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Once there was a small kid on earth.

One fine day it came to know that god is distributing apples to humans in his place at heaven.

The kid was so happy to receive that news and it went with lot of enjoyment to heaven to get the apple from god.

There was a big queue standing to get apple from god and this kid also joined in that queue.

While?he was standing,?he was fully excited and thrilled for the fact that?he is going to receive in person from god’s hands. Its turn too came and the kid showed its both the hands to receive apple.

God gave the apple but unfortunately the tiny hands couldn’t hold that big apple. Apple fell down and got wasted in mud.

The kid got so disappointed.

The ministers near the god informed that if the kid likes to have an apple from god again then?he has to again follow the queue.

Having waited for so long the kid didn’t want to return back to earth with empty hands so it decided to wait again in the queue.

This time the queue has become even longer than the previous one. While waiting in queue, the kid could see lot of people who returns back with apple in hands and utmost satisfaction on their faces.

The kid was so much disappointed and thought why me alone didn’t get the apple in hand when all others were easily able to get it.

What is the sin I did that I alone should suffer like this. Now the kid was so scared that it should not miss the apple again. Again its turn came and god gave the apple to the kid’s hands and after giving the apple god spoke to the kid.

“My dear child, last time after giving you the apple only I noticed the apple I gave to you was a rotten apple and that’s why I made that to fell down from your hands. Having given you a rotten apple, I felt bad for you and I wanted to give you the best apple in the farm and that time the best apple in the farm was growing and that’s why I made you to wait such a long time in the queue. Here it is. Now the apple that you have in hand is ‘The Best’ apple in the farm till to date. Enjoy.”

So, friends, sometimes it happens as even after we put our 100% dedication and commitment things may get delayed or things may go wrong. Believe that god has something great for us and that’s why this has happened. Always say, ‘Gratitude is absolutely the best way to bring more in one’s life’.

Believe this and see the world… Your world will also look green..


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    Core to being inspired! GOD always cares and we should ave the unflinching faith in his decisions…..

  2. Archna Kapoor says

    hi manju , the story is so cute n satisfying that even if we have goen disappointed in life …….which ofcourse we shud not ………….he is der to take care of us ……cheers n thanx for giving it like this ……love

  3. RAJEEV GARG says


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  10. rajeshkumar rai says

    so true!

  11. anamika r says

    What a story yaar… realy inspiring… thanks for sharing dear..

  12. HariOm Chawla says

    Nice story, Manju. …….. patience is the key.

  13. Gopi Goswami says

    nice message in the end …….samay se pehle aur kismat se jyada kisi ko kuch nahin milta….

  14. AAMEEN KHAN says

    hmmmmmmm. very good story……….. aameen

  15. Karthik - Dexter says

    That is one of the sweetest inspirational story i”ve read, thanks for sharing it with us Manju… :-))

  16. Apurva P says

    Good hit

  17. hina sharma says

    yaar manju from where do you get such inspiring good stories, sorry yaar i was not active on iland from few months, but this post is so good, trust me the story tells the real truth of life.

  18. cool aashi says

    really inspirational……………thanx for sharing

  19. Mahen Soni says

    Very nicely drafted story with very good message really i like it expect more from you thanks for sharing madam

  20. chandrakant parmar says

    sunder , sab kuchh milega , thoda dhiraj to dhar, bharosha rakh..nice

  21. Prashant Kumar says

    Di, sach mein aapki baatein bahut hi gahri hoti hain….. Thanks dil se !!

  22. Deepika says

    Your post will serve as an eye opener to all…

  23. SARA says

    really ……….god do better for us

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