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Messages you can use to send Rakhi to India online

Gujarat gifts offers a free beautiful greeting card to send to your brother, when you order to Send Rakhi to India online on its website. However, many of the clients are dumb-founded when it comes to expressing their thoughts and feelings in words. To help them, here are a few messages that you can modify or use as-it-is to send along with your Rakhi to India:


•         I would never want to miss Raksha Bandhan, wherever I may live. This Rakhi Gift Hamper contains nothing but a token of my love for you, brother.  I miss the fun and I miss you. Hope this Rakhi brings you all the luck and fortune in the world.


•         For sisters, all brothers are special. But I have the best one. I seem to miss you more on Raksha Bandhan. May my Rakhi grant you every blessing that you may wish for. Be safe, be healthy, and be happy.


•         Whenever I see you as a pair, Bhaiya and Bhabhi, you warm my heart. You are a perfect couple and I am lucky to have you as family. Even though I am far away, never forget that you have a sister that is always with you – through thick and thin of life. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

•         Kids make festivals special. So, while I am Sending Rakhi Gifts to India for your mother and father, it is the love and cheerful of my nephews and nieces that I remember most. I am including a few Rakhis for you too. Hope you like them. Enjoy every day as the most special one. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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The Endless Options of Online Rakhi to India

Keeping our NRI clients and Indians who are away from their homeland in mind, Gujarat Gifts provides the facility of ordering Online Rakhi to India. Drenched in Indian values and spirit, the team of Gujaratgifts is always looking for new ways to bring families together and keep family bonds strong and thriving.

Rakhis have proved their power to reach across cultures, family status, and social inhibitions to bind two strangers in the loving and pure relationship of a sister and brother. In mythology, it is believed that Parvati – the daughter of King of Himalayas tied a rakhi on the wrist of Lord Vishnu, who helped her in her efforts to win over Lord Shiva as her husband.

Yamuna – the holy river of North India granted the boon of immortality to her brother Yama – the God of Death who decided to extend it as the boon of long, healthy life to all those brothers whose sisters tie a rakhi on their wrists and pray for them.

There are endless options of Rakhi Send to India available on Gujarat Gifts. There are standard golden and silver rakhis, pearl rakhis, diamond rakhis, auspicious Rakhis that include Aum rakhis, Rudraksha rakhis, and sandalwood rakhis, as well as rakhi for kids.

Visit the website to bring alive the memories of colourful bazaars of India during the Rakhi season. You can choose Rakhi puja thali that comes with tikka and a box of sweets and cocolates too. But whatever you choose, you need to rush your orders as Rakhis to India is just round the corner – on 2nd August, 2012.

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Send exclusive Sandalwood and Rudraksha Rakhi to India

Not everybody likes flashy and gaudy rakhis. With age, preferred lifestyle, and phases of life, our tastes change. When I looked at the sandalwood and rudraksha rakhis at Gujarat gifts. I knew they were just perfect for brothers who like simple and sober designs or are pious in nature. If you want to Send Rakhi to India that would really bless your brother with eternal wisdom and peace and help him to remain calm in his stressful struggles in life, sandalwood rakhi would be ideal for him.

Since time immemorial, Online Rakhi for Sandalwood has been recognized as one of the holy herbs in India. Though it is said that its trees attract all the poisonous snakes, it remains fragrant. Applied as a paste, it keeps one’s mind and body cool. Sandalwood embodies the goodness of Shiva who is ever-benign and embraces all. It is also amongst the favorite things of Lord Vishnu and is considered one of the important ‘pooja samagri’.

Rudraksha is literally said to be the ‘tears’ of lord Shiva. It is believed that wearing a Rudraksha protects one from all bodily, mental, and spiritual afflictions.

Gujarat Gifts offers a delightful and elegant collection of Sandalwood Rakhi, Rudraksha Rakhis, and their various combinations.

For those who are religious-minded and worship Lord Shiva, Rudraksha Rakhi would be ideal. For devotees of Lord Vishnu and his many avatars, Sandalwood rakhi would be a perfect Rakhi. For those who want to fetch the divine blessings of the Trinity that includes both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, you can send an exclusive sandalwood and rudraksha rakhi to India.

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Sending Rakhi to India for your Brother

Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi, is one of the well known festivals of India which is celebrated with lots of joy and enthusiasm by every sibling. According to Indian tradition, Rakhi is celebrated on the last day of Shravana which is a full moon day. This year in 2012 Rakhi will be celebrated on 2nd of August. So you can Rakhi to India using online portals. This festival is the expression of the eternal bond of love, affection and joy by every brother and sister.

On this occasion sister ties a sacred thread on the wrist of her brother and pray for his well being. This is followed by putting Tilak on her brother’s forehead and then Aarti. So if brothers and sisters are not able to visit each other on this sacred occasion, sisters send rakhi to their brothers and in return brothers send gifts to their sisters. Online portals have made it very easy to Sending Rakhi to India where you can avail eye catching Rakhi like those made up of gold, silver, zardosi etc for your brother.

The online portals have various types of Rakhi collection like Rakhi threads for kids, Rakhi threads for your brother as well as sister-in –law and this pair of two Rakhi is also popularly known as Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi. As in few parts of India there is a custom to tie Rakhi to Brother as well as his wife. Thus these are rakhi pairs which you can opt and send Rakhi to India.

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Send Rakhi Gifts and Rakhi to Ahmedabad Online

Gujarat is in many ways one of the leading states of the Indian Union. The vibrancy and enterprise of the people of Gujarat is renowned all over the world. The state is not only one of the main engines pulling the Indian economy ahead at a fast clip; it is also a place where festivals and traditions form the core of life.

For a number of years now, the state and its leadership has been recognized and awarded by a number of Indian and international organizations for the rapid progress that the state has made in many fields and areas of human development and the quality of life of citizens.

This quality of life in Gujarat is also boosted by the central place that traditions and festivities occupy in the Gujarati psyche and the Gujarati way of life. Religious places like Somnath and Akshardham attract millions of devotees from across the country and the world.

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, major cities like Rakhi to Ahmedabad as well as small towns and villages wear a festive look. People decorate their houses, wake up early and wear new and colourful clothes. Brothers, sisters, cousins and their families celebrate the occasion of Rakhi and many traditional Gujarati delicacies are prepared, served and relished.

In a state where traditional Hindu festivals like Rakhi, Navaratras and Deepawali are as important as they are, even those Gujaratis who are physically at a great distance from their siblings as well as their immediate and extended families feel drawn towards their loved ones on such occasions and look for ways to be able to celebrate these festivals with them.

During festivals like Rakshabandhan, the Gujarati diaspora that is settled abroad can Send Rakhi Gifts to Ahmedabad and Rakhi to Ahmedabad by logging in to online gifting portals like Gujarat Gifts. In an instant, the physical distances are bridged and Send Rakhi to Ahmedabad becomes easier than ever before.

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Send Rakhi Gifts to India for your Brothers too

Times have changed. At one time, men were supposed to be the ones to earn and provide women with the necessities of life while women took care of homes and nurtured families. Today, these traditional gender roles have blurred, especially in urban India.

Today, both boys and gifts receive almost same education and career opportunities and have the liberty to choose how they would want to spend their lives. This change is quite visible in trends for Rakhi Gifts to India too. At a time, sisters just used to shop for Rakhis, sweets, and perhaps a puja thali with all the paraphernalia like coconut and tikka for their brothers. Brothers usually bought gifts for their sisters and her family.

With increasing distances, Rakhi gifts have become an important tool to keep the relationships alive and do not let miles weaken the bonds between families. While brothers still buy Rakhi gifts for their sisters, sisters too send Rakhi Gift Hampers for their brother and his family in India.

Even if you are not able to visit your brother on Raksha Bandhan Gifts, sending online Rakhi to India for your bhaiya, bhabhi, nephew and niece is a good way to show that they are there in your thoughts forever.

For the right impact, take care to choose gifts that are appropriated to the age and personality for the receiver. A six-year old boy may not know what to do with a personalized pen or a doll but may be excited by a box of chocolates or video games. Rakhi gifts are expressions of your love and care…so, take care when you buy some.

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Raksha Bandhan 2012 is Here – Send Rakhi to India Online

Raksha bandhan is an important Hindu festival. Its popularity, however, surpasses its religious boundaries. It has been witnessed in the past that that the people of India have often tied the sacred thread of Rakhi to India on one another’s wrists at times of political and social upheaval to show their solidarity with one another under their overarching identity as fellow Indians. Many such people did not belong to the Hindu community but that did not stop them from using the Rakhi as a symbol of love, trust and bonding.

Be that as it may, Rakhi remains one of the foremost religious festivals of Hindus – at par with say Diwali, Durga Puja, Navaratras – regardless of which part of the globe the Hindus now live in, whether they are living in their home country or have migrated elsewhere for purposes of academics, profession or business.

For members of the Great Indian Diaspora, festivals like Rakshabandhan give an opportunity to send Rakhi gifts to India by leveraging the power of the always on, always connected internet. Online Rakhi delivery has made Send Rakhis to India and Rakhi Gifts a super-convenient process. Some websites even offer services for sending Rakhi to India free shipping.

Such websites give the opportunity to brothers and sisters living in different parts of the world to browse through the wide collection of rakhis and Rakhi Gifts and send something for their sibling.  Imagine the smile on the faces of your beloved brother or sister when they receive a home-delivered gift all the way from far-off America or Canada or the U.K. or continental Europe or Australia!

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Celebrate Raksha Bandhan and Send Rakhi Gifts to India Online

The famous Indian festive season is about to start and the very first festival in line is Raksha Bandhan on the 2nd of August. Rakhis, Rakhi Gifts as well as Rakhi Hampers have started to throng the marketplaces and customers have started their shopping as well. Shopping goes hand-in-hand with most festive celebrations and make the festival more fun and enjoyable too.

People who live in the same town or city as their brother have the luxury of visiting their brothers in person and having a gala time on the day of the festival. But siblings who live in another city, state or country have to make do with the next best option which is send rakhi gifts to India online. Sending Rakhi to India the traditional way i.e. through post is simply not needed anymore given the convenience offered by gifting portals.

Expressing your love and regard for each other through Rakhi gifts is a great way of bridging the physical gap that exists when two people live in different places. Cards with emotional messages and poems also touch a person’s heart instantly and should surely accompany one’s Rakhis or Rakhis gifts. E-cards are also great choices since they come with animation and music and create a beautiful moment. Rakhi hampers are like an all-in-one sort of solution that help one send rakhis, mithai, a card, a chocolate or dry fruit as per one’s preference to one’s brother.

Gujarat Gifts for the choicest of Rakhi Hampers Rakhi gifts and Rakhis. You can pay conveniently and securely through your credit card, netabanking or mobile payment facility and send rakhi gifts to India online.

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Online Rakhi to India is way better than virtual Rakhis

Sisters living abroad often find themselves surfing for rakhis to send across to their brothers in India. It is almost impossible to find Rakhis in America or Europe, since the festival is specific to India, especially North India. Indian designers and animators come up with some beautiful virtual rakhi cards and even Online Rakhi to India, sometimes free, that you can easily send to your brother. They are beautiful, no doubt, but they cannot grace the wrist of your brother.

A virtual Rakhi is like a beautiful photograph of Aishwarya Rai. It is not the real thing. On the other hand, online Rakhi that you send to India is like welcoming the real girl into your home. An online rakhi is just an alternate way of shopping for you. It facilitates customers to Send Rakhi to India from anywhere in the world and deliver them to anywhere in India or abroad.

Gujarat Gifts is an Indian gift portal meant for bringing Indians across the world closer. Online Rakhi collection at the site has a beautiful and well-thought collection of handpicked Kids Rakhi, rakhi pairs for bhaiya and bhabhi, mauli rakhi, rakhi hampers with many rakhis in them, and rakhi puja thali gift package that includes rakhi, puja thali, sweets or chocolates, and a tika for your brother complete with roli, chawal, and auspicious kodi.

Easy payment options and free shipping facilities are other reasons to send online Rakhi to India. To find out more, check out Gujarat Gifts.

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Order Rakhi Chocolates from India and abroad online

Do you remember how we used to crave for Dairy Milk chocolates, a box of Nestle or a box of Cadbury’s chocolates? Well, the lure has proved to be timeless. If you are worried sick over the quality of Mawa being used to make sweets during the festival season, try sending Rakhi Chocolates this year. The best brands in India and abroad with a proven quality record over the years and a longer shelf life of chocolates make them an ideal Rakhi gift that you can send to India. 

Online Rakhi with Chocolates expected from a sister abroad include a gift hamper of Ferrero chocolates, Snickers, Mars, Toblerone, or Lindt Excellence, which are among the best known brands of imported chocolates in India. Well, you don’t need to disappoint your brother because Gujarat Gifts has a section of ‘imported chocolates’ where you can find them all and more.

Golden chocolate pouch, an assorted box of chocolates, and variants like date and almond chocolates are some of the delicious handmade chocolate varieties popular in India.

If your brother has a sweet tooth, I would surely recommend you to buy Chocolate Lovers Gift Tower, one of the best Rakhi Gifts on chocolates available at Gujarat Gifts.


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