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In Reply To Mahesh Bhatt’s Attack On Plagiarism

the editor
Times Of India.

Please find below my observations about Mr.Mahesh Bhatt’s article in your paper about the issue of plagiarism.

For quite a while, Mr.Bhatt and a few other ‘like minded’ people have been thrashing the idea of originality. This is an extremely easy task given that this country is mostly devoid of any original ideas these days starting from writing and ending with politics.

Mr. Bhatt is one of the few intellectuals left in the country who has an unique voice. While one agrees with most of his opinions and also with most of his stands taken in the past, for him to side with plagiarists simply to defend the idea-bankrupt film industry is completely out of place.

I would like to define the word originality for mr.Bhatt so that he can stop confusing people with his notion of nothing is original.

The word originality in the context of plagiarism means : an idea, invention or discovery made by an unique human observation of the surrounding universe for the first time.

Originality does not mean creating or recreating the entire universe anew. It simply means a new insight, a new method, a new treatment, a new arrangement that previously did not exist.

The Universe is simply energy. An endless series of possibilities. Whoever finds a new possibility must be given due credit for it.
Others, who like vultures, want to scavenge that originally found possibility must be reined in by civil society if we are to encourage the observation of the further mysteries of the universe.
Otherwise soon no one will discover another theory of gravity or relativity, no one will write another Ramayana or Faust, no one will contemplate another Bill Of Rights and no one will want to know…what, why and how? No more Edisons will come to invent the electric lamp, gramaphone or even Mr. Bhatt’s favorite world of ‘moving pictures’?!!
How will one call lights, sound, camera and action then?

yours in defense of originality,

abhigyan jha
author/ screenwriter/director/producer/publisher
Sacred Evil. Movers & Shakers. November Rain. The Prayer. Soul Search Engine

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