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The Second Truth

This is the day I’ve been waiting for. For the last 18 years.


I was 14 when I had my first revelatory experience. I found truth one evening as I sat reading the revelations in a darkened room lit only with candles. I felt myself shiver and lighten as something dawned inside me. Literally almost. The truth was suddenly there, the universe had decided it was time to reveal the truth to me.


The truth was: every answer you are looking for is within you. Let nothing confuse you, intimidate you or deter you from seeking answers to every question that pops into your head. For the answer will come from within. Ask and you shall receive. Your gift in life is to ask questions. Be happy and be curious. Do not doubt when the answers come. Know and belive them to be true.  You will know they are true when you put them to test within yourself. You don’t have to fight too hard, the reasons for the answers will reveal themselves too.


The first question I had asked was why are we here?


The answer would have shocked me earlier but now it didn’t. We are here to be happy. That is our singular task. To unlock our potential to be happy. The universe manifests itself in us to experience happiness.


The soul is equivocal, in equilibrium, it does not know sorrow and it is untouched by happiness. We are given the sense perceptions and the mind to decipher and experience happiness. All existence is open to us. So we can reach for and grasp happiness. That’s all there is to life.


This life that is. We can always choose to exist simply as souls, to abrogate the mandate of the universe. We can seek salvation from the despairs of the world and give up all happiness. We can choose again to be nothing. This too is our choice. But I knew the will of the universe was for us to be happy, no wonder so few ever got to salvation. One moment of happiness is worth more to the universe than an eternity of nothingness. Creation hasn’t taken so much trouble to simply return to Nirvana.


This first question opened the tap.

My worldview changed. I looked at everything differently. I became happy for the first time after years. Even my parents’ separation didn’t cause much of a ripple in my state of being. I stopped chasing everything else and concentrated on being happy.


I focused on love as my friends ran after parties, booze and careers. I found my soulmate when I was seventeen; they are still struggling with stress.


Not that life was all rose tinted for me.

I had my own problems. I had no money, no career to speak of and I was out of a job. The truth was I wasn’t even looking for one.


It could have been a dark, depressing, difficult time. It was difficult and yes sometimes depressing. But it was never dark, never a lingering despair.

I started a business with my soulmate who would be my wife later and lost more money than I had ever made. I was 21 and I was in debt.


That’s when I realized, life was not going to be smooth and easy for me just because I had all the answers. I would have to face my share of unpleasant situations like everyone else. That’s all they are really, all our troubles. Nothing but unpleasant situations. And situations change.


As I waited for the situation to change, I became aware that I was no longer as happy as before. What was happening? Was the truth I had learned at 14, a fluke, a hoax? Was it simply a delusion?


As always the answer came.

It wasn’t a fluke, and it wasn’t a lie. But it was not the only truth I would discover. I was raised on the notion that finding the Truth was a single life changing experience and was stuck on the idea.


I wasn’t even looking for the next Truth to reveal itself.

Seven years had passed since that candle-lit evening and I hadn’t an experience like that again.


Another 11 years would pass before the door opened again and I glimpsed my next Truth.


It is today, 25th of August, 2004. I woke up in the morning to drop my daughter to school and I could hear the voice inside. I started crying. I knew the feeling; 18 years hadn’t made me forget how I had felt that evening.

Revelation was once again upon me.


This is my second Truth.

I am here to create. Because nothing that is created can ever be destroyed completely.

Our first goal is to be happy.

Second is to create. Create anything that can make us or others happy.

But create we must. This is the second will of the Universe. It manifests itself in Creation and all us created beings have to carry the task forward.


God created us in his own image and we must create just like him. God doesn’t distinguish between good creation and bad creation, he creates prey and predator with the same skill and same love.


But God insists we create something unique. For in God’s creation every one of us is unique. Happiness is served only by Creation of Uniqueness. A moment, a gesture, a face, a touch, a poem, a story, a sunset…nothing impacts us if we have experienced it before.


This now is what I know as nature of The Truth: we are here to be happy by creating new experiences. We can choose to be victims or victors, brutal and brutalized, melancholic and forlorn but we can also choose to be compassionate and kind, joyous and inventive, original and the best of this possible world.   


True evil is nothing but the impulse to steal, subvert, fake and destroy the creation of The Original.


To all who read this and have felt this truth in their souls, I tell you: be undaunted, what you create is your offering to HIM and his Creation. He will uphold. He will protect and He will experience the bliss you sought to create. Even when no one else does.


So don’t stop creating. That is the wealth; you will carry beyond your grave.


The Grateful Universe will return to you the Creator, a hundred times the joy you helped Him experience; if not now then next time you choose to be Here!


Thank you God for letting me know.




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  1. abhigyan jha says

    thank you. have you read any of my books?

  2. apurva prabhawalkar says

    Words do have great experiences to present…Keep on creating and may be you will find the third truth too :-)…Have a great day…Apurva

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