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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 – Episode 16 “The Tangible Affection Proof” On CBS

CBS The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 16 Watch
Watch Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 16 Sheldon gets back at Howard by
using his own logic and taking Howards limited edition Iron Man helmet.
Howard retaliates by sitting naked on Sheldons couch spot, with
Sheldons laptop resting on his junk. Later, Amy and Sheldon team up to
erase Howards name from the parking spot and re-paint Sheldons name.
Amys car, which she had left in the spot, gets towed. An angry Amy
assumes that it is Howards mischief, but is enraged when Bernadette
confesses to doing it.


Amy takes a swing at Bernadette hitting Penny instead. Amy and Bernadette realize that the situation is getting out of control.

When Howard gets a car, he is assigned Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode
16 Sheldons parking spot, which was reassigned since Sheldon neither
owns nor drives a vehicle. Sheldon doesnt like this, but Howard argues
that because Sheldon doesnt use the spot, he should let Howard use it. A
feud starts between the duo which quickly escalates into a battle.
Soon, Amy and Bernadette start fighting over the same issue.

Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode 16 Sheldon puts up his whiteboard and
work chair in his parking spot. Howard tries to run him down, upon which
Leonard mediates and tries to talk sense into them. Sheldon gets back
at Howard by sitting naked in Howards driver seat. Later, Raj gets
involved, fostering an agreement where Howard keeps the spot until
Sheldon gets a vehicle or a Batmobile. Sheldon, Amy, Howard and
Bernadette have dinner at Cheesecake factory to signify burying the
hatchet. Just then, Penny arrives sporting two black eyes looking and
sounding peeved.

Howard and Bernadette are having dinner Big Bang Theory Season 6 Episode
16 with her parents. Howard is trying to converse with his
father-in-law, who only answers in short sentences. He then tries to
strike up a conversation with Mrs. Rostenkowski, only to find out shes
just as brief as her husband. During dinner, the subject of Mr.
Rostenkowskis weekend fishing trip comes up, and both Bernadette and her
mother suggest that Howard go with him. Howard quickly tries to get out
of it by mentioning that thing he and Bernadette have, but Bernadette
says that she cancelled it. Penny is chosen to give Howard fishing
lessons, teaching him to put a worm on a hook and gut a fish. On the day
of the trip, both Howard and Mr. Rostenkowski admit they dont want to
go, bond together, and decide to go to a casino to shoot craps.

Elsewhere, Amy has the flu, and Sheldon decides that he should take care
of her, because he does care about her well-being. Sheldon plans to put
a cold rag on her forehead, sing to her, and rub VapoRub on her chest
like his mother did, unknowlingly stimulating Amy sexually. Bernadette
later comes to visit and learns that Amy has been well for two days, but
says she enjoys Sheldon taking care of her. She plans on telling him
tomorrow after he gives her a bath. The next day, Sheldon is angry
because her throat culture showed that she was no longer sick. Amy
apologizes, but Sheldon thinks that she needs to be punished which
Sheldon thinks in terms of corporal punishment, but Amy thinks in terms
of erotic spanking. The episode ends with Sheldon placing Amy across his
knees for a spanking, which Amy also enjoys to some mood music.

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, and Stuart decide to play Dungeons &
Dragons on a Saturday night, leaving Penny, Bernadette, and Amy to have a
girls night out. The Dungeons & Dragons theme run by Leonard is to
rescue Santa Claus, who is trapped in a cave, but Sheldon does not like
Christmas at all and is quite upset with this scenario. Rajs character
is immediately killed, and with nothing to do, he accompanies the girls
to a nightclub. At the club, the girls try to find Raj a date, but they
have no luck. Eventually, Raj tells Bernadette and Penny how he had a
huge crush on them, and Amy feels left out because Raj says he never
fell for her. Later, Raj tells Amy he is sorry, and they discuss how
much they are alike because they both have felt awkward and lonely in
the past. When they leave the club, Raj now has a slight crush on Amy.

Back at the apartment, Sheldon manages to keep the quest alive by
singing Good King Wenceslas and leading a bell choir rendition of Jingle
Bells. The guys are about to rescue Santa, only to be stopped by
Sheldon. He relates how as a child he asked Santa for his Pop-Pop his
late grandfather, the only family member who encouraged Sheldons
scientific pursuits for Christmas, and was devastated when Santa failed
to deliver. Having paralyzed Howards and Stuarts characters, the game
ends with Santa still trapped in the cave. The show concludes with
Sheldon having a dream about Santa, in which Santa apologizes for not
having the power to bring back Pop-Pop. Santa then turns sinister,
exacting his revenge on Sheldon for leaving him to die in the Dungeons
& Dragons game.
Alex is attending a Physics lecture and she invites Leonard. When he
states he cant attend, she offers to share the lectures highlights over
dinner. Leonard is stunned over being the object of attention from two
beautiful women. While he states his undying commitment to Penny, he
admits that Alexs interest makes him feel giddy. Sheldon thinks that
Alexs time and attention should be solely dedicated to him since she is
his assistant. He requests advice from Penny, Bernadette and Amy, using a
thinly veiled scenario, causing Penny to want to kill Alex. She also
feels insecure about her relationship with Leonard.

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