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My First Experience

Hi friends:

I am a fair, slim 24-year-old female, with stats of 32C-28-32. My height is 5’ 6” and my weight is 55. Black hairs, a bit below shoulders. Ok, I guess this is enough detail for you to imagine me.

I never gave a thought to have a boyfriend as I wanted to keep uninvited troubles, complications, etc. out of my life. I was enjoying my life before this incidence also. I had been reading sex stories since my high school days, and needless to say, I enjoyed them.

Ours is a family of four; mom, dad, bro, and me. This story is about my bro and me. Our home has a lengthy hall in center, and lengthwise on both the sides of hall, there are 2 rooms on either side. On left side of hall are kitchen and mom and dad’s room, and on the right side of hall are our rooms, bro’s and mine. All 3 bedrooms have attached bathroom/toilet, so no need for extra bathroom/toilet provision.

My bro is a tall, 5’ 10”, handsome guy. He is 2 years elder to me.

When I was 21 years old, one day I was alone at home. Mom and dad were out of town for 2 days and bro was like once he goes out he himself will not know when he will come back. As I told you, my favorite time pass was reading sex stories, as I always can enjoy them alone, no strings, no if’s and but’s. Hence I kept myself engaged reading sex stories. I was getting horny reading those stories. As I had no one bothering me that day, so wanted to be free and reduced my clothing to only bra and panty. It was a sort of normal thing for me. Whenever, I knew I am going to be alone at home for long hours, I preferred being free, in bra and panty, never mind if not even that, just kidding.

On this fine day, I was pretty horny and wanted to explore more now. Then, a stupid idea struck my mind. Well, now I don’t call it stupid. I remembered of once seeing some magazines under bro’s bed. I went straight to his room and searched under his bed, and I found a magazine. I was overjoyed with my discovery. Then, I started going through it and was enjoying it. I was feeling aroused by seeing those nude photos, and I started fondling my boobs, was giving out moans.

I suddenly felt somebody behind me and two hands on my sides, grabbing both my boobs over my bra. I was shocked realizing someone’s holding me from back, pressing my boobs so intimately. I turned my head to see it was bro (later he told me, as he wasn’t sure when he would be coming back, and in case, I go out somewhere today he had some important work, which he cannot postpone for next day will be stuck, so he carried extra keys with him). I had gone too far and I had no excuse to give him now because I was in bra and panty in his room enjoying his porn stuff. He would have definitely felt horny seeing me that way. I tried to get free from his grip, but to no avail. He was holding me strongly. He kept on squeezing my boobs.

When I could not escape from his grip, I begged him to leave me, but he said he had liked me from long and won’t give up today. Then, he started kissing my neck and licking my ear lobes, he was seducing me badly. As I was already in mood before his arrival, I was getting tempted. After struggling for around 10-12 minutes, I had no more strength to try anything more. He kept on seducing me. I was loosing control over my body. When he saw, I was not opposing any more, he loosened his grip a bit and kept on squeezing my boobs, kissing my neck, shoulder, and upper back, licking my ear lobes, and tried everything to seduce me. I was getting hornier with him feeling me so intimately, but was controlling myself.

Then when he was satisfied that I am not resisting anymore, he stood straight, but still with his left hand on my left breast, left my right breast and slid his right hand down, I was holding my breath as he was going down my flat tummy. I knew what is going to happen next, was trying to hide my feelings, but as he slid his hand under my panty and started rubbing it over my pussy mound, again I was getting aroused as first time someone else was playing with my pussy so intimately. The moment he slid his hand further down and fingered my pussy, I let out a moan, aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, which he would have clearly heard. He kept fingering my pussy, was playing vigorously with it. My legs started shaking, my heart was pounding. My body was out of my control, and automatically, I started responded to his actions. I could feel his hard-on over his pants on my buttocks. He was teasing me badly. I had totally given up to him, soon he too realized it.

Then, he loosened his grip, took his hand out of my panty, and turned me facing him, all in a moment, and started kissing me on lips. This was first kiss of my life, was already aroused by him playing with my pussy and fingering it. I was enjoying the kiss. The thought of resisting or escaping was completely out of mind by now. I was totally out of this world, into a new world of sexual desire. He kept on kissing and was squeezing both my boobs. After some time, he stopped squeezing and hugged me rubbing his hands on my back, my waist, squeezed my buttocks, slid his hand into panty onto bare buttocks and squeezed them, rubbed his finger in my buttock crease.

Then, he unhooked my bra and took it off me. Now, slid both his hands under my panty elastic and slid it down. I was fully naked in front of my bro. Without wasting any time, he was out of his clothes. Then, he lifted me in his arms and took me to bathroom. He turned on shower and started playing with my body again. He hugged me, squeezed my boobs, and even sucked my boobs. I was enjoyed his sucking, then he started playing with my pussy, and I started giving out moans aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

After some time, he sat down and kept his tongue on my pussy. I involuntarily spread my legs, and he started licking it. I was giving out louder moans now aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssss. I totally forgot about this world and was enjoying every second of it. I started uttering….. yes, like this, eat my pussy, like it, so good, come on, oh ya….. He increased his pace, and after some time, I felt my legs got tensed and shuddered. I had an orgasm. My bro had seduced me to the extent of orgasm. I was feeling sort of content.

Then, he turned off shower and toweled my dry like a baby. I was totally carried away by this gesture of his, and I could not stop myself raising my toes and give him a kiss on his lips and hugged him. I could feel my boobs pressing onto this chest. I didn’t have any odd feelings.

Then as I went to pick my bra and panty, he held my hand. I was stopped. I turned my head, and he said “I want you with me in my bed.” I was puzzled, not knowing what to say…… Then, he immediately said, “don’t worry, I ain’t gonna fuck you.” I just smiled to his words and asked if it will be ok if I put on bra and panty. He said “it’s absolutely fine.” Then, I put on my panty, and as I was putting on my bra, he came near to me and said “let me hook it for you.” I just released the ends for him, and he hooked up and adjusted both my boobs and shoulder straps.

Then, he turned me, gave me a kiss on lips, and lifted me in his arms and took to his bed. We were sleeping on our right side. He was behind me, hugging me from back and cupping both my breasts by crossing his hands. Soon, he was sleeping soundly. I took his hands off me and stood up off his bed. Then, I went straight to my room and put on my dress.

After 5 minutes, I went back to bro’s room, and just smiled seeing him. He was sleeping soundly stark naked. I went close to him, pulled bed sheet over him, kissed on his forehead, and sat next to this pillow moving my hand in his hairs.

This was my first experience which I had lately enjoyed and surrendered myself to him. Though he forced on me in beginning, but later, I guess I was taken away by my sexual desire and the care and affection he showed towards me.

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    I like it tooooooooooo much. thanks a lot…………….

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