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The Joys of Cooking

Last night I watched this movie ‘Julie and Julia’, in my room, tucked in my bed under my quilt. Its a story that is built around food and cooking. How could I not watch it? Loved Meryl Streep and the accent she put up to imitate the real Julia Child (was trying to imagine how it would have sounded though when the real Julia talked in that voice). Also thought Julie’s character was v cute, a bit boyish yet someone who loves cooking and feeding her husband, sigh I thought, just like me, except that I feed my folks and my friends but that’s ok! :) When you love cooking, you think about it all the time, just like Julie did. Most of your time is spent on planning what next to cook and what to shop for it and daydreaming how it would turn out after it is done. And am telling ya, the daydreaming bit is delicious in itself! Most would say the best part is eating. Well it surely is, for the others. For the chef however, its the smile from the people who are eating your stuff that’s the best part. Of course he has tasted it back in the kitchen so he knows its nice. 

God.. I should have been a chef…could have cooked new recipes everyday and seen the smile on the customers’ faces and felt good about myself. But then I don’t like sticking to the book, usually in life. So maybe I would have tried to tweak the recipes a little and experiment a bit, and perhaps some stupid customer who has no taste for new flavours would complain to my manager and then I would be asked to stick to the recipe, there would have been a tussle following which I would have quit my job. So typical of me, I hate being told what to do, and when my freedom is jeopardised, I quit. The saner side of me realises there can be no such thing called ‘absolute freedom’. But the older I get, the stronger gets my head. 

Anyway, we were saying, about cooking, my mom keeps telling me I should send my recipes to tv shows etc, something I wouldn’t be caught dead in. Besides you know how moms are, they probably just want you to feel good. It is their way of saying ‘This pie you have baked is delicious’. I had however thought of photographing and documenting them somewhere so that I do not forget what I had ‘invented’ in the kitchen. But I haven’t put my thoughts to action yet. Typical. Meanwhile recently I saw that a cousin of mine has put up a photo album of stuff that she cooked on her social networking site. The photographs were quite nice, though most of them were just her in different poses a la Nigella Lawson of discovery travel and living. And the pictures of food came out alright though the last thing I expected was photographs of golgappas, puri bhaji, pakoras and chicken curry, neither exotic nor innovative. At the risk of sounding bitchy, I felt a bit sick at the desperate effort in fishing for compliments through self-over-hype by someone I am related to. Had I shown it to mom, she would have certainly given me a lecture on my complacent attitude towards life. Hmm.. maybe I should do something. Certainly not what my cousin did, but maybe on the lines of Julie Powell, can decide to cook a brand new recipe every weekend. Or maybe two. Let’s see. 

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