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We cannot find a ver big hindu temple in India where many hindus live.The worlds largest Hindu temple is in Combodia.In south east asia in between Vietnam Laos and Thailand it is situated.This temple is in Angorvat which lies in Combodia.This temple is equivalent to 20 SirRangam temples.

       In thousand 1113AD Suryaverma II ruled this kingdom and built this temple.He was an ardent Vishnu bakhtha.He built for the sake of Vishnu.After in 14th century it became a buddhist temple. 

Research:-In 1860, Henry Muhot researched about silk worms and went there.When he went thro forest,he saw the delapedated condition of this temple.He wondered how this big temple is situated in this deserted place.After his discovery many people came to see this temple.10 years before Henry s arrival to Angorvat a bishop came and mentioned in his dairy that dis vishnu temple is in the shape of a Lotus flower.In the middle there is one big Gopuram surrounded by many small gopurams.

          Before the entrance a big stone bridge is located.Below that a canal is situated.On both sides of it there are more than 50 security gods in standing posture.In the third prakaram,there are war pictures of kurukshetra and the war between rama and ravana.

        In 13AD one chinese traveller found dat 2000 maid servants worked in dat palace.It was a very big country with 3000 sqft just like Los Angeles.After 15th century the city was destroyed due to either flood or due to war.

    Recet days American scientists from NASA research centers they took photos.They guessed that forests were destroyed due to drought and found that because of that this city wud have destroyed.

   Thousand years before it was ruled by Kmer dynasty of hindus.Now there are no hindus.Their language was sanskrit during this dynasty rule and many sculptures were depicted in dat language.Even now we can see.Somehow, worlds largest hindu temple is in Combodia. So if you people get chance go and visit this temple.. :)

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  1. Pradeep says

    read about angorwat temples earlier too….. but not in detail….nice to read the post of yours……thnx for sharing

  2. rakesh tiwari says

    thanx for sharing your information…..nice photograph

  3. sreshtha sre says

    excellent post…………….}}

  4. sangeet says

    nice information…thanks 4 sharing..

  5. Think Tank says

    Thanks a ton for this information, I am sure many of us won”t be knowing… And you have described it beautifully… Once i had read about the Hindu temples in Indonesia, one of them was very big. Or may be I read about this one. Very well expressed. I will also search on this topic and find more… Regards, (Rahul)

  6. narayani says

    very nicely depicted about the Hindu Temple in Combodia.

  7. venkata ramana says

    Truly,an overwhelming sight when one steps in there and prays to LORD VISHNU.I was delighted to notice the local priests join in Sanskrit shlokas and I reminded them Combodia,Sri lanka and even Australia was a part and parcel of INDIA[BHARATVARSH]those times of planet Earth.Thx.for ur nice reminder of joyous memories mam.GOD BLESS YOU and those who still protect the ancient Temple there.

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