Newly married guy fucking maid

I recently got married and needless to say at every opportunity
fondle grope my beautiful wife all over her body. She used to jump with
shock every time I would sneak behind her and just grab her hard. There
were just the two of us in the three bedroom apartment, with a small
bedroom as “servant’s quarters”.

Since there was nobody else, we developed care free habits, where in
my wife will even be in her panties and bra while cooking in the
mornings, I would just walk in nude, pull the panties down and have her
in the breakfast counter, sometimes enter her from behind. After six
months, my wife decided to hire a maid and we hired a young widow,

whose husband and two month old daughter had recently died in a road
accident. Her family was from my native village. She said that she was
asked to leave by her in-laws and was desperate for a job. She was very
beautiful and was similar to my wife in proportion with larger breasts.

She agreed to be a “live-in maid” with us providing food and shelter
she requested that her salary be deposited in a bank or kept with us and
she will take money as and when required. She left and said that she
would come back in a week’s time to join.

We were expecting our new maid shortly. One day, when I was leaving
for my office, my wife told me that she may not be there in the evening
when I come back, as she was going to a movie with her friends in the
neighborhood. I reached home at 6pm and opened the door and entered the
house. I could see my wife in her nightie, washing something in the
kitchen sink.

I quietly went to my bedroom, removed my clothes, put on just boxer
shorts and quietly came down, crept behind silently, just grabbed the
waist, pulled her close, with her cheeks close to mine and I grabbed her
breasts and tweaked her nipples. Suddenly, I felt the breasts to be
much larger and the nightie around the nipples getting wet. It was then I
realized something was wrong.

I pulled away and to my shock and horror I realized it was not my
wife but the maid. I also noticed wet spots on her nightie over the
nipples and growing in size. I asked what she was doing, when did she
come, most importantly, and what was she doing in my wife’s nightie. She
explained that she came in two hours ago. As she didn’t have any good
clothing my wife gave her the nightie!

I apologized to her, explaining that I really thought it was my wife.
I again and again said sorry to her. She also understood the situation
and said that we should just forget about the incident and not tell
anybody. I agreed and immediately left for my room. I was curious about
the wet spot that developed when I pinched her nipples and grabbed her

I smelt it and to my shock realized it was milk. I then remembered
that the maid having an infant daughter. I sucked on my fingers. It
smelt and tasted like Glaxo milk formula. I was madly sucking my fingers
imagining drinking from her breasts. I also, pulled out my penis wanked
it hard, and splattered a huge load of cum onto the walls in my

I then spent the next few mins cleaning up. That night, in the
bedroom, my wife enjoyed the vigorous sucking I did on her breasts,
imagining my maid. My wife was surprised and happy at that! After we
were done, she had bite marks all over breasts, her nipples were sore
and painful with almost an hour of sucking I did!

Next day was Saturday, I was at home. Our maid (Jaya) was wearing her
old & torn saree, her old blouse was tight and I could clearly with
her being bra less, her tits were struggling to break free. There were
also wet spots in the nipple areas. My wife asked her as to why she is
not wearing the clothes she gave to her. Jaya mumbled something

Jaya turned and gave me a slight smile indicating as to why she
wasn’t wearing the nightie! I also smiled back. The tough nipple and the
milk, its smell and taste were still fresh in my mind. I went out
bought some maternity Bras and kept them hidden in my room. I was
determined to have Jaya. They were very sexy lacey bras. I was ready for

I also wanted to see whether Jaya is also pliable. I started with by
hanging out in just boxers whenever my wife was out. Occasionally I
would let my penis hang out and give a clear view of that to Jaya
whenever she brought snacks or was sweeping the floor etc. Initially,
Jaya was shocked but over two days she got very comfortable.

As luck would have it, having a live-in maid gave lot of freedom to
my wife, who is an outgoing person and she went out a lot with her
friends as well, leaving me and Jaya alone in the house. Over time Jaya
got comfortable with me, she would chat about her life her sorrows in
losing her daughter. I would occasionally give her a pat on the back or
sometimes wipe the tears away.

I told her, she can be with me permanently in the house. I also told
her, if she likes what happened with the nightie she can wear it, and I
will know what to do. She just smiled at that and left. I was very tense
as to how she would react to that. Was eagerly awaiting her next
morning, to my disappointment she came in her torn saree and blouse.

It was a Saturday and my wife had planned a movie and lunch outing
with her friends. I wanted to fix some broken light fixtures in the
house and decided stay indoors. A few mins after my wife left, Jaya came
in and told me that she is done with the kitchen responsibilities and
asked whether I needed any help.

I declined and was busy with changing the tubelight fixtures and
cleaning the ceiling fan in my bedroom. Some 30 minutes later, Jaya came
in asked whether I needed any help. When I looked down, I got a shock;
she had showered and was wearing my wife’s nightie. She also had a big
smile on her face. I looked down, and asked her how she can help.

She didn’t say anything, just climbed on the bottom step in the
ladder, lifted my boxer shorts up and took my penis into her mouth. This
was totally unexpected. Also, I could fully see her cleavage and her
large breasts swinging inside her nightie, they were jiggling like
crazy. The sight of this and Jaya’s sucking made me instantly blow a
huge load of cum into her mouth.

In all the time we had sex, my wife had never taken my penis into her
mouth and the sensation was uncontrollable. Jaya continued vigorous
sucking and literally milked my penis dry of the last drop. Now with a
laugh, she said that it is my turn to help her in the kitchen and left. I
was shocked, breathless and dazed at this brazen display of sexuality.

I finished up whatever I was doing quickly and left for Kitchen. I
got nude, and entered the kitchen quietly. I entered and saw Jaya in
front of the stove her back to me doing something. She was still in the
nightie. I went and hugged her from the back. She stood still this gave
me time to have my cheek on hers and grope her all over her body,
starting from the face down to her neck,

shoulder and then on to her breasts and then waist and finally her
pussy and thighs. On the way up I deliberately took time to rub her
pussy, while pressing her up hard with my penis poking into her ass
crack. I then moved my hands up lifted her breasts up and cupped them
and began to squeeze them. I felt the nipple area getting wet.

The wet spot grew in size and also became increasingly white. I
turned her around to face me and had a quizzing look on her face. She
was smiling and took my face and smashed it into her breasts. I traced
all over her breasts, tweaking and proving with my tongue on her
nipples, grabbing and pulling them with my lips. She then lifted her
nightie up and got rid of it.

Beneath she was totally nude. I got the shock of my life to notice
that her pussy was completely hairless. Even my wife doesn’t shave, she
only trims it. Somehow, this village girl was into the latest in sex.
She looked up and pouted her lips. I bent down and kissed her slowly and
firmly. In no time, this turned into a wrestling match for our tongues.

She grabbed my face and took it towards her breast. I immediately
latched onto her nipple and started sucking it vigorously. The smell as
well as the sweet taste of the milk that had leaked was intoxicating. I
started sucking vigorously and steady stream of milk started flowing
into my mouth. For the next 15 mins I like a baby sucked milk out of her
breasts, emptying one after the other.

Finally, I was tired and was thankful that the milk also stopped
flowing. I lifted Jaya and carried her into the living room; I laid out
her on the sofa and climbed on top of her. I kissed her all over body,
licked her pussy hard and probed into it with my tongue. I inserted my
middle finger into her pussy and stroked it all around.

Jaya grabbed my thump and put on her what looked like a tiny button
in the inside top of her pussy, when I rubbed and tweaked it, it sent
Jaya into raptures, with her body thrashing violently with every tweak
of her pussy button. She started screaming, mumbling incoherently and
asking me to fuck her. I positioned my penis, took my finger out and
sucked her pussy juice,

it tasted like onion juice, she was all wet inside her pussy. I
slowly inserted my penis, put my hands lifting up her butt and started
thrusting madly in and out after sometime, a violent eruption happened
into her pussy. I pulled out and was resting on the sofa, catching up on
my breath. Jaya went down on me, sucking my penis and cleaning it of
all her pussy juice and my own cum mixture.

Some of my cum was oozing out of her pussy, she collected them on her
fingers and put it into her mouth and swallowed it. Some of it she
applied on her cheeks and said that “It is very good for skin
complexion”. I asked her whether she needs any pills to avoid pregnancy,
she mentioned that she had her tubes tied during delivery of her first
child itself, as they didn’t want to have more children. I thanked my
lucky stars.

I gave her the maternity bras and got lace panties also for Jaya,
which she wore gladly. Most of the time, she used to be completely nude
inside the nightie. After this every day I drained her breasts and
fucked her to my heart’s content. My wife also got increased attention
from me, including me shaving all her pussy hair off and giving her
orgasms by taking the time and identifying the g-spot in her pussy.

My wife is very grateful to me for that. Slowly Jaya introduced me to
the pleasures of anal sex. Whenever I see someone in the kitchen I just
fuck it, it doesn’t matter whether it is Jaya or my wife, life is

Rahul fucking Malayalee Maid

It was August 2011, where I had to stay at my Cousin Brother’s house
for a couple of weeks as my brother’s family went to India.. My
Brother’s kid (14yrs old) and I were living along with this maid as she
was brought here for an year’s contract for cooking and other house hold
stuff… Her name’s Fatima… she’s 34yrs old and married… She just
look very normal…

My brother’s kid usually come from his school @ 6:30 – 7PM dueto his
Basket ball practice sessions….I never used to pay attention to Maid’s
unless needed..and more over she’s not working for me and I do not want
to invite any problems just for nothing… One day it was a severe hot
summer day of more than 45 degrees temperature and suddenly felt drowsy n
dizzy in office and I came back home…

I inquired fatima about my brother’s kid and she told me that he has
not yetcome back. I asked her to fetch me some fresh pomagranate juice
from the fridge. It was more than 10mins since I told her but I don’t
know for wat reason she didn’t respond… So I went into the kitchen and
I took a glass and filled some fresh juice…. She was near the gas
stove turning backwards…

I felt a difference in her behaviour… I went very close to her and
asked her whether she was alright… she just smiled and said she’s just
fine… While I was going back from her I spilled out some juice and I
took a tissue paper immediately and wiped there and when getting up my
shoulder completely brushed her ass strongly…

I immediately apologized her for which she just smiled in a wierd
way… I got a complete hint but was a lil spectacle… I was watching
TV, completed my juice and went back to kitchen to place the glass in
the Sink… wantedly I brushed my cock(ofcourse with my office pant on)
on her ass with lot of courage and held back there…

she was just smiling and just have seen absolutely no signs of
resistance from her… immediately I wonder which god gave me that
courage.. I even forgot I was sick… I just planted my lips on her neck
n just made my tongue roll on it for a sec… immediately I get
“ssshhhh” sound… n I saw her closing her eyes…

I made her to stand near the fridge and I lifted her nighty
completely and removed her underwear that she was wearing and saw her
love hole…i was completely startled seeing her pussy as it was
completely shaved and I felt it was completely clean…without any
hesitation I licked her pussy completely and ordered her to come to my

She just said “Abhee Nahee… Raat Ko” I did not accept. However, I
removed my pant and placed my cock infront of her and she was just
staring at it… I sighed her to suck my cock…1st she again said “raat
koo” but I told ” Abheee chahiye… Karo na”.. She sat down and put her
lips on my cock and I got a sensual blowjob from her for almost

I did not cumm on her face… I went inside the washroom and
immediately masturbated and released all my pressure and was sitting in
shock for quite some time and was thinking what the fuck has just
happen… it was all just in a matter of some moments…

I had my dinner and my brother’s kid was busy playing his PS3 in his
room. I went to kitchen and told her to take a shower and get ready for
the fuck… she told me to come to her room by 10:30pm… Was waiting
for the time and I heard a knock @ 10:20pm on my room door and I opened
it.. I saw her and she sighed me to come up.

I made sure that my brother’s kid is still playing and I went up (but
definitely in shock and fear as this guy is still awake) to her room.
She immediately locked the door and removed my night pant and started
sucking the cock like a hungry bitch…. and she was licking my balls
also… I felt she’s a thorough professional…

I made her to sleep on her bed and I applied some saliva and I
inserted my cock into her pussy without even sucking it… I wanted to
have a quickie first (as the kid is still awake) and I started fucking
her hard in missionary position… her pussy was loose and my cock
effortlessly went inside and I was fucking her hard…

I made her to suck my cock thoroughly and fucked her again for some
more time… my legs were trembling in fear and with that fear I
suddenly removed my cock and ejaculated all my load on her navel and
tummmy… I picked my sperm with one finger and kept it in her tongue..
she licked it… then she took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean.

I immediately wore my dress and ran downstairs and saw that situation
was under control… time was 11:45 and my brother’s kid was sleeping
in his room. I immediately went to her room and told her to come to my
room. I locked the door and just undressed her n made her sleep on the
bed and fucked her all the night till 4:30AM…

Then I told her to sleep in her room. we both dozed off in our
respective room…. In my case I know she’s safe as she had her medical
examinations done very recently and she got her Maid visa…However, if
suddenly coz of the circumstances if you had sex without condom then
make sure you consume CIFRAN tablets with in 24 hours for avoiding any

Make sure you consume it for 4days twice a day after the food. Hope u
folkz enjoyed my story… My next write up will continue with my
intimate encounters with the airhostess… Love you all… Play Safe –
Rahul Sharma…