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Dhoni takes strike

“This message is for the people of India and Indian cricket fans from worldwide who care for the whole team. That’s why we are all here.

“As we prepare for the T20 World Cup, we are a unified team. The team spirit is as good as it has ever been, with each individual supporting each other both on and off the field.

“Recent reports in the Indian media of a rift between myself and Sehwag amounts to nothing but false and irresponsible media.

“Our fans and supporters can take confidence from the wonderful unity that continues to exist in the team.

“We thank our fans for this continued support and look forward to entertaining you during this tournament which we go into well-prepared, unified as Team India and confident.


Here’s the report.

The line I found most interesting?

 Finished, Dhoni and the entire squad stormed out of the conference, leaving the Indian media miffed.

Question for the ‘Indian media’: just why were you miffed?

Could it be that for once, you are finding a captain who won’t play your games? A captain who, what is more, will confront issues head on when they arise or, more accurately, when you fabricate them out of whole cloth [As I had indicated earlier in the day, here]?

One of the reasons problems proliferated earlier is that when sections of the media fabricated stories of rifts within the team, the captain of the time either did not address them head on, or if he did, did so in the sort of wishy washy fashion that carried no conviction.

This facet of Dhoni is, even more than his captaincy, the reason I like him — he has the cojones to stop nonsense before it can spread, and doesn’t care how blunt he has to be to get the message across.

PostScript: On phone just now from England, my Rediff colleague Harish Kotian informed us that as Dhoni led his team out of the press conference, he tossed a stack of printed copies of his statement at the reporters and said, here, otherwise you will misquote me on this as well [Nahin toh tum log isko bhi ulta likhega].

 What to say except, Go, MS!

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  1. chandan k says

    I am firmly with Dhoni and think that he did the right thing, ie, putting media in its place. I just do not understand why Indian media becomes the worst enemy of Indian team, especially on big occasions like this! Elsewhere you”ll always see the media pulling the opposition down. Here our media pulls our own players down! Wonder what their objective is!

  2. chandan says

    mr dhoni… try & concentrate on the job which u hav been assigned to! at th end of th day wen ur on th losing streak… u guys il simply put th blame on to the medias (am not a media person) so go out to th middl & enjoy ur game(s)

  3. Sushilkumar Dixit says

    what is right or wrong, I think Sehwag is great player and even injured sehwag is better than player like jadeja….dhoni should think of india and nothing other than this

  4. Rajesh Pan says

    daal mein kuchh kala hai! ya to puri daal hi kaali hai! no wonder why the whole team had to do a parade of unity like our politicians do to save or make their govt. seems our team is learning a thing or two from our politicians…..

    the answers dhoni gave about sehwag in the press conf were very irresponsible! sehwag has served the country for long and deserved a better treatment.

  5. sujoy lahiri says

    If you really find few minutes of spare time try to watch channels like zee news and you”ll find yourself loosing temper within few minutes, such low is the standard of their content and quality of their news full of gossip and fabrication. I feel sorry for Dhoni et. al. as the are presented to the countrymen by such a bunch of jerks; on the other hand feel glad that its MS Dhoni facing them with straight bat, hitting back as hard and straight as possible just as his batting style. That”s the only way to answer the Indian media.

  6. kuku says

    I do not know why media should feel upset if Sehwag is uncertain to play for whatever reason. I do not think he was a included in every match during the last T-20 WC. More than Rohit, his competition is with Yusuf P. who is an equally good batsman and bowler.

  7. uttam kurmi says

    Great Job Dhoni…..well done and keep it up….media ppl must realize the signifance of their pen and not just crap all the bull-shit or else they will very soon loose their importance among the common people.Media is always considered to be cover face of the truth and serves for mankind and good will of the society but just because of few sick head,and illetrate, nuisance media ppl they might loose their importance among the common ppl.Please work for the common goal and upto your ethics.

  8. Martin says

    The mfs indian media ppl never had a “better” time to raise and bad-mouth abt the team than at the start of the world cup ?? I just wish I was a dictator and I would have whipped these media a^^e^ real bad

  9. Anoop says

    I don”t think media (or that idiotic guy who reported this) had chosen this as the perfect time. It was just a coincidence that Rohit played a wonderful innings in the absence of Sehwag on this warm up match. Media would have just tried to create the same headline on any other day as well, since this is what Indian Media does to sell themselves. They just want headline stories and as Perm rightly said, will always manipulate the statements in their own ways. I strongly disagree with Prakash on what he mentioned on Dhoni. I feel this is the right way and Dhoni has the guts to stand against the media and also for the team members.

  10. sdfsdf sdfsdf says

    Dhoni just did the right thing, they deserved it, i would have thrown shoes at them, that what they want by creating sensational news for nothing, they are the sadistic morons who generate pleasure from others, there can always be some difference among team members, small argument are very normal, that should not amount to be national news and demoralize the team spirit, they should be charged for this unpatriotic act

  11. sdfsdf sdfsdf says

    india media are the baseless bunch of jokers mostly are hindi news channels , they show news as if its some daily soap produced by ekta kapoor, they go to any extent to create sensationla news, they are most hatable media in the entire world, specially channels lile Start news, aajtak and Z news, I feel like lining them up and shot at.

  12. Prakash Ashtikar says

    its very rediculous thing which dhoni did. if he or the indian cricket team has to prove themselves they should prove in the game and keep up the faith of fans and supports of indian cricket. Blaming the media is not cricket my dear captain dhoni..

  13. Muralidhar Rao says

    Media at times blows out of proportion some trivial arguement as misunderstanding. Bur hats off!!!! Indian Media for their timing to raise this issue now. Are they getting paid for this from the opponents !!!!

  14. Nakulan says

    It is some sick mind`s idea on getting a huge money to unsettle Indian team and create a rift. The guy who reported should be named and questioned why he did that. Bcci should take it up. Dhoni did the right thing. It does not matter who wrote and why not print outs. These are meaningless. It seemed to have been done in a hurry and rightly so. Mahatma Gandhi`s handwriting was bad, so also Kennedy`s and his spellings were aweful, still are they not the greatest in their own way.
    Is Viru got jittery, because Sharma scored more responsibly. But these things happen in every player`s mind, and one cannot help such things or feelings. It is all part of human character. Wish Indians to do well. Throw these stupid opinions where they deserve. Ramakrishnan

  15. tanmay chauhan says

    You might hate it, but my question is why did the media chose this ”perfect” time (Right before the start of T20 WC) to raise the ”issue” (fabricated??) when we all know that T20 games involve huge amounts of stress and nerve in themselves?

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