Hot sex session in Coorg

Dear Diary, we reached Coorg by 12.30pm; the monsoon showers greeted us. I had booked a Log-hut at a five star resort, away from the main town. The trip took us five hours to get there and we both were tired.

The resort was built on a hill amongst lush green coffee plantations. The monsoon made the place look even greener, a pleasing sight for us; dwellers of the concrete jungle. We trekked our way up to our sweet only to be greeted by a beautiful sight. Amass the lush greenery was this small log hut with a fire chimney. My love smiled and hugged me tightly looking at the surprise I gave her.

I opened the door and welcomed her inside. I had requested the hotel for certain special arrangements. They had decorated the room with big white and yellow coloured flower. The room had a king size bed with a lot of soft pillows and cosy blankets, as it got very cold at night. The room also had a sensual fire place; and was perfumed lavender.

But the room’s speciality was its bathroom. Jamaican tiles on the floor, wooden walls that led to an amazing bathtub dressed in marble. She opened the door and gazed the bathroom for a while then looked at me with a wicked smile, her intensions didn’t seem well with me. We both were very tired so we grabbed some lunch in the room and decided to take a nap.

Soon we both were in the bed and cuddling, we slept flat out. I had an amazing sleep, sound. A few hours passed, I heard some subtle noises of water running in the bathroom, but I ignored and continued sleeping like a small kid. Suddenly I felt something touching me; I opened my eyes only to see her. She had her gorgeous body in a full length white towel.

The towel was wrapped hard around her huge breasts and covered her till her upper thighs. She looked like a fairy, descended from heaven. It was the most sensual scene I had ever seen. Her fair skin sparkled in the soft and gloomy light, falling through the white curtains. Her beautiful legs hugged me; as she swung on top of me and started kissing my face, wildly.

I was still half asleep and could not understand what was going on. She started kissing me dearly, forcing her tongue while she ran her beautiful hands through my hair. She moved her hips to tease me, and moaned like a wild cat. Her sparkling hair tickled me. I was going nuts, I opened my eyes and tried to hold her but she forcefully held my arms back over my head as she continued feeling me.

After kissing for a while she whispered into my ear, “I am going to enjoy you today, you will do as I say…. I am your master today”. I went cold hearing this. My dream was coming true. I always wanted to make love to a wild cat..! She started biting my ears which had become red hot by now; she moved her hips over my tool rigorously.

She did not wear any panty underneath and all her love juices spell over my boxer. She started kissing my neck, biting and sucking it with great passion. It really turned me on and I grabbed her by her waist. She tore away my shirt, ripping the buttons apart. And started rubbing my chest saying, “Your chest is so sexy, so manly, I will never let anyone else come close to it…

This is mine…!” she growled like a wild tigress. She started kissing my nipples (It turned her on) I pushed her back and scolded her to go slowly, she smiled wickedly, said, she liked my retaliation… I was getting crazy, I wanted to untie her towel and hold those amazing breasts hiding underneath. Her breasts were amazing to say the least, big white mounts with pink nipples.

She generally loved me holding them and caressing them. But that day she forced my hand away and said no…! I kept running my hands through the towel but no luck… She slowly moved down kissing over my belly and pulled down my boxers. “Why are you so hard little boy..!” she questioned like an angry teacher catching a mischievous child in class.

“I am going to teach you a lesson today…!” saying so she started rubbing my inner thighs kissing me all over… I had come out of my sleep but I still felt half conscious because of the intense pleasure I was being given. She held my clean shaven tool in her hand with a firm grip and started rubbing it. “You have an amazing tool honey, you can give any women her inner most pleasures…

It is so huge…” saying so, she pulled out some strawberry sauce she had secretly brought along and poured over my tool… I was simply amazed by what she was doing. She rubbed the sauce all over and slowly started licking the head of my tool; it felt warm. “I have always wanted to do this…” she whispered, sucking my tool sideways, licking all the dripping sauce, up till my balls.

She then licked them too… Back up I was holding her long hair trying to force her to take me inside her… she started taking my tool in her mouth inch after inch, she sucked my tool with great devotion. I felt as if I was on cloud nine. I was moaning in pleasure. Soon she started sucking my tool very hard and I almost came, before I pulled her out, holding her soft silky hair, I said “Not yet…”

She came up again and started kissing me; I could taste the sweet sauce on her lips. She slowly parted her legs while over me and held my tool in her hand. She continued kissing me while she rubbed the head of my tool on her hot and wet pussy lips. It felt so good. She finally positioned my tool on the lips of her pink pussy and slowly sat on it.

I could feel my tool move slowly inside her, she was so warm and lubricated. She moaned heavily with her head facing the roof as she came down on me. The bare sight of watching a beautiful woman with a perfect hour glass figure, fair as milk, is like a dream-come-true…I lifted the towel up a little to see her beautiful pink pussy eat away my tools.

It was an amazing feeling. She placed her hands on my chest and positioned herself so that I could go in deeper; she slowly started to ride me, moving back and forth. I could not believe this was happening; the pleasure of making love while half asleep is incomparable, it’s like being high on drugs and riding a fast bike, the adrenalin, the raw rush is just unimaginable.

She started rocking harder, holding my chest she moaned continuously, “aaaaaa….. aaaa…….. aaaaaaaaaaaa…….mmmm……” she too was having a great time. The bed rocked wildly as we made wild love. My tool came in and out of her; with no protection on the sensation was even more intense. She started jumping as she increased her speed.

The sound of our bodies slapping each other filled the room. I grabbed her by her hips firm, as she took me inside her. She rode me hard for a good ten minutes till she reached her peak and then she was exhausted. She got up slowly and lay besides me. My heart was still beating very fast… I rolled over and came down to her sweet spot.

I kissed her on her on her thighs; she was so hot down there and wet with sweat. I kissed her passionately, making my way towards her love spot. Her pussy was over flowing with juices as she shivered in orgasm. I licked all her sweet love juices thoroughly and kissed her clit with deep passion. She pulled me up as she was exhausted and we laid there for a while.

Me still trying to get a grasp of what had just happened… “Get up”, she said in a pleasing voice now… “Round two…?” I questioned with a curious smile. She just smiled and didn’t say anything. She got up gracefully, losing her towel finally. My jaw dropped as a saw her bare back. She stood in front of me, completely naked. I gazed her beautiful body for a moment.

Gently smiling she took my hand and pulled me off the bed. She took me slowly to the bathroom. I knew something was fishy in her mind, from the moment we came. She escorted me to the bathtub. The tube was lathered with silky foam and the sound of warm water running through the taps made it look cosy. The room was filled with musk scent.

And the dim monsoon sunlight filled the room. She looked into my eyes and gently whispered, “Bath me…” I was filled with love. Held her face up and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. I held her in my arms tight and hugged her. She too embraced me. I felt my love reaching its peak for her. We got into the tube, it was warm.

I sat resting my back on the tube while she sat laying her back on me. I poured water over her to wet her body and massaged her. I ran my hands over her hands and clubbed them. I rubbed her all over; cleansing her thighs and her sweet belly. Her wet skin was glittering like gold. Seeing her I was aroused and my seven inch monster arouse yet again.

I continued cupping her breasts from behind. I massaged them gently rubbing foam all over them, while kissing her shoulder from behind. I could see she was loving it as she tilted her head to the side. She started breathing heavily; she took my hand and placed it on her clit signing me to rub her now… I spread her thighs a little and parted her pussy lips.

I began to run my fingers over her clit, rubbing her in circles. She was feeling good. Slowly I inserted two fingers into her pussy, she moaned loudly, and grabbed me by my neck. She turned sideways to kiss me as I ran my fingers in and out of her. She was losing her senses. It was an amazing moment. One she couldn’t hold on to, and so, she turned over to take me in once again.

She gazed into my eyes; her lovely dark brown almond eyes were filled with passion. Her wet body was looking simply stunning, I wanted her badly… Without wasting time she raised her hips and put my tool inside her. All seven inches in one go. She wrapped her hands around my neck and started moving again with gently moves. Making waves in the water.

The warm water hugging us just intensified the pleasure. She swayed her hips, twisting and rocking them to feel every inch of my meat. Her beautiful white breasts bounced all over the place, with nipples more pink than ever and her curvy legs made me high instantly and I came inside her in a few minutes, thundering down like a stallion.

She held me inside her for a while, kissing me, while I regained my conscious. I had, had a memorable day. We had a nice hot shower and cleaned each other. We got out of the bath room and wiped each other dry with a towel and then started getting ready to go out. I sat on the sofa watching her get ready by the mirror, teasing her, calling her… “Wild cat…”

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