College romance gets naughty

Hello reader… The incident has some romance and sex (it’s the total
mix of the two). It began in college. I had no idea that I would fall
for her. But, I did and I loved it.So here goes…

There was this photography contest to take the best photo at college
grounds and whoever get the best wins. Very few participated and I
thought it would be easy to win with the less number. Many took photos
of flowers and other sh*t but I wanted to portray something very
obvious. The canteen annexe(that’s what it was called) was unused by the

I used to come with my lunch and friends to eat there coz it was
quiet. Outside was a miniature fountain like statue that many ignored. I
found this the most best place to snap and so I brought my insticam and
focused from a suitable angle. A friend saw me and came to talk n
disturb my work. I stopped and after conversation he left.

Once he did I blindly just clicked from the angle I chose. Apparently
a pretty girl(my heroine) had come in front of the fountain with her
samosas. She was smiling. The picture printed on the spot. Yea, it was
an instant cam and could print on the spot. Super luck for me… coz
that’s how I made my first move. She came to me and said sorry coz she
understood that I was taking photo.

And then I gave the photo to her and said “Keep It”. She said “very
sorry yaar. Enaku nee poto yedukrathu theriyadhu(means I didn’t notice u
taking photo). I told her its ok and that I wanted her to keep it as
how many people are lucky to have a picture of their special one even in
the first time they meet? That was an absolute bomb. Coz she smiled and
asked “Y r u special to me? How”.

I said “I could b, maybe if u let me invite u for coffee”. She began
to giggle. Then I said “See, u look very beautiful in this photo and it
will be wrong of me if I don’t ask u out”. She said “I can’t! Family is
strict. Dad’ll kill me”. That very moment was exactly what I wanted. It
made all the difference, coz she implied that she’s ok with me taking
her out but didn’t want to get caught. I left the place after saying

Later that evening I got a friend request from her in facebook. I
really didn’t want to b friend to this beautiful sweet girl and wanted
something more… Then again I had no choice than to accept(screw
zuckerberg for not havin put “add as lover” button). After this was a
big serial… we exchanged sms, sometimes little non-veg and she loved
that(atleast I think so).

And then on new year night as I was wacking off thinking bout her she
smsed me to come see her. I was like “WTF? Its midnight… and ur
parents….”. She said parents have gone out of station for New Year and
she was alone at home. That was epic news for me. I took my bike and
raced the streets to her house. I was on phone while driving coz I
didn’t know her place exactly.

When I got there I wished her a happy new year and went inside her
room. It was a medium sized room(compared to my big room) and was light
blue instead of pink… which was a relief. I was hoping to make it red
coz the moment seemed right. She told me to sit in the bed and switched
on the TV. There were some songs going on and the clock ticked towards
New Year.

She came and sat near me and gave strawberry juice. It was Hersley’s
strawberry (found out later) and I enjoyed. She sat near me and said
that she felt odd alone and wanted some company. I said its ok and told
her to sit close. I kept my hand in her waistline and pulled. She slowly
moved near and I made her rest her head in my shoulders. She said she
felt warm.

I asked her if she had any feelings towards me. She said she likes me
a lot. And then she slowly asked if I had any feelings for her. I kept
quiet for a while and let time pass. I made her sit up and then slowly
caught her waistline again. Pulled towards me and made her sit on my
jeans. She too was wearing jeans and red tshirt(tops right…) and then
whispered in her ear “U know I love u”.

the music ended and timing was perfect and the channel showed
countdown… “5… 4… I was staring at her lips 3…. She was breathing heavy
2….. I came close to her lips 1… and it joined and met. She opened her
mouth and my tongue licked her mouth. She must’ve felt the menthol in my
mouth coz I used colgate plaque b4 I came(my mouth has little smell if I

And for a few mins she enjoyed. I was getting a hard one in my thingy
and it began to poke her surface. It made a small push in her dress and
moved near her pu**y. She felt a jerk and I slowly moved my hands over
her tops. I held her jugs in hands and massaged them. She whispered
“please don’t. venna da(dont want this). But she continued biting my
tongue and lips an breathing hard too.

From her cross position I moved her and made her sit directly in lap.
Her silky hair brushed my face and I bit her ears from behind. At the
same time both my hands were making a motion in her boobs and she was
moaning and hissing “pleeaasee dont.. I saaaed noo”. I felt excited and
fell on the bed. I suddenly heard a noise outside. I asked her if her
parents were back.

She said “No, grandma must’ve waken up. Quickly hide”. She pushed me
into her cupboard. I was inside the dark. She spoke to her grandma and
told her she felt sleepy and wanted to sleep. Granny left and she came
into the cupboard. I pulled her and pushed her over the cupboard wall
and pushed my hand over her tops. It touched her inners and she said
“No, don’t.

I’ll scream in pain”. I said “shhhhhh… I’ll be gentle da. I luv u”
She then let me touch them. V came out of cupboard and I caught her by
her bottoms and pushed herself to me. She jumped and crossed her legs
arnd my waist. I pushed her to wall and lifted her tops there. I could
see her bra holding the two vessels of my new year’s drink. And I kissed
her there.

Made way to neck and she said “enough”….I said “no, I haven’t even
started”. She then looked at me in a strange but cute face and said “ur
enjoying this naa? u want to eff(f**k) me right?”. I told her “No, baby I
dun wanna fuck u. I jus wanna take u out today. Come wid me”. She was
already over me with her feet locked around my waist. And she looked
into my eyes.

I was handsome and she enjoyed looking at me. The best feature of me
was my hair which I loved and took care of. She slowly told me.. “u
won’t do anything bad to me naa? If u promise i’ll come”. I said
“Bad?!?! what u mean.. I do only good. U’ll enjoy the night. Come on, ur
the one who called me here and wanted to feel me!!”. She said “ok, but
grandma should not know.

Give me a minute to change”. I said “NO!” and turned her arnd. She
looked at me strangely. That was the most cutest face I ever seen.
Gaaawwdd i’d die to see that face daily. I took a dress from her
cupboard. A tops which was dark bluish and slid it over her head and put
it for her. I kissed her boobies on the way of putting and she giggled
and said “HEY!!”.

She kept her feet down on floor and took her purse and came with me.
We snuck outta the house(easily). And I was on my bike again. For the
first time I was in a bike with a girl(and that too a hot one – how
fortunate!). I took her to my place and she was shocked at the mess.
This was one funny thing bout bachelor life. U never keep ur room tidy!

She said that I was very messy guy. I said “yeah and today im gonna
mess wid u”. She said “aye! What u mean?” I said “Nothing, I want u and
me to have fun”. She again asked me “U wanna f me.. thats y u brought me
here na?” This made me crazy. I said “NO! I don’t wanna fuck u ever. I
know ur sexy and stuff but I dont wanna fuck u if u dont like it”.

She said “I won’t hate it. Coz I also love u but i’m afraid”. I
looked at her beautiful face. I was so darn cute in her blue tops. I
opened my mouth to say something to soothe her and make her feel
comfy… but then I changed my mind. I asked “When u have to be back?
She said around 5 am will do”. I said fine and took here to the the
hall. Switched off the lights and turned on the tv.

My laptop already was set to output using HDMi and so I put a movie
on the laptop. We both sat and watched. It was the ugly truth. I have
never seen it so only I saw it. It was old movie to be honest. During
the movie I didnt do anything to her coz I had made up my mind to not
kiss her or anything. Only thing was she sat on my entire movie.

And suddenly during the movie she said “Kiss me”. I looked at her and
saw a cute desperation on her face… like as if she wanted it real
bad. I decided and kissed her. She got over me and was kissing
continously. During the kiss I heard her say “Take me”. And thats
exactly what I did. I took her and made her lie on the bed. She suddenly
began to cry; I was confused.

DID I DO SOMETHING WRONG?!?! Then I reduced the tv volume and asked
her “enna maa” (What is it dear). Sweety,dont cry. tell me whats wrong.
I’ll help u. She opened her hands a big and I understood n gave her a
hug. I pulled her up and made her sit upright. She was facing me and she
said “I liked another guy”. She was crying in between and I couldnt

I told her. Relax, relax!! Breathe. She stopped and took the air in.
As she exhaled she fragrance made my horny. I told her “Ok, now tell”.
She said “I liked other guy. He kissed me once.. but now im kissing u
and u love me and I feel i’m doing bad”. I said “Ok. Wait. R u seeing
this guy?” “No. he was there when I was 1st year.

I thought he was seeing me but he was seeing the girl on the other
end of my class. He was in senior block and his window faced me. All
this time I didnt notice that he was seeing the both of us from his
class”. I said “oK??” She then started crying “And he ditched me for my
friend and even had kissed me before ditching me! I feel used. now I
dont wanna cheat u”.

I said “Relax baby, calm down. I dont mind this past. Look..
listen… hey!! listen da. I want u to tell me only one thing. Do u
still like him or u like someone else?” She said “I like u only.. I
looo… u”. I said “thats all I wanted to hear. Relax.. OK??! And
then I said i’m not violated at all.. u shud have told me before itself.
I wouldnt have felt bad”

Consoling ur gf is one of the most romantic things if u ask me. Not
because ur making her feel less guilty but u make her feel happy n
comfortable. She begins to trust u more. And as per my philosophy I knew
that the more comfortable u r with someone… the more u want to break
the “boundaries”. And thats what happened. >.> She was already in
my lap.

Facing me n relaxed herself. I was hugging her to keep her feel nice.
And then she whispered the same thing in my ear. U want to f me right?
Do it. “I said No, when did I ever tell u that I wanted” She said “No, I
know u want to. But u love me n so u dont want to. correct?”. “Errrr…
lets see. NOOO!! I never wanted to at all.But, yeah I love you”

She said “Ur gay?” “What the f is ur problem. I already kissed u so
many times and u ask like this? hell no!” “Then prove by effing(f*ing –
she never used the entire word) me” “sweetheart. I know where ur going
with this. U wanna have sex so ur putting it this way” She kept quiet. I
kissed her boob and then pulled her blue tops off.

Then I pulled her jeans down and she stood infront of me in just
pantie and bra. She was sp seductive and sensuous. I said “Come” and
took her to my room. Pulled out my photo cam and opened my cupboard. I
had my fav white shirt in there. I pulled her and buttoned her up in my
shirt and told her to stand near the wall and pose. She said “Don’t

Someone might see” I said “Sssshh! Relax. I love u ok. Trust me. I
will keep for myself”. And I clicked her. First pic she was staring. I
told her to relax, smile and pose. She then took a few seconds and did
so. 3 snaps and the printout were coming. I pulled her to me and took
one using the automatic feature. I had the stand too!! :D Once that
flashed I pulled her to bed.

She was in just shirt and was naked below. Pulled out my study chair
and sat on it and slowly pulled her pantie to the floor. She was
bottomnaked. I pulled my jeans off and she could see my bulge. She said
“Its smaller than i…” “SHIT! Whats r prob babe. U wanna tease me on
this? Im hardly horny.” Mine was a big one but at the moment it was
relaxed enough to stay small :)

Then she said “can i..” and kept her finger on my thingy. OMG!! that
sweet little touch was so exciting that it began to get hard. She looked
and was shocked. Funny n cute face again as she saw with awe. Wow, that
is big. I pulled her waist and but he pu**y over my thing. Slowly I
massaged over her(my – much as hers) shirt and she began to make funny

moaning and stuff like “ah.. ha.. mmm”. I was too excited and slowly
dug my thing into her. Then she big her teeth and then she bit me. I
said “Stop, what ur doing”. “Its paining da. I’m virgin so I hav pains”
“i’ll be for a minute only. I’ve read enuf porno to know” She smiled
lightly and made painful face. I pulled her hair and kissed her and she
but her entire weight and it slid in.

Gosh! It was such a nice feeling. She was in pain but I gave her
pleasure by kissing n pressing her boobies. I jumped a bit and she
started to jump too. A few “pull ups” and she stopped trying to bite my
teeth too. I asked “has the pain reduced” She nodded but I could see the
damage. Blood stains over my thingy and the floor. I was doing pumping
action just to hear her voice.

It was soo pretty. I love her every bit. Every push gave her
pleasure. Then I pulled her to the bed and started “EFFING” her. :P She
puffed and huffed as I put my thing inside and out her and kissed all
over her. Licked her boobs wet and bit her ear to hear some noise. She
was enjoying every moment of it. It was her first time(me too) and that
was like “experience” fr both.

But I was pretty much aware about sex and had control over my body.
She then asked “I’m feeling fuzzy n warm”.”I said.. ah! I know.. I kinda
put a mess inside ur pussy. Ill get u something to eat for safety. Next
time we should wear a condom” What?!?! U didnt wear??. “Hey ofcourse
paa. I told u I didnt wana fuck u naa.

One reason was coz I didnt buy any condom. I had no interest in
f***ing u. Believe me now? “So what we do now. What if I get..??””Hey
dont worry. Enjoy da. i’ll make sure ur ok. Besides i’m there to take
care of u. Independent bachelor who loves u sooooo much.Don’t u think I
can easily settle down?” That night was really nice.

We played again and she had so much “doubts” about sex like what is
doggie style and stuff. And I gave pleasurable demos to tell her how its
done. Well, only two lessons were taught then. The doggie and the
missionary. Had done a lotta stuff in later days. Around 6am the medical
store near my house opened and I got a oral pill for her.

I took my coll bag locked my apartment and dropped her home. Kissed
her a couple of times in her room and left quietly to college. She loves
me, I love her. We fuck a lot and thats really cool.. I mean hot! zzzZZ
thanks for reading a chapter of my life :D Do comment.

Nitesh fucking school friend Sonali

Hi, My name is nitesh. I am regular reader of debonair & human
digest. It has realy helped me in my sex life so far. I just had a
desire to present my first encounter to the blog readers. But was little
conservative initially. But now I can’t stop myself expressing that
dream experience with my school friend “sonali”.

Its a story of late 90s when I was in school. We had a school in a
central govt colony. SO most children of the people who were working
with central govt depts used to study in that school. As the people used
to work together, the families used to know each other as well. So was
the case with sonali & me. Our families used to know each other
& we were in the same class.

SO sonali & me used to be with each other quiet frequently. We
used to go for classes together. Sonali was an excellent table tennis
player so was I. So we used to go together to play for a practice. It
was a time when both sonali & me were entering our adulthood. Those
changes were happening in our bodies. I had started masterbating &
she had quiet hard boobs developed.

I started feeling attraction towards her & I started dreaming
about her while masterbating. I desperately wanted to have sex with her
but I was feasring that our families were knowing each other & if
she doesn’t like it & if she tells these things to her parents then
it will sopoil our family relationship.

So few days, I just kept my lust in my mind, only to get more
desperate. One day I decides that I will do something to seduce her. SO I
started thing about how to seduce her. I was not knowing whether she
was sexually active yet, whether she knows anything about sex or not
(those were school days guys, 13-14 yrs of age).

But I was guessing that she was, because she had a lot bigger boobs
as compared to her age.So I decided that I will indirectly try to sedue
her. Initially I used to make some naughty comments in our talks. She
used to laugh & blush at those comments.

One day when there were some women from colony who came to the club
for playing, whenever a woman used to hit shots, I used to say to her
“Lagta hai aaj uncle ne kuch kiya hai isi liye aunty joro se shot mar
rahi hai”. She used to laugh at it. Then I started teasing her. I used
to ask her ” kya tum bata sakti ho uncle ne kya kiya hoga?”. She used to
laugh again & say ” Mujhe nahi pata”.

It kept on going for somedays. One day I decided that its enough. Now
I need to ask her. I decided to not to ask her directly for sex but to
go step by step. First I wanted to have a friendly chat with her. When
we came for playing, I asked her boldly “Do you know what is
‘samagam’?’. She blushed & didn’t say anything. I went to her and
told her not to shy.

I told her that we are close friends & should not hesitate
discussing these things with each other. So I asked her waht she knows
about sex. She told me whatever she was knowing about it. She hadn’t had
much detailed knowledge about it but had rough idea (even I wasn’t any
expert. But was better than her :)).

For some days we had these horny discussions. I used to notice that
her heartbeat used to increase during these discussions. She used to
have faster breathing. I realised that it is a time to go. After our
horny discussions she had a fair knowledge of sex & masterbation.
One day, I was completely aroused after our discussion & so was she.
I thought that this is the time.

I asked her ” Tumne kabhi aadmi ka lund dekha hai?”. As usual she
laughed & said nothing. I said, ” Chalo aaj main tumhe dikhaoonga”. I
held her hand & went to a nearby toilet. There were not people
during that time in the club. I went in a toilet & started removing
my pants. My cock was fully raised & it was hard. I told her to hold
it in her hand.

At that moment she had a deepest breath I had seen. I knew this is
time & I immediately grabbed her with both hands & said ” Chalo
maje karte hai?”. She was hesitant & said ” Koi aa jayega?”. She was
resisting but she was so aroused by that time that her resitant could
not last for long. I passionately kissed her.

Slowly I started undressing her. She was getting shy. I remover her
frock. I slowly moved the straps of her bra towards her hands. She
resisted a little by folding her hands but later she did her hands down
& I removed her bra. AND HERE IT COMES guys !!! Two big rounds with
two big nipples were in front of me. I can’t tell you the feeling in

Without wasting any time, I grabbed those & started sucking. She
was enjoying it a lot. IT was an experience beyond expressing for both
of us. In a matter of time we were naked & grabbing & rubbing
each other against our bodies. She was mourning & making sounds of
“ahh…aah”. Even I was enjoying a lot. Slowly I moved my hand towards
her vagina & started rubbing it.

Her mourning increased. I told her to hold me tight & rest her
head on my shoulder. I told her to talk dirty to enjoy more. I started
to rub her vagina even fast….. she started whispering “Fuck…fuck” in
my ears. Now I was completely hard. I told her to suck the pennis. She
refused to do it initially but she agreed….Oh boy !!! Was that an
experience ?…

I tell you…. woman sucking my penis is one of the best satisfying
experience of my life. She was sucking it although not full but atleast
half of pennis. I was deeply mouning “AAAAHhh…….Aaah”…..finally
when the climax came, I knew that she won’t like me to cum in her
mouth… SO I gave her a signal just before getting my loads out

“main zadne waala hoon….AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh”….Oh god…..Was
that an experience…..She quickly removed it out of her mouth &
here comes the flood…… loads of white fluid came out of my pennis
& almost got “sprayed” on her breasts. I quickly made her stand
& hugged her passionately till my pennis was moving up & down…

It was an experience that I can’t forget forever. After that, it was a
regular experience for us & now I am married to same
girl…….Guys… please let me know what did you feel about the
experience !!!!!!!!