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Check with your HOROSCOPE, where the SATURN is placed in RASHI.
Saturn in Aries (Sani in Mesham)
Saturn brings delay to Aries, the sign of initiative and the result is confusion. If you have Saturn in Aries you can be strong and powerful one minute and irresolute and wavering the next. This position is not an easy one, for you must continually fight against obstacles placed in your way. Many of you achieve success, but not without disappointment and setback. Saturn in Aries makes you ambitious and determined, and promotes your power to control other people. On the negative side, Saturn in Aries can be stubborn, dictatorial and sometimes solitary and grumpy. In general, your hardest times come early in life. It is then that you develop the strength of character that serves you well in later years. As you grow older each year brings less struggle and more success. Natives of this Saturn position tend to suffer from headaches and dental problems.

Saturn in Taurus (Sani in Rishabam) 
In Taurus, the obstinate and tenacious qualities of Saturn are emphasized. With this Saturn position you are determined and capable, and take responsibility seriously. Your strong willpower borders on stubbornness and rigidity. You usually try to amass possessions and wealth because of your underlying fear that you will be left alone and bereft, without material resources or love. Unfortunately, Saturn in Taurus does not predict an easy time financially. Money tends to come in slowly and to be dissipated along the way. You tend to spend a lot of effort trying to put away the savings, stocks, bonds and real estate you feel you must have. As a result you are sometimes considered materialistic and selfish. However, once you achieve material comfort usually later in life, you are generous to others in need, for you understand what it means not to have enough. Saturn in the position makes you susceptible to cold, sore throat and thyroid problems.

Saturn in Gemini (Sani in Mithunam)
Gemini is a good home for Saturn. This versatile sign’s intellectual qualities are emphasized by Saturn. With Saturn in Gemini, you have a sharp mind that is deepened with understanding under this planet’s steadying influence. You can, however, be cynical and sarcastic, skeptical and cold hearted. Much more likely, you have a happy combination of native wisdom and a youthful wish to learn. Saturn-Gemini’s sometimes have a difficult childhood during which you suffer loneliness or sorrow. You may have a hard time obtaining an education. Later in life, you are likely to encounter obstacles while travelling. However, Saturn endows you with a good head for finances and also a musical ability. You prosper when engaged in work that requires both patience and intelligence. Saturn-Gemini’s are susceptible to ailments of the chest and lungs.

Saturn in Cancer (Sani in Katakam)
Saturn encourages too much dependence on others in this emotional and clinging sign. As a Saturn-Cancer, you love to overindulge in eating, drinking and other sensual pleasures. In this position, though, Saturn also gives a shrewdness and tenacity to your personality. You are superb at seeing a task through to completion. You are also ambitious, and strive to find material wealth to make your life secure. The obstacles that Saturn places in your path are insecurity and lack of confidence. Sometimes your early life is marked by problems with parents, especially a mother. Many of you Saturn-Cancers had to take on family responsibility at a very young age. Natives of this position tend to marry someone older in an effort to find an anchor and stability. Saturn endows you with a good business sense, although you must be cautious in dealings with relatives. The negative side of Saturn in Cancer is a tendency to melancholy and self-pity. You are prone to digestive and stomach problems. If you are not careful, you can become quite overweight.

Saturn in Leo (Sani in Simham)
Restrictive Saturn and the expansive sign of Leo are not in harmony. Saturn in Leo is likely to bring a chill to the emotions and disappointment in love. There are however many good points to this Saturn position. You are proud and strong willed, self-assured and authoritative. You are good at organizing people and assuming responsibility. As a Saturn-Leo, you have an instinct for knowing how to draw the public to you. You are inclined to be cold and analytical in choosing your associations, though you are subtle enough to keep this from being obvious to the casual observer. You fear appearing mediocre and ordinary, and hide feelings of envy and jealousy because this is a weakness you will never admit to. You strive to make a dramatic impression, but tend to be suspicious of compliment and dislike excessive displays of affection. In your career you often rise to great heights, but Saturn in Leo has a way of causing a downfall when you are at the peak. Natives of this position are susceptible to high blood pressure and heart ailments.

Saturn in Virgo (Sani in Kanya)
The responsible planet Saturn and the consciencious sign of psychic-gathering Virgo work well together. This Saturn position heightens Virgo’s intellectual ability and practical turn of mind. You are methodical and organized, willing to work to achieve goals. To you, theory and practice are one and the same, you immediately put what you learn into use. Saturn does place hardship in your path, usually early in life when you must sometimes cope with sorrow, disappointment, or frail health. You can become bogged down in trivialities because you are a stickler for details. You are also capable of becoming a petty tyrant when others don’t see things your way. Saturn gives you wisdom but not necessarily vision. Too often you see the dark side of life and fear the unknown, what you cannot categorize and control. On the plus side, Saturn endows you with an ability to make money, especially in real estate. Natives of this Saturn position are vulnerable to intestinal upsets and ulcers.

Saturn in Libra (Sani in Thulam)
Libra is a favorable sign for Saturn. As a Saturn Libra you are gifted with good judgement and an instinct for making the right impression on others. You know when to be aggressive and when to be diplomatic. Though it is part of Saturn’s lessons to bring some sorrow and disappointment in relationships, you usually benefit from the stability of marriage. However, there may be a divorce before you find happiness with a mate. Sometimes an early love affair turns out to be the love of your life, but ends in loss. Saturn in Libra may suppress the desire to share and be close to another person, which often results in loneliness. In general, this is an excellent position for success in public life, and also for a strong showing in artistic pursuits. It has been said that if your Saturn is in Libra, you will only get into trouble when you are doing what you ought not to be doing. Saturn-Libras are susceptible to back injuries and kidney problems.

Saturn in Scorpio (Sani in Vrishchikam) 
Saturn is powerful in this secretive and passionate sign, lending subtlety and force to the personality. As a native of this position you understand human motivation, which enables you to control others. Your dominating strength is often hidden under a pleasant and genial exterior. Saturn, however, places obstacles in your path in the form of emotional difficulties and sometimes scandal. You tend to be drawn to secret love affairs that bring sorrow or trouble into your life. When you achieve power you sometimes undergo a downfall because of rumour and gossip. When young you often have health problems, but you get through this and tend to live to a ripe old age. This is an excellent planetary position of executive ability and an unswerving commitment to a goal. Your strong will can become inflexible. Once you set on a course, you see it through to the end. You are prone to secret brooding, but there is usually a touch of dry Saturn humour to relieve it. Saturn-Scorpios are liable to suffer the loss of loved ones early in life.

Saturn in Sagittarius (Sani in Dhanus) 
In Sagittarius, Saturn has the effect of delaying success until the lessons of patience and perseverence are learned. You may encounter adversity and setbacks early in life, and often must work hard and long to receive what is due to you. However, as you get older you acquire wisdom, vision and a depth of understanding that fashions you into a leader. Saturn gives your mind a philosophical bend, you can usually face up to what life offers because you put your faith in the long-term outcome. This is an excellent positon for success in law, poliitcs, writing and foreign affairs. Saturn, however, emphasizes Sagittarius’s tactlessness and cynical point of view. It is possible you may suffer a blow to your reputation because of something heedless you have said. As a Saturn-Sagittarius you expreience inner conflict between your need for order and security and your desire to seek adventure and challenge. Natives of this Saturn position are susceptible to accidents involving the hips and thighs.

Saturn in Capricorn (Sani in Makaram) 
Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn, and thus its power is strong here. Both the positive and negative qualities of Saturn are powerfully emphasized in you. You are ambitious and independent, dedicated and unswerving, but your methods can be dictatorial and overbearing and you may sometimes be thought of as selfish and mean. Saturn puts many obstacles in your path, and you learn early in life to be self-sufficient. You want to do everything yourself. It would be easier to take a cub away from a mother bear than a task away from a Saturn-Capricorn. You also have an instinct for doing things the hard way; you don’t listen to advice. However, you do learn from experience. As a child you may have been insecure and timid, but as you grow older you gain in authority. Loneliness and an inability to share is a running thread throughout your life. Many of you are prone to melancholy, but you usually have a witty, dry sense of humour. Generally, you attract faithful friends but Saturn in Capricorn tends to bring disappointment in love. Natives of this Saturn positon are prone to aches in the joints and knees.

Saturn in Aquarius (Sani in Kumbham) 
In the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, Saturn’s qualities of trustworthiness and self-discipline are well placed. As a Saturn-Aquarian, you have a talent for dealing with people and appealing to the masses. Many of you achieve fame in both the entertainment world and politics because of their ability. Saturn in Aquarius enhances a rational and original mind, capable of learning and study. Like those with Saturn in the other fixed signs of Taurus, Leo and Scorpio, you are likely to encounter obstacles and difficulties early in life, but you tend to gain the wisdom and maturity that serve you well as you get older. You like to run the show and get your own way, and are clever about manipulating people. You can be obstinate and cunning at the same time. Saturn gives you the aggressiveness to take leadership, but you know how to avoid rubbing others the wrong way. You have humour and wit, though your need for independence sometimes leads to a lonely life. Natives of this Saturn position are prone toward injuries to the lower legs and ankles.

Saturn in Pisces (Sani in Meenam) 
Saturn in the mystical sign of Pisces does not favour material success. What you gain in life are sagacity and discernment. Your vivid imagination can be translated into creative work; your sympathy and intuition enable you to draw others to yourself. However, more than people of any other Saturn position, you are sensitive to the woes and harshness of the world. Saturn often brings disappointment and loss; that way it forces you to make personal sacrifices for others or dictates that you take an inferior position even though your talents are superior. In time you can change this, but you must first develop the courage and determination to do so. Pisces is the sign of self-undoing, and your greatest power comes when you learn not to be the cause of your own unhappiness. You are drawn to philosophy, writing and teaching of a spiritual or occult nature. Natives of this Saturn placement are vulnerable to ailments and problems involving the feet.

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