October 2008
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Have Light, will Shine!

And now Diwali is here! Mini-me is sleeping coz the festive season does not really need her much. So thats a relief! It has been raining these days here in shrimpland, just hope the rain doesn’t dampen our diyas, candles, crackers, spirits…

In Kol its also Kalipuja, my colony guys have been trying to ‘create’ a puja pandal on the ground overlooking my room, they have been toiling constantly for the past few days loudly arguing over the right colour and angle, and listening to loud songs from the film ‘saajan‘ and after five days of hard work, they have indeed stunned me with their amazing work of art. Black contour mapsand insect-like figures drawn on grey asbestos sheets held up with bamboo poles arranged in concentric circles, modern art often needs to be explained by the artists to ignorant/ novice art lovers such as me; I was proudly told it is supposedly a spider’s web. Poor poor spidey, my poor phylum cousin, feeling really terrible for him, how could they do this to him!

Anyways, spidey apart, Ant wishes you all a very happy Diwali! So then this Diwali have lots of sweets, put on weight, make me feel better about my own weight *evil smirk* ….and hey remember to leave some crumbs for my brethren!

PS: Don’t rack your brains to try and see reason in my random coloured words, trust me they make no sense.

Ant Rant

Arghh I am bugged! At present, two things are bothering me terribly. One is at work, the other one on my way to work.

Firstly; I do not understand why, exactly why,should I keep traveling every week, without an adequate mandate! (That the client has no ceiling on airfares is not enough reason!) And why shouldn’t I be informed about the ongoing activities/ requirements of a project unless I am at the project location? Even if it is not afield based project? Do we really need to sit face to face if I only have to send an email to transfer a file, something that I have worked on independently? Why should I respond to queries that land up in my inbox at 6pm? And why should I respond to an sms from work at 12am? No matter how urgent, can’t it wait till next morning? Even 6am is a more decent time! I guess its time to unleash mini-me on them!

Secondly; I am usually not very superstitious, am not even matching horoscopes for grooms. But have decided, before I keep a driver, I’ll ask for a horoscope match! Afterall who would like to keep reminding the route we take everyday from home-office-home? Who would like to sit with seat belts tied even on the rear seat? Who would like to sit in a car that always ends up behind the car with a flat tyre, in the middle of a traffic jam? Or a car that is always in the right lane when we have to take a left and vice versa? Or a car that always manages to turn the signal red the moment it reaches there? I’m sure the reason is astrological. Perhaps a kundali match between the car and driver might work.

I guess am done. sigh.

P.S. I know could chuck the driver and drive on my own too, but a) I don’t know how to drive and b) Even if I do learn how to drive (not a big deal I guess) I’ll never drive in Kol traffic, never.

Pujo 2008

And thus the 9 day festival came to an end…Nine days filled with fasting and fooding, children and relatives, vacationing and homecoming, loudspeakers and bomb scares, excitement laced with fear and joy lined with tears..surely this was the least exciting puja of my life that I remember. Nevertheless, the last day of Puja, Vijayadashami or [...]

The BIG Loss!

These days my folks seem to be very worried about something. Ever since I have come back from my tour they have been busy ransacking the house for some mysterious thing, under the bed, inside my cupboard, in coco”s corner, in the wastepaper bin, no place has been spared. Then I hear them call [...]