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It was a bitterly cold day, and a young boy was shivering on the sidewalk. His clothes were ragged, his shoes had holes in them, and he had no coat at all. A woman noticed the boy and took pity on him.

“Are you lost?” she asked. “Where are your parents?” The boy shook his head and shrugged.

She took him to a clothing store and bought him a complete set of clothing, including shoes, coat, mittens and a cap. Then they ate lunch at a nearby McDonald’s, while she wondered how to make sure he *had* a home to go to.

The youngster was overjoyed at all this, and as he finished his milkshake he asked, “Are you God’s mother?”

The gentle woman smiled and answered, “Oh, no! I’m just a child of God.”

The boy said, “I knew you had to be related to HIM!”


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  1. cubicile blues says

    Very sweet story. I loved the last line – I knew u had to be related to him.

  2. HariOm Chawla says

    Where love is, God is……………nice story, Manju.

  3. soloman williams says

    aastha mein hi shakti hai, this post illustrates it very well, great post !

  4. akhtar rizvi says

    Manju…Beautiful story….jab koi hamari kisi bhi roop me help karta hai to sach me hamen us shakhs ke ander God hi nazar aata hai….all the best

  5. Deepika Ghosh says

    The pic is as good as the story..

  6. parthasarathi basu says

    Very nice dear!

  7. Pradeep says

    Good one !!!

  8. Apurva P says

    Beautiful one

  9. AAMEEN KHAN says

    This is very nice short write up…..liked it.

  10. Ranjan Sengupta says

    good story and very nicely written

  11. Dilip says

    Beautiful story, well read.

  12. rajeshkumar rai says

    so sweet!

  13. chandrakant parmar says

    nice story

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