Nepali lady having sex with houseowner

Hi there, it is a real story. i’m a Nepali girl married to an Indian
guy. but now we got divorced 4 yrs back. I live alone in Sikkim, i’m 33
now. it was 2 yrs ago, one evening, it was quite dark outside, and the
salt-pot was empty while I was cooking meal for that night, so I went to
the ground-floor, where my houseowner lives.

then I knew that his wife and the daughter went to his sasuraaal for
some days and he is alone. (he is abt 45-50 yrs old). when I went there,
and asked for some salt, he said that he is alone and tired so asked me
to go to the kitchen and take it myself and make a cup of coffee for
him. as I thought him as of the age of my father I obeyed him and went
to his kitchen and he was in his living room.

when the water was boiling, suddenly he caught my waist from behind
and I was shocked, I wanted to protest but he held me tightly, and he
began to kiss my neck then he pressed my boobs. now I was enjoying and I
stopped protesting and began to help him. then he held me in his arms
and took me to his bedroom and he threw me on his bed.

then he began to put off my clothes, and I helped him doing his
clothes too. now both of us were naked. then he sucked my lower lips
then I sucked his tounge. then he asked me to give him blow job but I
denied coz i’ve never put it in my mouth (coz I thought it was a dirty
thing). but he ate my pussy. I enjoyed it. then he fucked my boobs

then he dropped his cum there and lied on his back there next to me.
then I sat on his mouth and made him suck my pussy. he sucked it
vigorously and the same time he inserted his finger in my hole, I
started to moan, actually I was in the heaven. I came in his mouth. then
I caught his tool in my hand and started to masturbate it and it was
erect again,

then he made me lie on my back, then rise my legs up and he inserted
his tool in my female hole. and started to fuck me heavily. then we both
got orgasm he came inside me. it was my first sex that I really
enjoyed. that night he fucked me 3 more times, coz we ate dinner and
slept together in his flat.

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