College girls fucked by Construction workers

Hi friends I am a fan of erotic stories and I thought I should post
one of mine. I am Indira 25 year old unmarried women. I got a job in a
engineering college as a lecturer recently and I am also posted as a
warden for a girls hostel of the same engineering college which had a
dramatic fucking incident in the store for me. I am an average women,
about 5ft6” tall but had good structure.

I would always steal looks when I am in a sarry with a good view of
my 36 globes side on.I had my share of sexual adventure with boyfriend
in my college days but whats coming up was nightmare. I was posted in a
hostel outside my college campus which is on the outskirts of a village
on a highway.

The first few days were all fine,i was given a separate room and
treated with respect by the students in there. We had a old watch man
and his old wife as a maid in the hostel. One of those days when the
watchman is off duty as he was sick and so is his wife and there is no
one to guard the hostel.

As night fell I have ordered the students to carefully lock the
entrance gate and the grill of the building and they have obeyed.It was
about 11 in the night and everyone has closed their doors and went to
sleep.I too have bolted mine but some where in my mind I was afraid that
there is no security guard for the hostel.

Anyway thats the way its gonna be and to over come the fear within I
went near the dressing table and let off my green sarry and let it fall
to the floor.I was feeling that I have a great structure with my belly
button exposed above my petticoat.The I unhooked my blouse and with it
my black bra.My breasts have come to life and then I let my petticoat
fall to the floor.

I was starring at me nude,its been a year since I have been fucked
and my pussy is hairy since I gave little attention to it.I touched my
boobs and they are firm and my nipples were perky.My fingers went down
and had a smear of my pussy and its getting wet.I sat down on the
plastic stool thats infront of my dressing mirror and it felt cold as my
round buttocks touched on the stool.

I have spread my legs wide and could see my pussy shining with juice
under the light.My left hand went to my nipples playing them,rubbing
them and cupping my boobs and my right hand went to my pussy.I just
remembered the way I was pounded in doggy style by my boyfriend and
started to rub my clitoris.

My teeth dug into my lips and I have started to sweat in the cold
night as my rubbing continued. I got off the stool and lifted my leg up
and placed over it giving a great view of my pussy in the mirror.I have
increased the speed of my middle finger as was the pleasure and pressure
building up in me.

I was biting my lips and was sweating and my other hand kneading my
boobs and finally I had an orgasm.It was quick just a matter of
10minutes.Then I had a good look of my naked body in the mirror and put
on my cotton nighty and sudden I heard a sound of dry leaves from near
the window facing the bushes off the highway.The tension in me has
started again,i didnt know what to do.

I took out my physics book and started to prepare for tomorrows class
as I was not getting sleep due to fear.The time is passing slowly,its
midnight and the clock struck 12.I thought its getting late and prepared
to close my eyes forcefully.I threw the book into the shelf and started
to walk to drink water from the cooler thats just outside my room and
as I opened the door I was shell shocked at what I saw.

Its Sweety of 3rd year in my college and she is rock nude standing
near the water cooler with a glass in her hand.She tall,white and
fasionable girl with grape color streaks on her silky hair. She has
beautiful boobs and sexy arse.Her jaw has dropped as she saw me open the
door.She was shocked to see me there soo late in the night.I myself has
closed my mouth awstruck.

It was a few seconds before we both came back to conscious and she
has dropped the glass to the floor making a louuuud noise.She almost
started to run to her room when I silently but firmly said “heeyyyy..!
stop there,come here”.She at once stopped and turned to me and I pulled
her into my room holding her by her arm and shut the door.

“Whats this? whats happening?” I asked her in a furious note.Seeing
my anger tears have instantaneously started to roll down her cheeks.I
gave her a bed sheet to cover herself and brought her a glass of water.I
patted her back and consoled her for a minute and asked her whats all
this nonsense.She said sorry madam and was trying to convince me to
forget the thing.

But I raised my voice and asked her again and this time she was
catching my legs but accepted to tell. “Its a game madam,Truth or
dare”.Her room is second left down the corridor. I took her to the room
and asked her to knock.Aish has opened door with a giggle on her face
and she was shocked to see me.She is in no more than a panty and a bra.

She least expected me.As I forced my way into their room every other
girl is more or less in the same state and whats worse is playing
cards.There are six of them totally and the room was like a stripper
club. I didnt know what to say. The next morning I kept a meeting for
these girls and I have shifted to their room and shifted a two of the
girls to my room.

Things went on softly.The room mats became friendly even though I am
their warden and much elder to them. Sweety is the most close of them to
me. In the month of october the Dussehra holidays were declared and
most of the girls have went off and the staff were given limited
holidays and so I had to stay back in the hostel. Sweety,Aish are also
staying back for their own reasons.

Aish,sweety and me stayed in the same room.We all became close in the
days and we went to shopping one day and each one of them had boy
friend.After shopping they went off with their boyfriends promising me
they would come back by 7 in the evening.I came to the hostel did my
chores and its getting dark.Its 7 and they havent come yet.

I was getting frightened all alone in the biggg hostel,the maid and
the watchman are gone too.I left the gate and the grill open since the
girls have to come.I called them and they told they will be here in 30
minutes.I opened the packages from the shopping we did.I bought a few
undergarments a panty and bra.

I unpacked them and took out,they are soft and nice and I thought to
try them.I unhooked my nighty and it fell to the floor in no time making
me nude.I was soo impressed by my figure and I put on the bra and then
the panty and I looked on in the mirror it was soo nice.I turned around
and looked at my round arse the lingerie is a perfect fit.

I then unhooked my bra and pulled off my panty once again making
myself nude.I rubbed off myself sitting infront of the mirror closing my
eyes tightly and had a strong orgasm and when I opened my eyes I was
shocked.There is a person watching my show from the window. The worker
from the construction near by my hostel.Seeing me he ran off.

I jumped off the stool and wore my nighty.I didnt know what to do I
was soo utterly shocked by seeing the guy.I heard foot steps in the
corridor and I was relieved expecting the girls coming back.I opened my
door out of exitement,fear and of allsorts of feeling and there stood a
black gaint of a man.

Before I could speak a word he pushed me into the room and there
followed some four men after him.There is one of them I saw watching me
mastrubate from the window.I started to scream out loud and before a the
sound could escape my mouth one of the men closed my mouth.Another guy
went behind and held my hands tightly paralysing them.

They were laughing and giggling and I couldnt understand their
language.They are contract workers from outside.I was fighting them
kicking my legs and the huge black man came infront and tore off my
nighty with brute force.I was nude infront of them.They were eating my
body with their look.Tears started to roll out from my eyes.

Their hands were all over my body exploring every inch of my
beauty.They were heavily built and muscular physique.I was like a tender
rose and they are like sturdy beasts.One of the guys came infront he
was short but heavily built and took out a mobile of his pocket and
played a video clip and it was me in that clip mastrubating like a
slut.I closed my eyes in disgust.

Another guy came and held my face and spited out “do not resist,it ll
be more painful” in broken english.They pushed back on to the bed and
two of the guys held my naked body pinned. The other guys took off their
lowers.I was shocked to see them.Their penis were huge, like monsters.
The huge black guy came forward pumping his penis.

He signaled to open my mouth and I resisted.He gave a thuding slap
and I almost lost consious. He put his 9 inch long penis into my
mouth.It hardly fit in my mouth and he pushed it in. I gagged for
breath,but he never bothered he held my head and started move it.
Another guy went down and spread my legs painfully wide.He pushed his
tongue in.

One guy was holding my hands back and the other two fell on my
boobs.They started to suck them out and their hands were probing on my
back.They were biting my nipples, i could not shout as my mouth is full
with another monster.Below the guy is seriously working out.

Now feeling confident that im in no mood to rebel the guy left my
hands and made himself nude and he handed me his dick as I started to
pump it.Then they have changed my position.They made me stand facing the
bed and lifted my right leg and placed it over the bed.The big guy came
from behind and started rubbing his cock over my pussy and with a
sudden jerk he entered me.

Another guy sat on knees on the bed and put his dick into my mouth
and the two other guys handed me their dicks to pump them and another
guy was waiting for his chance pumping his dick by himself.My pussy was
being pounded heavily and slowly I got used to it and its going in and
out easliy like a piston.

He increased his speed and was making ahhhhhhh sounds and he
exploded.I could feel the hot cum inside me and he took it out and
sprayed it on my back.Now another guy was taking his turn and some one
have banged the door open.Its Aish and Sweety.Before they could run
anywhere the guys have caught them both.They have stripped them nude and
pinned sweety on the floor.

They were crying but who would listen to them.They molested them with
bad words which we could not understand and when they tried to make
sound they were beaten like dogs.As sweety is white her swellings could
be seen quite clearly.I was releaved in a sense because if these girls
didnt come then all the five of them would have fucked me like dogs.

Any way they have fucked us.Aish was getting heavy pounding in her
aAfter some time we there have stopped resisting and enjoyed their heavy
pounding.They fucked us till early hours in the morning.They sprayed
their cum on our faces and bodies and we were made whore out of us.They
took videos of the fucking and threathned us not to reveal.We are all
left with swollen pussies and stinking bodies with cum…

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