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An announcement

Actually, two.

First: very rushed week, way too many deadlines and related screw-ups, so blogging here will be sporadic to non-existent; sorry.

Second: the feedback that came in after the three live chats timed for the climactic stages of the IPL contained many suggestions [for which, many thanks -- got them all, read them all, haven't had time to respond individually since there's just been too many of you and too little of me, but will implement almost all of your suggestions as and when able. Keep them coming: the email id that helps me segregate all this stuff and keep it organized is prem.panicker at].

The first of your suggestions to be implemented is a more frequent chat, with cricket as the broad theme and not linked specifically to any match. To that end, introducing “Cricket With Your Coffee”, a free-wheeling, once-a-week get-together where anything cricket goes.

Tentatively, it is timed for Wednesdays, 6 pm-7 pm. I know the time may not suit everyone, but it is the one window I can think of where folks in India and in the eastern part of the US can log on – and suits my work schedule as well. If you have any thoughts on alternate timings, and/or structure and such, mail me. Will go through your suggestions and firm this up by the weekend; the chat series can start next Wednesday [June 3].

Over to you.


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