Call centre girls having gangbang sex

It was 3 in the noon when I returned to my flat in downtown Pune. I
was sharing this flat with another call centre girl called Shilpa.
Shilpa was a dark slim girl from rural Maharashtra who had enjoyed
numerous sessions after joining our company. When I entered the flat I
saw Shilpa my supervisor Karan and an unknown man sitting in the living

Shilpa was bringing them drinks and both of them were kind of
relaxing. “Hey baby come here,”Karan beckoned me.I dropped my purse and
went to him and sat in his lap.He stroked my boobs through my t shirt
and introduced me to the second man.His name was Raman and he was a big
potential investor.

He had a meeting with Shilpa last evening at office and one blow job
had him convincved that he should invest with us.So now Karan had
brought him to our flat where he could fuck Shilpa and probbaly me as
long as he wanted.There was a third girl called Geeta and Raman’s
partner called Rajat who were due to join us any moment.

I planted a kiss on Raman;s cheek and smoothly shifted from Karan;s
lap to his.Raman was a fat dark man of about 40 and I didn’t think he
would last very long but I was proven wrong. Soon he took my t shirt off
and started to kiss me while his hands fondled my full milky breasts
through my cotton brassiere,

Shilpa returned just then she had discared her suit to be in a sheer
blue slip and cotton panties too.Karan said good bye and left Raman to
us. Raman had difficulty in deciding whom to take where but he finally
resolved it by pulling down my jeans and inserting his thick hand inside
to stroke my pussylips while he slipped out of his own trousers adn
ordered Shilpa to give him a blow job.

I unhooked my brassiere and pulled it off and then Raman’s hands were
on my full breasts kneading them till theyu became reddish and blusih
with all the kneading and my nipples flushed erect. His finger slipped
in my pussy as he started to storke it.Shilps discarded her slip and sat
in front of him on her knees and started to suck on his average sized

Our lovmaking was interrupted for a minute as Rajat, Raman’s partner
walked in all alone.He saw Shilpa on her knees and my sitting on the
sofa with eyes closed and stripped in a hurry.He was a tall muscular man
of about 30 with good shape.His erection bulged from his shorts and he
walked to me directly adn mounted me.Raman removed his hand from my
pussy and let Rajat take over.

Rajat pulled me to my feet adn I stepped out of my jeans and panties
which were bunched around my knees.He took me to the adjoining kitchen
and made me lie with my breasts on the dining table.I spread my smooth
long legs and gave him place. Rajat thrust his dick on my pussy without
foreplay and started to buck his hips.

His hands grabbed my breasts from my armpits and he began to rock
back and forth.I saw out of the corner of my eyes now Shilpa too was
straddling Raman and he was inserting his dick in her hairy coarse
pussy. The whole flat was filled with the noise and odour of lovamking
as 2 young women gave everything to the 2 men inside them.

My pussy was actually quite sore since I was fucked brutally by Aslam
and Kran last night in the park behind our office but I bore it with
courage. Meanwhile Rajat lifted my pone leg in air and started fucking
me sidewys going deeper and mking thunk thunkn sound with his balls.

He was obviously a strong man and he was riding me like a bull. There
Raman too was proving my wrong by fucking Shilpa so hard that she was
getting lefted bodily with each thrust.He was kneading her small breasts
and biting her nipples hardly.

Finally Rajat gave a huge thrust and held my waist firm squirting his
cum in my pussy I cried out loud and lay on the cold glass top.My
breasts were breaking into goosebumps by the cold touch. That evening we
satisfied both of them till they agreed to invest wth us.Another
victory for yours truly.