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Why I asked…

Guys, thanks for the awesome response. Glad to know all of you want to read about my version of Tarantino’s Bible. Posting it right now.

Sorry for the wait, and I think I need to explain myself: I didn’t ask you guys to flatter myself with the number of comments. I asked because I wanted to see if there were objections, to check the dissent, to see if there were people offended enough to tell me to stop. I wasn’t waiting for more requests, I was waiting for an objection.

Mercifully, all is unanimous. Let the madness begin. :)

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  1. Rahul Joshi says



    “or asked Karan Johar to make the movie” ………..

  2. Hari says

    You might have got it all wrong. I think Mel Gibsons” Passion of the Christ is one of the best movies made about Jesus Christ. The movie was not about Jesus Christ”s life, it was about his death and how he accepted that certain death without any complaint. How do you think would have Romans crusified Jesus? Kiss and Goodbye sort? It is supposed to be bloody and gore. If you wanted to see a romanticised version of Jesus” crusification, you should have either watched a cartoon movie or asked Karan Johar to make the movie. Ofcourse, you could have your own opinion, but that”s after you grow up.

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