLink will be given a commission when the website / blog / online media it successfully refer buyers to buy a product promoted until the transaction is completed.
Continue where we can get the money? You can earn money if you join EkiLink Agent program. Ekilink Agent will be but you have to register first create an account on and of course you must have an account.
Become one of the main examples of such agents EkiLink existing products below, we only display products EkiLink in our Website or blog or even can be shared on social networks.
This is a LIFESTYLE-STORE and E-Magz purpose under ONE ROOF.
Our dream is to HELP Indonesian designers and artists to make their mark on the streets of Jakarta and New York City. Each product is carefully selected and configured to achieve the best styles at the best price, just for you. Our designers can be contacted through You can have a discussion with them, follow their status updates, and be their friend!
Having a life with 2madison STYLISH!
Unique Facts About Shopping!
Shopping is the most interesting thing, sometimes we used to buy a product such as the contemporary lifestyle of many talented designers both domestically and abroad, but what’s wrong with that if we all buy contemporary lifestyle products of native Indonesian talented designer, learn to love the products Indonesia. Things we need to consider giving here is a very affordable price, but it does not mean affordable price then low quality products. once again no, we assure the contemporary lifestyle products that are created by talented designers have desiner-art high power, quality of products being the main priority. So do not be the wrong choice, the best product is not always expensive. In 2madison there are many art products are high quality but affordable price. Regarding human lifestyle already have character or tastes different from one another, the lifestyle of today and the past is also very different so do not be one that many people are very hard to get the things he wanted because most of the goods that he looking for is stuff that has artistic value that has high artistic value .. But you do not worry because now there are lifestyle products that are made directly by the talented designers who are able to produce goods or quality products and have high artistic value that is also just in your shopping please products according to your lifestyle. There are many options that we are sure you are definitely interested in shopping here.
A Talented Designers.
Being a talented artist designer is not easy, because the profession as a designer sometimes interpreted as natural talent profession, because not everyone can be a talented designer. If now my friend asked the talented design or not to be a designer, who know the real answer is our own. Many who want to be a designer, uh, even a stray in the movies, it added LHA delicious .. hehe.
But the problem here is not talking about destiny, the above affair. That we discussed was the potential as a designer can be seen from the daily habit. If you have a habit of following, so-so smile yourself because you really are an artist. I will set up one character as a famous Indonesian artist Agus Suwage As one of the most influential figures in the art world Indonesia, Agus Suwage has explored a variety of artistic possibilities. Includes paintings, sculptures and installations, his work is dominated circle around the phenomenon of “death”. At the most intimate level, his works may only be a medium for him to confront and overcome his personal fears constant in that direction. Thus he often uses popular symbols and iconography to invite engagement with the saw. As expressed “Dead Poets Society”, for example, playing with the idea of ​​burial traditions. A shovel, as used by a grave digger, attacked us with its long handle excessive. For artists, it seems like the representation of time, like a life-line, while also conveying the idea of ​​’distance’ – the feeling of distance or abstractions when talking about death. Three crows that linger in spades, rest there, not yet ready to fly anytime – their presence represents, aspects that are faster and shorter time different. In “An offer to Ego” the audience is faced with a frame larger than life, which is made from a mixture of graphite powder and resin. It symbolizes our own ego, our own ambitions, our dreams, hopes and silly keyakinan.Meskipun of impressive size like that, it just lies there, helpless and unconscious. “The Kiss # 4″ shows a self-portrait kissing a skull. With the audience is faced with a combination of exploration Suwages obsession with death and portraits. Since the mid 90′s own projections onto the canvas has become a focal point of his artistic attention. Agus Suwage studying Graphic Design at the Institute of Technology Bandung, Indonesia from 1979 to 1986. He has participated in 150 museum and gallery exhibitions around the world, including Asia Pacific Biennale 1996, Singapore Biennial in 2006 and most recently, a retrospective at the Museum of Art Yogyakarta in 2009, which is accompanied by a comprehensive monograph of his work, “Still Crazy After all these years “, which was published in May 2010.
Shop contemporary lifestyle products of talented designers at affordable prices! is one of the most desired thing for someone to get an ease in shopping, not just shopping alone but the main concern here is the instinct in choosing products that have the quality of goods and the value of art to be contemporary lifestyle of today. But the most widely discussed is the design, architecture, spatial, goods or knick knacks, paintings that have style and exotic dancing, to further the following is a preview of some products Spending contemporary lifestyle products from talented designers at affordable prices!


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