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Happiness is…

…an unending interview with Viru Sehwag.

I’d thought, while posting
on the first part yesterday, that even Sehwag would be hard put to top
that effort. Boy, was I wrong — part two, today, is a laugh a minute
then think for two roller coaster ride through Viru’s weird and
wonderful world.

To isolate one gem from a diadem is to do the interviewee a
disservice, but still: I read through this with a broadening smile, and
at one point burst out laughing. This one:

What about being in the zone? Tendulkar said that
what people call the zone, he calls the subconscious mind. “… All you
need to do is look at the ball and play and the body is going to react.
The concentration is such that you don’t think of anything else.”
What’s your definition of being in the zone?

I have asked him many times what the zone is. He tells me
that’s when “I see nothing except the ball”. I ask how that is
possible. I have never felt something like that. I have asked Rahul
Dravid the same thing. He says sometimes when he is in really good
form, he sees only the ball – and not the sightscreen, the non-striker,
the umpire or who is bowling, he just sees only the ball. But I have
never entered that zone even if I’ve scored triple-centuries twice.
Maybe I will enter that zone they talk about in future.

Only a Sehwag could have tossed in that reference to his triple
centuries with such a precisely calibrated mix of insouciance and

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