Pranav fucking hot bhabhi

Hi everyone this is pranav and I simply love the debonair.After
reading to a lot of incidents from the site I thought I should present
mine to the readers.The following incident happened a few months back
and the lady I fucked was my bhabhi. I am a 25 year old guy who is
taking a strong interest in satisfying my bhabhi these days.

Im a software guy and mine is a small town, the way I tackle people
is by my public display of my knowledge and tech and love and affection,
same was the case with my bhabhi. She came into our family hardly some 8
years back when she was 23 years, I didnt get to attent their marriage
since I was having exams in a residential college, didnt expect her to
be such a beauty.

After the exams I went home and my first look on her made my eyes
dazzle, I had a huge crush on her beauty. The following days I spent at
home after the exams were exiting to spend with a new member in the
family and from time to time I have got chance to peek at her clevage
and this used to bring arousal which is embarrasing some times.

I used to kill my thoughts which were sexual in nature initially
since she is my bhabhi.But her superb figure and luscious body would
always make my head turn towards her, by interecting with her I have
understood a few things; that she is not well educated, jus managed to
pass her degree exams, but she is not as innocent, she is a curious

After my vacation I joined in a new college and left for the
classes.My bhaiya also moved to a new home into the commercial area of
the town to facilitate himself a new job.Things went on and a year went
by, I came back home on a vacation. Spent time with my parents and then
thought of visiting my bhaiya and bhabhi.

I thought I should surprise them with my visit but the dark side of
my suprise is that if I could get to see something. I set off at 11 from
my home and reached their colony with in 15 minutes. I walked to their
house from the road and it was quite tiresome and by the time I reached
their home I was given a surprise.

The door is locked and when enquired the neighbour told that baiya
went to office and bhabhi went to market and she would return anytime
now.Jus when the neighbour finished her sentence bhabhi opened the
gate.My got she has grown more beautiful.She welcomed me inside and
offered me cool drink and started to talk about various things.

And in the discussion came the topic of the servent maid, bhabhi was
cursing that she is absent and that she herself has to do all the work
now.Say this she excused me and tied the pallu of her sarry up and
started to sweep the house and talking. My god she has grown more plump
and her mellons were extra ordinary, wonder how much massage is she
getting from bhaiya.

I dint blink my eye all the while and her arse was soo nice. My mouth
was watering and my cock was pleading to break free form my pants.Her
waist and her bellybutton in that lemon red colour was soo appealing, my
hands were pulling up behind her to squeeze her waist. While I was
dreaming of crushing her assets in my hard palms she caught me staring
at her boobs.

She tried to divert me by asking me if I have found any girl friends
and I understood the situation.I answered her that I just have friends
in girls but not girl friends. She jus smiled wickedly. Suddenly I got a
call from my friend and I had to leave. The following day I went much
earlier my bhabhi’s home in the hope of meeting bhaiya.

He was there jus about to leave to the job and we jus exchanged a few
words of concern and he fled in a hurry. Another day with bhabhi alone
and another flirty conversation but no advancements. Things went by like
that and I finished my vacation and returned to college and always used
to dream of my bhabhi and I even used to mastrubate by assuming that I
was fucking her huge mellons and her sucking my balls.

Years went by and in one of the vacations as usual with my wicked
plan of surprising her I went to their home and this time things turned
out quite dramatically in favour of me as. I knocked the door no one has
answered and I kept knocking but no answer and finally I decided to
walk around to the backyard and while walking around I came across the
bed room window and there is bhabhi inside.

Oh gosh my sexual desire was steaming inside me.She was all naked
inside the bed room. She jus came out of the shower and she was dripping
wet.She had the towel covering her face and she was drying her hair
infront of the table mirror.There was nothing more beautiful in the
world that moment.

As she was rubbing the towel over her head she was shaking her whole
body and I could see her wet boobs jiggling up and down in the mirror
and the water from her hair was dripping over her back and the dropplets
slided and glided over her back and ended up in her arse crack in
between those mountain of a buttocks.

Her pussy was quite bushy and couldnt see much and her armpits were
were also hairy. The tension of someone seeing me peeping into my
bhabhi’s bed room or for that matter even my bhabhi was making more and
arousing and her naked beauty was enough to make me mad. The show went
on for about 5 minutes or so and some one has knocked the door and I was

And before I could make any move I heard someones footsteps and I
started walking casually back to the front door. It was the servent
maid, I was releaved but the look on her face was suspicious. I just
acted as if I was also waiting for bahbhi to open the door but in my
mind I had different picture. My naked bhabhi dring her hair infront of
the table mirror and her jiggling boobs and wet body.

That day I had a casual talk and thing went on and there were quite a
few other experiences with her and finally a few months back this thing
has happened.I came back home after quite a long time from job and the
protocol was asusual to spend my first few days at home and then set off
to my various passions.

So I called bhabhi that I came home and told her that I would visit
her and she too has welcomed me to her home.I never expected the
following incident to happen.I started from home on my bike and it was a
15 minute journey, they sky was quite cloudy and it started to drizzle
sligtly by the time I reached my bhabhi’s home.

Due to the heavy cloud cover the evening 5 0 clock seemed like its
about night. I walked in and the air around was busy bhaiya was packing
his bag, I asked him whats the matter and he replied that its a job
emergency and he had to leave immediately to another city on some work.I
sat there silently as he was packing and there were scarcity of words,
bhabhi too was looking gloomy as bhaiya was leaving.

My wicked mind was working out plans to take down my bhabhi. As I was
wondering how? when? where? “hey pranav could you please drop me off at
the bus stop the will be there anytime now” said bhaiya. I said ok and
went out to start my bike the drizzle was getting heavy and saying good
bye to bhabhi, bhaiya came out and mounted my bike and with in no time
we were in busstop.

All my thoughts were going in circles of how could creat a chance to
fuck my bhabhi and mean while the bus has arrived and he has boarded the
bus and he shouted out “oh shit, pranav please take some pain relief
tablets to bhabhi.she is suffering from back ache”.Ok I said and the bus
left.I took the tablets and started to go home and its started pouring
down heavily and in no time I was wet completely.

I hurried to bhabhi’s house and knocked the door and she was
surprised to to see me all wet. I walked in and she gave me the towel to
wipe off the water from my hair. That moment I remembered the seen I
got to witness a few years back, my bhabhi drying herself nude infront
of the dressing mirror and there was an instantaneous erection.I gave
her the pain relievers.

Bhabhi: Oh pranav you have drenched all..Pranav: Yes bhabhi the
stupid rain.Bhabhi: Hey if you will stay like this you ll catch cold and
fever..Pranav: Arrhh bhabhi its ok..Bhabhi: No, pranav wait I ll bring
you bhaiya’s dress.Pranav: No bhabhi please its ok for me Bhabhi: Hey if
anything goes wrong then your mother wil blame me, wait here I ll bring
the dress.

Pranav: Bhabhi but my size different bhabhi, my size is much bigger
than bhaiya’s Bhabhi: Hmmm I know pranav, I can see it Pranav: What?
Bhabhi: Nothing wait I ll get you a lungi. She went and came out with a
chequed lungi of my brother.I was a bit shy and was hesitant to change
but I was having a massive erection and my 7inch cock was throbbing out
and bhabhi was taking a peek at it.

I knew how ever good someone is, when the situation comes then we
must give into the situation. Pranav: I ll change bhabhi you go in.
Bhabhi: No you first changing then I ll go. The I took off my tshirt and
she was staring at my body.As the cold breeze was touching my body
there were goose bums over my body.She handed over the lungi to me and
in she went.

I tied the lungi around my waist and pulled off my pants and undewear
along with it.My cock was throbing out and my arousal made a tent under
my lungi.The cold air is going in and its making me mad.I noticed that
bhabhi was peeping from behind the door.I understood the naughtyness
behind her mind.

I finished changing and called out bhabhi and she took the wet cloth
from me and “Let me make them dry for you” and she spreaded them over
the rope.It was around 6:30PM and I sat in the chair and asked for a
shirt and Bhabhi replied in a sarcastic way”you told that your size is
much bigger than your bhaiya’s didnt you”. I had no answer for that.

Time ticked by and I was stealing glances at bahbhi who is laying on
the bed and watching tv.I asked her whats the matter about the pain
relievers.She then sadly replied that she is having a back ache since
some time.I replied that “You should not have tablets for every little
thing bahbhi it costs your health” “then what should I do?” che replied.

Why dont you get a nice back massage? “who would do that to me?”she
asked quite innocently. “Bhaiya hai na?” she laughed and said “He does
not care much” “Ok I ll do it for you bhabhi I said”. To my surprise she
has accepted help.I tied my lungi up till above my knees and the fact
that I wasnt wearing anything inside and the cool air was kissing my

I asked her to lay down on the bed.I asked her to take the pallu off
as it would come in the way and so she did.I slowly started to work on
her back with a pain reliever balm and slowly she was feeling
comfortable.I moved up to her upper back over the blouse and I could see
in the bed mirror her expression as she was biting her lips.I got on
the bed and was kneeling on the bed.

I wanted to take advantage and so I moved to the lower back and
started to work near her arse the arse cheeks and her big buttocks and
she didnt resist any.I paused for a second as to check her reaction and
she looked in as if why did I stop. And so I went down and started to
work on her milky thighs over the sarry and she was loving it.

I went down and touched her feet with my palms and started to work
out and moved my way pushing the sarry up.I worked on the calf muscle
and then slowly crept up and with me pushed her sarry up exposing her
legs till her knees.There was no resistance yet and so I continued.I
spread my legs wide now my legs were on either side of her legs on the

I worked on her thighs and she was uncontrolably enjoying my massage
and my erect cock is inches away from touching her naked thighs.I crept
my fingers towards her inner thighs and started to rub her gently and
she moaned a little.I dug deeper and now both my hand found their way in
and was rubbing her on the outside of the thighs and lifting her sarry
till her things.

My thumbs have touched her buttocks and I was carfully massagin her
and made sure im not touching her pussy yet.I continued rubbing her
thighs and my finger touched her pubic hair and she gave a jerk.I fell
off her back on to the bed and my lungi raised up exposing my hot rod as
she turned back.There were no words from then on.

Seeing my thick and 7 inch long cock she was amazed and the instant
reaction was her left hand caught my cock and pulled me closer to
her.She has turned up and I quickly pounced on her and opened her blouse
hooks and released the heavy mellon. Her nipples were erect and looked
like red cherry.I took em into my mouth and started to chew them like
rubber nipple.

She was enjoying and she pulled off the lungi off my waist making me
stark nude infront of her and my dick was poking her belly ring and my
balls were hanging and touching her abdomen. Her hands were working over
time with my body and she actually started to pinch my nipples and
started to finger my arm pits.I was licking her boobs like and ice cream
and kissed her and sucked her lips.

She was enjoying a lot and my other hand went down went between her
legs and found her dripping wet pussy with love juices.I was warm down
there and as my fingers touched her labia she moaned like a slut.I went
down and started to rub her red hot pussy with my hot rod and she closed
her eyes and her hands held on to the bed and her nails were digging in

and she was making strange sounds like a cat out of the extreme
pleasure for all the teasing. And in one hard stroke my dick entered
her.It was easy as it was alredy filled with her juices.I started
stroking her gently and increased my pace and she was responding well
for each stroke and she was raising her hips to balance the force of my

I geared furthur up and started to fuck her fast like a rabbit and as
the bulge veins of my penis were brushing her pussy walls she was going
crazy as it is evident on her expressions. And finally she came and
moments later I loaded her hole full of my juice. Tired by the pounding
layed beside her on the bed for some time and got dressed and left
home.No words.

Mahavir fucking horny brothers wife

I have read various stories on Human Digest, But the main attraction
was incest and sex with close relatives as I have had the opportunity to
have sex with a close relative. with my younger brother’s wife. And
when ever I read the incest stories it reminds me of my flings with
younger brother.

We stay in a joint family. We live in a big palatial house, the
ground floor of which is occupied by my parents and the first floor by
me and the second floor by my younger brother. We took turns in making
food for the entire family. A week it was my wife’s turn and the next
week would be my brother’s wife who would run the kitchen of the house.

We had domestic help for the chores and the food will be served in
the common table. First all male members will eat and then the ladies.
Now the story must unfold after a brief intro. My name is Mahavir Jain,
my brother is Girish Jain. I will not name the place of residence as it
could give away the identity of the family.

Our father Mr. Dalpatraj Jain is a famous businessman In our locality
and hence he will have a lot of visitors every now and then. My wife,
Smriti was in the final stages of delivery and I had to drop her at her
parents house as this was her first delivery. Traditionally, the first
delivery always happens in the mothers place in our community.

This day I was having plenty of business and came home late. It was
the turn of Simran Katri ( my brothers wife ) to serve us the food. I
was late, and my dad had a lot of visitors and hence my brothers wife
was very very tired. When I came home, I was very hungry and went
straight to the dining table. But there was no food as the maid had
cleared the food to retire early.

I then went to my brothers room, knocked it and expected my brother
to open the room. But Simran opened the room and I asked where is Girish
? She said that Girish being the secretary of the local club, had to
stay back for arrangements of a club function the next day. He may come
in only after midnight.

I said Simran, sorry to disturb you, but im feeling very hungry. She
said Bhaiya, since you are alone will you allow me to serve you in your
room rather than take all things to even im the ground floor. I said,
Fine by me. I went to the wash room, changed in my pyjamas and sat on
the sofa in my room watching TV. Simran came in with food and placed the
food infront of me on the coffee table.

These tables which are designed to be used as coffee tables are low
tables which are meant to be kept in front of a couch or a sofa. The
table being low, Simran had to bend a couple of times to keep the food.
First the chappati bowl and Dal Bowl and then the Sabzi bowl and finally
the water bottle and glasses.

Each time that she bent, she gave me a clear view of her deep
cleavage which was seen well because she was in low cut nighty. I could
not get a glimpse of her nipples as the fabric of her bra was clasping
her boobs. I just got to see her deep cleavage.

While I was watching her cleavage every time she bent, she also
noticed me watching her but seem to ignore. This happened even while
taking back the things as well. Simran is young girl having sharp
features and is very beautiful. Her beauty was the talk of the town. She
was around 22 years at the time of this story.

She was married to Girish from the past one year and they have had no
issues as Simran said that she wanted to enjoy life before taking a
leap on motherhood. Usually at night I also drink milk with a spoon of
turmeric powder and honey. She came in with a glass of hot milk. But the
cleavage sighting of Simran had left me in A horny mood.

If my wife was there I would have torn her apart. I did plan to
fantacise Simran and masterbate that night, but I suppose destiny had
better plans for me that night. Usually Simran does not wear such low
necks, as we always have dinner in the main hall and all are well
covered. But since now there was no need to go down, she preferred not
to change and remain in her night dress itself.

She again came into my room to give me milk. She bent down again to
keep down the glass, but was staring at me to catch me staring her
private parts. I was bold enough not to be perturbed and come what may, I
planned to see again. So when she bent again, I did see her again.

This time I was shocked, as her low neck night had one more button
opened up and the bra was missing, thus giving me a very good view.
Bhaiya, she said, you look nervous and also you are sweating profusely
despite the aircon in full blow. What is the matter ? I gathered courage
and said, come what may, I will tell the truth and after all she is
also giving me an open invitation.

I was scared as well as emboldened. If she has to say anything to
Girish, I can defend saying that, its her fault as no bhabhi will enter
brother in laws room without a bra in low neck nighty with buttons open.
So with all courage, when she asked me what is the reason of my
nervousness, I said, SImran, its all because of you. She pretended not
to understand and asked, what did I do ?

You bent forward giving me a clear view and im aroused because of
that. And adding insult to injury, you have removed the bra and also
opened up button to give me unobstructed view. Rather than reacting
sharply she said, did you like what you saw ? I said, who will not ?
what if Girish finds out, and I said only a mad man will disclose all
this to someone else.

She said that she loves Girish a lot to lose him, but is also
attracted by me mainly because I love my wife very much and care for
her. I care for her so dearly that, our relatives say that a happy
couple must be like Mahavir and Smriti. This quality of mine attracted
Simran to me and she was also impressed with my height and mannerisms.

I then asked Simran, if she would only give me teasers or can I watch
the entire action unfold. She said, it is for a man to enact and cannot
expect a gild to stoop lower than that. This was enough for me to hug
her and taste her lips. My lips met with her and we started exploring
each other in and out.

Trust me, those seem to me the wettest lips and the tounge that went
inside me was having a lovely effect on my metabolism. I touched her
boob and squeezed it. This place I must explain her features to you.
Simran is a 22 year old lady, 5.3 feet in height, 60 0r 61 kgs. As she
said and yes, the boob cup size must be 34.

She was neither fat nor lean, medium built, wheatish colour and a
strong bodied person as her boobs did not sulk and were round and firm.
Her butt was protruding out, big, firm and round. She had very good
features, sharp nose, a big forehead. She may not be very fair, but
definitely not dusky but very beautiful. She reminds one of Ayesha

I took no longer in making love and removed her nighty. To give me
another surprise, she was not wearing the panty either and was totally
in her birth dress. Her navle was broad and deep and her cunt was small
and cute or so it looked in standing position.

Simran, I asked, have you ever taken a penis in your mouth. Rarely
she said, and did you like it. She said, its okay, no reservations. I
then slid my pyjamas and brief at one go to expose my manhood. It was
already in full force and in its full erection.

I am 5 feet 11 inches tall, fair and handsome according to my wife,
Simran and also a few more girls. My tool can be around 7 inches and
thick as well. Simran went on her legs to get to the level of my penis
and suck it well. She moved so well that in 2 minutes I exploded in her

She went to the washroom almost vomiting as she had never eaten
sperm. But I was so carried away that I followed her behind and was
enjoying see her butt crack while she was vomiting. She had to bed down
on the closet to vomit, as o prevented her from vomiting in the was
basin as the drain takes a long time. But I planned to see her butt hole
and can see only if she bends fully.

I went down now and started kissing her ass. I spread her ass to see
the black hole. It was so sexy and intoxicating, and when I fingered it,
it was contrasting more. I then started licking it, at first I did not
get any taste, but later, it was awful and dirty and I had to wash my
mouth and goggle immediately. How they do all this in blue films is
beyond my wonder.

We came back to the room and she said, Bhaiya, Girish loves to
explore this place ( pointing to her clean shaven cunt ) and not the
shit place. I said I also love to do so and gently pushed her onto the
bed. I got between her legs, spread them as much as possible and gave a
full blow job of her cunt.

She was moaning fiercely and I felt all her muscles getting tighter.
her face turning red and a small flow of liquid followed. She was nice
and easy now. I licked her clean and now inserted her. She was tight as I
had wiped her clean with the bed sheet and I started pumping hardly. My
excitement was such that within few minutes I cummed inside her.

We rested for few minutes and started all over again and in different
positions. We continued our plays whenever the opportunity came.
Infact, we were madly in love with each other and inthose days when my
wife was at her mothers place and my brother if not in station, Simran
and I used to sleep in one room, one bed and as husband and wife.

The only thing we missed was a Honeymoon. But even that was not far
behind as, Girish had to go to USA from the Rotary club. Simran was all
alone and she was permitted to go to her mothers place. But we had
different plans.

Simran went to her mothers place and after a couple of days, she said
that she must go to a Kodaikanal, A hill station in Tamil nadu, to
attend a friends wedding. The truth is she has no friend at Kodaikanal.

I told my aging parents that I must go to seminar at Mumbai. But we
actually took off to Kodaikanal and had a lovely honeymoon there. Since
it was quiet far from our native town, getting caught by people knows to
us was remote. But still we were very careful and would go to deserted
sight seeing places where normally not many go.

There is a dense forest in Kodaikanal which can be accessed only
after taking permission from the forest department and we went there
where not many tourists came. We even got cosy in those jungles and
ventured deep into woods. Took some rest and yes, we mated in the open
natural surroundings.

Lust had really overtaken us and we did every dirty act which may not
be pardoned. But it has all stopped now after Simran had back to back