Sexy village lady getting fucked

Hi all, I am once again before you. I am going to tell a real story which happend few days back with me. The story contains the smell of the village soil where traditional value of shyness in female is still have much value. If a lady becomes hot, how she manages to fulfil her desire without losing any woman value in the eye of the villagers & society. I come to my story.

I was on 10 days leave after closing of Half yearly account of my Bank at Nagpur to my native place which is situated in remote rural area of U.P. I reached there at night and after taking my meal I went for sleep. Awaken in the early moring and was willing to enjoy the fresh air of village so I took one thin towel (Gamchha) and led to the field side where greenaries with fresh air were waiting for me.

At about 7.30 am I reached to a pond just outside the village. I saw, there was much changes in the bank of the pond where cemented stairs were constructed on two sides. I could not restrain myself to enjoy swimming. Opened may all cloths except undy and jumped to the deep pond. I enjoyed swiming for about 45 minutes and by that time no body came to pond.

Farmers and labourers were passing through the pond side. I came out of the pond and took stem of a plant to use as tooth brush. I brushed my tooth and used the sandy mud of pond as soap. I applied it on my entire body, took rest for a while and again jumped to the pond. By that time no body came to the pond for bathing or some other purpose.

I was free and thought to try my swimming skill of child hood. I was master in dead body swimming in which body floats on water as dead body without any effort by hand or leg. So I started dead body swimming, floarting on the pond water with closed the eyes. I was enjoying it very much.

When opened eyes, I found that the sun has came out brightly and villagers were present on both side of the pond for their routine work of bathing, cleaning cloths etc. When I tried to come out of water to the side where my cloths were kept, I found that only ldies and girls were present on that side and they made me on alert that this side is to be used by females exclusively,

so they advised me to move other side. An old lady asked my identification which I gave her. I also said her that it was quite unknown to me that this is female ghat. I requested her to allow me to take my cloths lying on the stairs. Seeing my pitiable condittion she allowd me. All ladies were on alert and covered their body due to my presence there. I was much afraid of my parants,

if they could know it, my impression will not only damage in their eye but also they will feel that I have lost all the human value and strictness at Nagpur. Thinking about it, I tried to change my underwear with the help of towel.I was contnuing to think the angerness of my mom especially becaus she is very strict. All on a sudden I lost grip on the towel and it fell down.

I was totally nude for a moment. Any how I managed my cloths and fled away from there with wet and dry cloths. In the house I took my breakfast and went for a deep sleep due to tiredness. When awaken, I felt hungry. While going to ask my mom to provide me food, I saw a lady, who was present at in the morning is sitting before my mom and talking to her.

I became much afraid, if the lady complains the morning episode to my mon, she will sack me. I again went for sleep but in vain. I was waiting for the lady going out of my house, I went to mom and asked for food. Seh served me food in a very good manner as if she was pleased with me. She told me during my food that the lady is our nebhour and need my help.

I saw my mom putting qestion mark on my face. Se explained, husband of that lady with kids will go to attned the marriage of his in-law and she was also to attend but somebody have to stay in the home for safety purpose. As the lady was not feeling well, so his husband is going to attend marriage for 4 days. She never stayed in the house alone.

She was also afraid if thief will come, how she will be able to defend herself. That’s why she needed my help to stay in her house during night. I agreed but told I shall go there after dinner. I finished my dinner at 8.30 night and went to her house with one “LUNGI” to wear in the night while sleeping. The electricity power supply was off that time. I reached her house in dark.

She was waiting for me. I chould see her in lantern light closely this time only. She was young lady of age about 30-32 with slim figure but attractive. She offiered me food which I denied and told her that I have already taken my food. She was displeased and told, she has also not taken her food. If I will not take any food, she will sleep with food in the night.

I was at a fix and agreed to take “Kheer” only. Se served a full bowl of kheer which was very tasty one. I am very fond of Kheer. She also took her food and I was given a cot in the inside veramdah adjescent to the entrance of the house. The house was big one with one with big court-yard. Court yeard was surrounded by spaceous veramdah three side.

She took her berth on cot in the opposite side veramdah to me at distance place. She chatted with me for a while and asked about me. She told that her husband left in the evening with her two children of 10 years and 7 years. I changed to LUNGI and went for sleep. I was tired so I was in deep slppe soon I got on the cot. The lantern was dimmed to minimum light.

At about 12 night when I was half awaken in want of water, I saw that the lady was nearer to my cot and watching me closely to my face. I closed my eye with half open and acted as I was in deep sleep. Then I saw that she bent on me and keeping close watch to my male organ. I felt suffocated and changed the side of my body as usual one does during sleep.

She ran to her bed. Now the sleep was a mile away from my eyes. I was thinking about her, why she was looking at my tool? Some idea came to my mind and I felt hotness in my body. My tool becam semi errected which was visible outside my LUNGI. After half an hour she again came back to my cot. I was acting to be in deep sleep.

She sat nearby my thigh and started to keep close watch on my tool. She could not resist herself and grabbed my tool with a very loose grip. I also could not resist my self and opend the eye and grabbed her writst with which was holding my tool. Any how she escaped and ran to different corner. Later she reached to her bed. I was at a fix. Why she is behaving so?

I was applying my sixth sense to find out the reason and came to conclusion that out of shyness, she had no courage to come directly in front of me. She must have greediness to have sex with me. I thought the solution and planned how to tackle it. I woke up and went to her bed. She was acting upon so as to be in deep sleep. I shaked her leg to make her awaken.

I said that I am much afraid. “Why” she asked. I have notice a “Lady Bhoot” in the house and she was moving around my cot, I replied. I could not read her face expression in dim light. She consoled my that I must have seen some dream so I am afraid. Now I was not ready to go to my bed and wished to stay in sitting condtion on her bed.

She also sat on the bed and asked some question about the look of Bhoot etc. I could not answer correctly. I was presenting my self as if am am much afraid of that BHOOT. She consoled me again.In a while she smiled and passed a remark that the BOOT must have much attraction with my tool, let me see how it looks and why the bhoot has veri much affaction with my tool.

By saying this, all on a sudden she lifted my LUNGI and brought her face very nearer to it. I felf much shyness. “wow, it is fantastic” she passed a comment ” that’s why the lady bhoot has affection towards this. She also touched my tool. By her touch the semi errected tool came to full errection. There was a greatr shyness on her face also.

I increased my courage and put my head on her chest in between the boobs. She was feeling good but pushed me away showing she does not like it. By one of my hand I made a firm grip of her hand on my tool and with another I hold one of her boob. There was thrill in her body and moved away from me. She told that it is sin. We should not do it.

Then I told that if it is sin, why BHOOT was applying it on my tool. I also disclosed that the BHOOT was no body other than her which I have seen with my opened eyes. Now she had no words to reply. After a short period of silence, she explain and admitted that in the morning, when I was changing my cloth, she saw my large size of tool decided that time to get it any how.

She also expressed that she has heard about long and thick male organs from the village ladies whise husband possesses giant male organs. She was willing to enjoy with large tool since her husband had a very thin and small male organ. In course of this, her planning to attend the marriage was changed and also managed my presence in her home at night.

There was also one reason that her husband has lost interest in sex with her from few months.I understood all the situation and put a deep kiss on her lips. She was surprised on such type of kiss. Her husband kissed her so many time but not on lips. It was on cheeks only. She also recognised the power of kiss on lips. I grabbed one of her boob in my hand gently and started to unhook the blouse.

She immediately resisted it and said, her husband never declothed her while fucking. He use to come to her bed in the night when the children were in deep sleep, lifts the sari and petticoat and get enterance of his tool inside. she always keeps dissatisfied after hearing the powerful fucking of the husband of village mates.

She was also not able to manage the husband of those females mates for fucking out of fear to be caught by the villagers thogh she was willing for it. Since I had much experience of watching xxx film so I replied, when you have chosen me to perform, let me perform according to my style and wish. In the meantime electricity came and the entire veramdah was lightened.

I saw, her white face became red which she was hiding with her palm. She requested me to put off the light. She also told that she never done ‘this’ while light is on. One idea came in my mind. I switched off the light and lifted her in my arms and led her to her bed room which was a very big one and a medium size bed was also there.

I put her on the bed and bolted the door from inside, switched on the light. She started to request me to put off the light and also told that she would not like to stage the drama on the bed for some religious purpose. She brought a mat and spread it on the floor, took two pillows and sat on the mat. I also sat on the mat with her. I started to kiss her from top to toe.

she was filling very shy in light. she was enjoyng my touch but not comming forward for fore-play. While kissing her ear lobe and neck, I started to unhook her blouse. She put her hand over the blouse tightly requesting not to remove it. I was feeling much inconvenience. HoW to get enjoyment in accordance with my planning and imagination.

But my all planning and imagination was going in vain. I was angry within my mind. But controlled my self and thought,I have to create situation so that she may be ready in accordance with my planning amd mode of enjoyment. I put off the bright light and lightened the dim light. She was pleased. She again requested not to remove the cloths.

She was not ready to show her body because no body had ever seen her in nude position. Although she was willing to keep my sentiments but traditional value of shyness in a village woman was not allowing her to do so. She was of a concept that if any person see her in totally nude condition, she will loose her image and prestige for ever. My brain was working sharply.

I also agreed not to remove her blouse. She was relaxed now. I started to put both palm on her brest and started to play with her medium big size boobs. I started to kiss it on occasionally over the blouse. I started my game. I started to apply point finger of both hand to unhook the blouse one by one starting from middle so that she can not feel or guss, what is going on.

My action was massaging the boobs on the blouse only. Now only one top hook was left which I opened and suddenly parted both flag of blouse and put my head in between and started to suck one nipple. She was astonished, how the hook of her blouse was opened. She started to resist and was able to put her arm on the boobs refraining me to handle the bare sking of naked boob easily.

I moved her blouse upward and was able to make acroos her head any how. Now her blouse was totally on front side and only her arms were inside the blouse. I opened my LUNGI. She was watching my fully errected tool with greediness. She told ” yar, tumhara to bahut bada aur mota hai bilkul ghorhe(horse) ke jaisa. Eak bar maine khet me eak ghorhe ko ghorhi ke sath karte dekha tha.

Tumhara to bulkul utna hi mota hai. I applied my mind to get benefit of the situation. I asked her to suck it. She denied, saying that she had never sucked her husbands tool. I was discouraged with her mentality but did not stopped my efforts. I started to move my palm on her back, legs, hips, entire body, side of her ass. I felt the tag of her petticoat inside the saree.

Slowly I freed the tag from her saree and undid the tag. She was helpless as both of her hand were engaged in hiding the boobs. Perhaps she thought that if she will not get up to stand on feet, it will be very difficult to remove the saree and petticoat from her body. I was also planning to remove it.

I went to her back, put my both the hand from both side and started to touch the remaining part of her boob. Her hand was also moving to hide the boob according to the movement of my hand. All on a sudden I hold her below her boob locking both the hands tightly on it and lifted her entire body in standing position. She was not ready for it.

My imagination came to true, saree and petticoat automatically slided towards floor from her waist. She was smiling now with this defeat and tried to sit on mat again. I released her to sit on floor. I came in front of her and removed the saree and petticoat completely from her body. I saw both the flap of her blouse was hanging.

I tagged this flap with each other in a faishon that her both hands were locked with blouse flags. She smiled and told that I am much claver in my act which is interesting too. She again told that her words have been kept not to be nude in full as the blouse was still on her body which which her hand were tagged locking her boobs.

I also made up my mind not to apply force on her. An idea came to my mind, I opened the tags of blouse and started to make sensative touch(Gudgudi) in her waist and arms pit. It was uncontrollable and unbearable by her. She moved her hands from boobs to resist my act. My another hand worked on her blouse & snached it in one act from her body.

Now she was totally nude. She laughed and told “Mere sath dhokha hua hai, Tumne dhokhe se mujhe nanga kar diya. She slept on the mat keeping back upside. Boobs were touching the floor. She kept her both the hand by her side covering the remaining part of boob. I put on the full light in the room and removed my remaining cloths and sat by her side.

The sign of shyness was still on her face, but she started to enjoy the foreplay in a defeated and accepted manner. I put my fingers between her ass crack and moved with pressure towards the love hole triangle. She tightened her thighs to resist me.We both were enjoying such hid and sick game without harming each othetr.

I applied same trick & started gudgudi again on her back and armpits. She laughed and lost tightness in her thighes. I was waiting for this, lifted on of her leg and inserted my one leg in between her thieghes. She was helpless. I started to rub her love hole easily as she was unable to tighten her thigh to protect the love triangle.

I requested her to be easy and cooperated but she could not come forward. Shyness was still in her way. I Planned to remove her shyness also. I extended my hand to put off the light for complete darkness in the room. She suddenly got up and sat down beside me, grabbed my tool and started up & down movement.

She expressed that in darkness, she is ready to co-perate in all possible way except sucking the tool. She also confessed that she had enjoyed my forplay without applying force against her will. I led my fingers towards her love triangle & found the lips of mouth without having any teeth. I started rubbing it gently by one hand, another hand was working on one of the nipple.

My toungue was working on the onther nipple. Simultaneously her hand was working on my tool. She started moaning. As I inserted my middle fingre into her cunt, she moaned loudly Maiyyyyyyyaaa ggggggeeeee bbbbhhhhuuuutttt mmmmaaaazzzaaaa aaaabbbbaaaattttaaaarrrrraaaaa. It was specific moaning wording of village side.

I was so excited, aparted her thigh and put my mouth on her loveliest part of her body. Her ass was jumping up and down now. I made her in sleeping positing keeping my mouth on her choot in 69 position. I requested her to atleast kiss my tool. While kissing, the outcomming fluid touched her lips which was tasty one(perhaps). She started licking the head of tool.

I inserted my tongue into her love hole. A shievering wave came into her body and her mind stopped working. She took my tool in her mouth and inserted it very deep and started stroke on it with her head movement. I was much delighted. I inserted two of fingers alongwith my tongue into her love hole. It was thrilling.

A wave of fluid came from inside her hole and made my face and fingers, both wet. She became dull now. I was also to cumm in her mouth but she had no more energy left for any movement. I started to work on her boob. She was still keeping her hand on my tool which encouraged me a lot. After a while she regained her energy and moved to suck my tool.

I requested her, for my last wish. She promished to fullfil it. I said to turn on the light because I want to see her in full nude pose as my eyes gets full relief in watching it. She unwillingly agreed. I convinced her that if she will watch my body movement as well as of her, will feel a lot of exitement and it will be an experiment.

Now the bed room was full of light and I was emerging my mouth to her boob. I was in full suck of her one boob takeing maximum part of her boob in side my mouth as much as I can and tougue was running on the nipple. It made her fully excited and started to pull my pull my tool towards her cunt.

I said her, you have fulfilled my one desire in foreplay, you must put one desire before me to be fulfilled by me. She told “Sssale tere Ichchha ki aisi taisi, mujhe itna jor se chod ki mujhe aasman ke tare dikhne lage. Mera rag rag tod de, ho sake to meri jaan vi le lele”. I felt, she is in full swing,

I made her in standing position and stretched her one leg to my shoulder so that her choot may be fully exposed to my lund. I directed my lund towards her love hole and jerked it in a faishon to insert it inside in one stroke. But it was my misconcept. It went half only and she cried out of pain. I felt pain on my pennis also. But I ignored it and continued push and pull game to make it fully inside.

She was enjoying it but she was unbalanced on one leg so I lifted her in my hand in front of me keeping the tool inside and started to jump her body which led to pumping of my tool in and out. Our body contact was giving us immense please in addition to the fuck pleasure. Soon she cummed and fluind was comming on my body but I did not stopped pumping.

Keeping her in my hand I sat down on the mat, put her assh on the floor, made her body slightly tiltted backward and continued fucking. In this position I continued for 5 minutes. She was continually moaning in full swing. She again cummed the fluid of which wet the mat. I saw towards her eye which was opened at that time. I saw the sence of hungeryness was still on her face.

I was to cumm, so I stopped pumping and to take rest and gap to prevent my cumming, I changed her position in doggy style and started to fuck her rapidly with full force. She again cummed but I was fresh due to rest in between. I asked her ” Aur chalega kya?” She replied “Mere sher mujhe tab-tak chodte raho jabtak meri choot na fat jaye.

Yadi mere tan me thora sa v pran baki hai to chodte raho. Mai chudwate-chudwate marna chahti hoon.” It delivered full energy to me. I again changed the position to regain my energy. I let her in upside down and from back I inserted my tool and started pumping. It was new pleasure but she requested to change the position in which his husband use to fuck her.

She directed me. I turned her on her back, stretched her both legs upon my shoulders, lifted her body slightly to get full exposure of choot and inserted my tool inside.It was greatest feeling for me in this position and she started moaning in the loudest voice ever she made tonight. In this position her G Spot were getting sensation to full extent and the her lips wer on rub

due to thickness of tool and she was getting sensation of deepness also. I was mad to make stroke of any kind, slow, fast, steady, powerful and galloping speed. In between she cummed again but I could not stop it because it was best excitement for me. soon she became loose like a dead body without any energy. I got the sign and enhanced the speed and applied all art of fuck.

I could not controle my self and cummed inside her body. When she received the hot fluid inside, she opened her eye, threw a extraordinary smile and pulled me on her body. I was lying on her body with full weight on her keeping my tool inside. Soon my tool loosened and came by side of her. My hands were still on her boobs.

She confessed ” Tumne mujhe wo maza diya hai jiski mai kalpana vi nahi kar sakti thi. Chudai ke samay aadmi swarg me chala jata hai maine aaj ise mahsoos kiya”. Abhi 2 din bache hain poora din and puri raat tumse chudwati rahungi. I smiled at her and told “Ki ab tumhari laaz kahan gayi, Kapde nahi utarna chahti thi, ab tum mere sath nangi ghoomne ke liye taiyar ho.”

She smiled. I saw from window that it was going to be morning and few light was coming inside. I could not see the watch but it was dead sure that we both were engaged in a heavenly work whole night.

She suddenly woke up, wore her clothings and came out of room. I also came out. We both did not speak a single word then, but our eyes were telling every thing. I came to my house with an imagination and plannng how to fuck her today in different manner.

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