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Parts of Division Equation

Division:- Division means breaking the objects in groups with equal number of objects in each group id known as division. Look at the below figure it will give you all the terms related to division.
Division equation:- Finding the value of variable with the help you division in which we have variable divisibility sign and equal to sign. Let me give you an example of division equation.
2x ÷ 12 = 1
In above equation ‘x’ is variable and we need to find the value of x and ‘÷’ sign is divisibility sign and ‘=’ is equal to sign. Every equation must have ‘=’ to this equation both the sides should be equal to each other and will find the value of ‘x’ by using equality.
Parts of Division Equation by Diagram
Part of division
7 is dividend, 2 is divisor and 3 is quotient.
Dividend (number being divided up into groups)
Divisor ( how many groups will be the dividend is bring broken into )
Quotient ( how many objects will be there in each  group)
Remainder  ( left over)
These are the four parts related to division
Remember one thing remainder will always less then divisor.
Parts  related to division equation are
Equal to sign
Division sign
Example Problems on Parts of Division:
We can solve any division equation following some steps  like
4c/5 = 4
here we need to calculate the value of c first we will multipliply by 5 on both sides
(4c/5) × 5 = 20
Therefore, 4c =20
Now we will divide 4 on both sides
We will get c = 5 as our answer
So by following these steps you can calculate any division equation and you can also point all the parts relates to division equation.
Point all the parts od division
12 ÷ 3 = 4
Try it and write all the parts related to division
33 ÷ 4 ?
Solve 2x/5 =6. Find the value of x and write all the parts of division equation?
Write what is remainder and quotient ?
Remainder is always greater then divisor true or false ?

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