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The Oath Of The Age Of Imagination

NEVER APOLOGIZE FOR YOUR imagination. YOU ARE YOUR imagination.


Let’s revise that collectivist motto of daylight robbery and parasitism: From each according to his ability and to each according to his needs.




This then should be our Oath in the Age of Imagination and beyond:


I am here to create. Because nothing that is created can ever be destroyed completely.

Our first goal is to be happy.

Second is to create. Create anything that can make us or others happy.

But create we must. This is the second will of the Universe. It manifests itself in Creation and all us created beings have to carry the task forward.


God created us in his own image and we must create just like him. God doesn’t distinguish between good creation and bad creation, he creates prey and predator with the same skill and same love.


But God insists we create something unique. For in God’s creation every one of us is unique. Happiness is served only by Creation of Uniqueness. A moment, a gesture, a face, a touch, a poem, a story, a sunset…nothing impacts us if we have experienced it before.


This now is what I know as nature of The Truth: we are here to be happy by creating new experiences. We can choose to be victims or victors, brutal and brutalized, melancholic and forlorn but we can also choose to be compassionate and kind, joyous and inventive, original and the best of this possible world.   


True evil is nothing but the impulse to steal, subvert, fake and destroy the creation of The Original.


To all who read this and have felt this truth in their souls, I tell you: be undaunted, what you create is your offering to HIM and his Creation. He will uphold. He will protect and He will experience the bliss you sought to create. Even when no one else does.


So don’t stop creating. That is the wealth; you will carry beyond your grave.


The Grateful Universe will return to you the Creator, a hundred times the joy you helped Him experience; if not now then next time you choose to be Here!

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