February 2009
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Mostly bro

It has been about a month since the devil has left for another city. For the first time in his life, that is. And ever since he left, both my parents have been carrying 2 copies of a discarded passport sized photograph of him in their purse. I am talking of my bro. They offered me one too, that I politely declined. I’ve seen enough of him to remember his face. Besides, I can always call him when I miss him! And I do, especially since now I don’t have any company for late night films and parties and jam sessions and all the bizarre activities we shared. Although we are quite different as individuals, in many cases we functioned as a unit, and quite a good one at it.

 I remember as a kid he was always physically frail and the silent, apparently benign kinds (he is more than making up for that now). Our favourite games that vigorously displayed our apparent lack of ambition often put our parents to shame when people visited us. Instead of other kids who played ‘doctor’ or ‘teacher’, we played ‘slum dwellers’ by creating our own slums with umbrellas and a bedsheet, or ‘labourers’ or ‘chaiwala’ or ‘grocery store keeper’ etc. Once we were playing ‘bus conductor’ and after major bargaining, bro grabbed the privileged role of the conductor simply because he had arranged for the ‘currency’ while I had to be satisfied playing a mere passenger. The currency was usually neatly torn bits of paper. This time his smirk was different, he had got ‘real’ currency. He proudly took out a twenty rupee note hidden under the pillow, tore it into two and gave me a half saying ‘here is your ten bucks’. Needless to say what followed after mom found out.

On another instance, I remember while playing slum dwellers, we had washed some pebbles and were using it as make-believe- ice-cream. Since we were playing this ridiculous game outdoors, our neighbour took pity on us and paid the ice-cream seller passing bye to buy us two ice-creams. Then again, before we could finish, mom found out. Now when I think of it, I guess me, bro and coco could shoot our own Oscar winner, we have the slum, we have the dog, we only need a millionaire to complete the picture.

More later maybe….just felt like a random yak so there