Solar Products – History & Future

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It was in the mid 18th century when the idea of turning the sun’s rays into mechanical power took its shape. By then, the use of solar power technology was limited to drive machinery, which was done by the help of steam generated by heating water through solar energy plants. Much research and development was conduced by several scientist throughout the world to harness the power of sun light and make its use in several ways.

Solar Energy Products

Solar Energy Products

Charles Fritts invented the first solar cell using junctions formed by coating a thin gold layer on selenium. Following him, Russell Ohl invented the silicon solar cell in the year 1941. Though such cells were not efficient enough to convert the complete sunlight energy into electrical energy through the process of photovoltaics. To increase its efficiency, three American researchers designed silicon solar cell, which had energy conversion efficiency of six percent. After an array of experiments, they connected and assembled the solar cells together and invented solar panel, also known as PV module.

Today’s the solar panels are used in several sectors like:

  •  Agriculture
  • Telecommunication & public services
  • Health
  • Residential spaces and more.

Such solar energy  products generate electricity to pump water, light up the streets, gardens and public transportation stops, heats the water, supply power to the utility grid, power appliances, telephones and much more. Many institutions, public schools, municipalities, commercial buildings, and major utilities have adopted such technology. Many researches have resulted in the introduction of many solar powered products like solar charger, solar vehicle, solar powered watch, solar powered calculator, solar traffic light, solar lights, solar inverter and many more, the list is endless. People have accepted the solar power technology and are making use of such products in their daily lives.

The future of solar energy in India is bright, as it is a tropical country and many states have potential for tapping such energy. One disadvantage of such system is its expense of installation and maintenance. Research is going on in the PV industry to lower the production cost and hence make the solar products more economical. Though, the government is taking initiatives by proposing many projects. In the year 2014, India’s biggest solar power plant was inaugurated at Diken in Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh. The country has potential to be a solar power driven country of the world.

Wire Machinery used for industrial purpose

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Wire machinery is basically a metal working process which reduces the cross section of a wire by pulling it through single, series and drawing dies.

PVC Wire Machine
Wire machinery and its working mechanisms:

Wire machinery works on the principle of wire drawing processes.  The wire is prepared by shrinking the beginning of it and by hammering it. The wire is often pulled through the dye as its volume remains static. The length of the wire increases automatically as its diameter decreases. The machine uses fine wires which are drawn in bundles. These wires are often separated by a metal having similar property with low chemical resistances so that one can remove it by drawing mechanisms. Wire drawing usually starts with a coil hot rolled up to nine millimeter in diameter with the help of the die. These wires are fed into wire drawing machine which might have one or more blocks in series. The usual design consists of a cast iron bench or table having a bracket holding the whole instruments. The wire on the block is drawn with the help of the die. On the other hand wire drawing is completely a different method to that of extrusion method. In this method drawing wire is often pulled rather than being pushed through the dye. The process of drawing is mostly performed at a room temperature thus regards extrusion as a cold working process.

Wire Winding Machine

Lubrication an alternate methodology for maintenance of Wire Machinery:

This method allows the wire to maintain a good surface area along with a long die life. The methods involve that of wet drawing in which both the wire and dyes are fully immersed in a lubricant solution. Dry drawing is another mechanism which involves lubrication and coating of the surface of the wire or rods, where as metal coating involve the coating of soft metal which act as a solid lubricant.  On the other hand ultrasonic vibration is the method which helps to reduce the force and allow surface reduction of per pass.  Last but not the least is a process where one can immerse a wire in a plain copper sulfate solution.  The example of copper coated wire includes that of MIG wire or that of CO2 wire which are more often used for the purpose of welding.

Automatic Wire Winding Machinery

Mechanical property of Wire Machinery:

This mechanism involves use of both force and strength to draw a wire at a substantial rate. These wires have higher tensile strength to that of steel materials.

Application of wire machinery:

There are wide range of applications of wire machinery which includes that of electrical wiring, cables, tension loaded structural components, paper clips, stringed musical instrument and that of spokes of wheel.
In conclusion it can be said that wire machinery consists of drawing dies which are often made up of tool steel, and that of tungsten carbide. This equipment uses electrical power to pull the wire thoroughly. Often this machinery has coiled wire on both ends which pulls up the wire within a reduced diameter.

Texture Paint and their Technological Advancements

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With the advent in technology, great developments have been made in every sphere of human life and even the paints and textures industry has not be left untouched. Various new innovations have madtexture paintse paints not only safe to use but also very advanced in textures and composition.

Varieties in Texture Paint

 The Texture Paints are available in varieties that include metallic paints, acrylic texture paints, emulsion paints, metallic emulsion paints, water based primer, bright texture paint, wall texture paint, texture white paint, blue lagoon texture paint, red textured wall paint, interior texture paint, outer wall texture paint, texture exterior paint, texture green paint and finally brown textured wall paint. With its huge three-dimensional texture, the water based texture paint is a recent development in decorative materials and do not possess any smell.

Features of Texture Paint

With a vast array of paints, the paints are processed using high quality polymers that are tested beforeWall_Painting_Texture Paints use. The paints contain aggregates that are specially selected and have plastic resins. An everlasting texture and decorative finishing can be ensured by these paints. The paints are in high demand in various industries namely ink, paint, coating, pharmaceuticals, adhesive and plastic sealant. The paints are available in different colors, textures and patterns and therefore offer a wide range of choices to the clients. Quality compounds that are well assured are the source of these paints.  With good quality raw materials and latest techniques, the paints are manufactured at the production units. Being very easy to apply, the paint is used in coating interior walls of homes, which gives an elegant look.

Manufacturing of Texture Paint
The paint is formed by applying the advanced and recent formulas for the amalgamation of the chemicals that offers good quality paints that can be utilised in homes. In the manufacturing process, the paints areMetallic Texture Paint made under the strict observation and supervision of the experts and the use of toxic chemical compounds are avoided. The manufacturing process ensures accurate composition of the basic materials, optimum viscosity, fast drying and a long shelf life.

Advantages of Texture Paint

The paint offers many advantages owing to which they are highly demanded in all spheres of the market. First and foremost, the paint helps in hiding the imperfections and cracks on the wall. In order to add colour, this paint can be coated with latex finish on the top. It can be applied to any surface such as wood, cement, wallboard, masonry, brick and plastic. As it gives a smooth surface finish, the paint makes the interiors look very vibrant and lively. Finally, the price range is set reasonable for the customers and other clients so that it falls within their budget.

Therefore to conclude, the texture paints prove to be ideal when it comes to painting walls and other surfaces and are widely used in various industries, thanks to the quality and high grade quality of the paints and innovations that have been made in this field.

A Different Perspective on the Inflatable Toy

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Toys as the means of amusing and engaging children have always had a special role to play in the evolution of man as more often than not, these little pla have lead to the biggest of inventions, interestingly enough, even toys have been objects of research and innovation ever since and with the advent of technology, just like other things, man has created a huge variety of toys amongst which the Inflatable toys holds a special position. These playthings which can be given a shape when inflated are not only handy but attractive in their look and feel too, owed to which their soaring popularity.
Interestingly enough, these so called toys are increasingly being used as objects of advertisement these days as not only are they easy to avail but distribute and dispose too.

Building up of an Inflatable toy:

Made up of high quality plastic, the manufacturing procedure of inflatable toys is lengthy and requires a lot of attention to detail. Since they are often batch processed, after every step a close scrutiny becomes a mandatory procedure in the entire process of toy making.
Making such toys also requires, very skillful pasting and stitching as any fault in the same would lead to air leakage thus rendering the toy useless. Along with seamless sealing of ends, making such toys also requires the use of bright but safe colors as these will be used by children who often have the tendency to put things in their mouth. It is thus of utmost importance that while making the toys, every aspect of it, right from the structure to the colors are thoroughly scrutinized to ensure a safe and durable end product.

Inflatable toy and its varied uses:

These toys that can be inflated and deflated as per wish also come in handy for the purpose of advertisements as these can be many times placed in commercial zones as mascots carrying the brand promise. Toys when used for such advertisement purposes are often made bigger than the normal kid’s toys in order to increase their visibility. They are made in bright colors with bold and attractive features so that they can be easily noticed by the passerby thus ensuring maximum reach of the message that one wishes to deliver with these toys.
Not just for advertisement, such toys with the logo or brand statement of certain a company are also used to decorate commercial spaces and even placed in conventions of international stature with the sole purpose of spreading a certain message to a wider section of the audience.
In this age of effective brand positioning and advertisement, such bright beautiful toys can even be given out as handouts to not only add to the wow factor but to make a mark in the customer’s memory.
Another important aspect about these toys is that they can also be made using recycled plastic which in itself has emerged as an industry giving employment to millions.
Thus the Inflatable Toy if not just looked down as an object of amusement for children can thus be brought into various uses in customized forms; it is just the human mind that needs to look and check into the possibilities.

Lifesaving Equipment – which saves life of living beings

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Lifesaving Equipments are those which are used to save life of a living being especially human being at the time of emergency situation when some ones life is at stake. It is nothing but piece of equipment which is used to rescue life. Lives saving equipments are used to save life and are most often used in places like sea where ship wreckage often takes place.

Lifesaving Equipment

Different types of Lifesaving Equipments and its usage:

Like other types of equipments it also has its usage and is often uses which are used to save life of living beings.  Lifesaving Equipment are often used in sea, or in a swimming pool or even in aircrafts from which life of million can be saved. Human error often takes place which some time cost life of millions it is at this juncture these equipments are used to save life of numerous living beings. These equipments range from a life saving boats, to that of a simple of life saving buoy, parachutes, and safety equipment which can save life of a million. Thus to start with first come the life boats which has often evolved since early period of time it is one of the most effective equipment which can be used to save life of millions. These boats are used only at the time of ship wreckage. These boats now a day often comes with a wireless radio with the help of it one can send the SOS message in order to seek help. Often these boats are run with the help of motor engines.  The second most effective instrument which comes into mind is that of a rescue buoy with the help of which a rescuer can be saved at any point of time when ever a wreckage take place. Often this buoy comes in red color and it is more often made up of vinyl and can support any kind of weight depending on the quality of materials that are used to save the life of an individual. The buoy often comes with a landline device which often allows the rescuer to save the victim who is in that buoy.  Last but not the least is a radio transmitter which is the most important of all the equipment and which can effectively save some ones life. By using it one can send a distress message to the rescuer and can mention them their coordinates and location so that they can be saved. Even one can send out a false alarm to the rescuer.
    In conclusion all that can be said about Lifesaving Equipments are that it can be used to save not only life of any one but to provide effective information about an individual with the help of it even the rescuer can save the victims life. 

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Types of ESD Products

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When differently charged objects are brought near one another, the static electricity gets generated. This flow of electricity between such objects is called electrostatic discharge or ESD. The Integrated chips or ICs, Computer CPUs, LEDs, Diodes are some common devices which can generate electrostatic environment.
Any system requires a form of ESD protection. Proper care should be taken regarding the type of protection that is to be used against ESD.  The main features of the ESD Products are:
  • Fast response time
  • Low voltage for operation
  • Capacity to sustain high ESD currents
  • Ability to sustain repeated ESD current strikes
  • Small size
ESD Products

Some of the ESD Products are:
  • Static shielding bag – This ESD Product is used to provide shield against the static electricity. They are heat-sealable in nature and have a buried metal shielding to increase durability.
  • ESD tapes – This transparent cellulose containing tape can be used in an electronic field as an adhesive to the static sensitive products.
  •  ESD mats – These are generally rubber mats that should be used by the field technicians in order to be safe from ESD current. These are cheap, durable and easily cut into different shapes and sizes.
  • ESD rubber table mat – These mats consist of two layers, namely a blue top rubber layer which is static dissipative in nature and the bottom conductive layer. These mats also provide good resistance against oil and grease.
  • ESD service kits – These are portable ESD safe work stations for the technicians working in an electronic fields. These are required during repairing of a computer, telecommunication industry or any other IC related products.
  • ESD chair mats – Made of solid vinyl and a buried conductive layer, this mat provides a rigidity and consistent electrical property. They are used in aerospace and hospitals.
  • ESD Floor runner – This floor runner is majorly seen in the area where assembling job is being done in an electronic field.
  • ESD wrist straps – These wrist straps are anti-static in nature and prevent the occurrence of electrostatic discharge by grounding the technician working in the electronic field or with electronic equipments. These can be made of Metal or fabric and is attached with a coil cord on one end and a clip at the other end.
  • ESD Gloves – In areas where static electricity is a concern, the technicians are suggested to wear the ESD gloves.

A brief Introduction about Exhaust Systems

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An Exhaust Systems is used to carry out various toxic as well as harmful gases with the help of pipes.Exhaust System This particular system also removes the burnt gases from the engine with the help of one or more than exhaust pipes. Such a system needs to perform effectively for a smooth as well as safe running of vehicles. Many systems are so modified that it allows smooth as well as easy flow of gases with the help of more than one pipe.
Whenever any sort of harmful gases enters the Exhaust Systems, it passes through various components which are provided for the efficient functioning of the systems. The parts and the components available are as follows
  • The cylinder head- The gases first reaches the pipes which collects the toxic gases from various cylinders. Then the exhaust manifolds collects the gases into a particular single pipe. The cylinders head is usually present at the top of different cylinders.
  • Turbo charger- The work of this particular component is to increase the efficiency of the engine by the passage of extra air into the combustion chambers.
  • Catalytic converter- This is one of the important components as it helps in reducing the toxicity of the harmful air. This converter removes all sorts of harmful elements from the gases so the air which is passed out is less toxic as well as harmful in nature.
  • Lambda sensor- This particular sensor plays a very important part in measuring the amount of oxygen in the system and thus informing the engine unit about it.
  • Muffler- Last but not the least is the Muffler which helps in reducing the sound or the noise which is created in the exhaust and the combustion system.

All these components together are responsible for the proper functioning of the vehicles. Many automotive companies offer higher engine tuning along with Auto Exhaust System which includes replacing the entire exhaust manifolds. For example to increase the engine power in four stoke engines, the exhaust back pressure is reduced. It is very necessary to choose the right service centre in case of repairing the system. By reducing the friction as well as resistance in the engine, a system can perform very well and very efficiently.
Various online websites are now available which provides various repair services at a reasonable rate which certainly helps in efficient function of the Auto Exhaust and Humidification System 

Choosing the best Jewelry Making Tools

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The gems and jewelry industry has undergone huge changes in the last few decades owing to the massive developments in science and technology. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of people who think that when it comes to choosing an industrial equipment there is no room for compromising with the quality. As a result, the demand for quality Jewelry Making Tools has increased to a large extent over the last few years. There are certain things that clients must check before buying these tools.


Precision is the most important thing in the gem and jewelry industry and so clients must choose the tools that have precision. The best way to know it is to check the certification of the tools. Tools with highest precision are generally certified by competent authorities. By checking the certification, clients can be rest assured that they are going to get the best product in the market.


The quality of the tools also needs to be taken into account in order to have the best products. Better the quality of the tools is, higher is the chance of getting impeccable service. It is better to go for the products that have been tried and tested in the market a number of times as only then clients can be rest assured about the service that they are likely to get. Those who are in search of quality Jewelry Making Tools should always opt to buy from the manufacturers or sellers who have a reputation in the market for supplying reliable products.

The issue of maintenance also needs to be taken into account in order to avoid complications in future. Business entrepreneurs always look for the products that would offer the best possible return on investment and so it is better to go for the products that do not require much maintenance. Maintenance free products are more cost efficient as the users do not need to invest extra time and money in the maintenance process.

 Most of the manufacturers of Jewelry Making Tools nowadays offer their product over the internet. Hence, clients from all over the world can buy these products at ease. All that they need to do is to visit an online store and place an order for the product that they want. The ordered products are shipped to the designated address within a very few days. 

Jute Products – Affordable, eco-friendly and reusable

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Jute, also known as the ‘Golden fibre is basically long, shiny and soft fibre that can be woven into strong coarse threads. It is an easily affordable fibre and is produced in huge amount, followed by its innumerable uses. The main ingredients of a Jute fibre are cellulose and lignin.

The monsoon weather with warm and wet climate is best suited for the jute cultivation. Thus, being a rain fed plant, it needs very little fertilizer or pesticides for its growth. Jute fibre is a bio-degradable product.

Uses of Jute:
Jute has many uses among which jute mats, jute ropes and jute bags are the most common ones.

  • Due to its coarse nature it is preferred to be used to make sacks to carry goods and for wrapping purposes.
  • Curtains, table clothes and other home decorative items are also made out of jute.
  • A Jute carpet on the flooring is also a very beautiful piece that deserves applause for its looks.
  • Other bigger uses would include embankment reinforcement, rooting plant protection, braids and webbing, cable filler material and as industrial or domestic twine.
  • Being a UV protector, it can be used to shield from the heat and can also act as a sound insulator.
  • Jute can be used to make paper pulps too. Various types of writing and painting papers are made from the pulp after it is bleached.
  • Jute slippers and coarse clothes are also a commonly available product today.
  • Jute bags are a one of the very widely used jute products. Be it a tote bag to carry large number of articles, or a small hand purse. Jute folders, jute casual bags or a jute college bag – every type and every style is available in the market under jute products.
Jute products are made in the jute mills or jute manufacturing units through a series of processes, which include weaving, coloring, laminating, cutting, stitching, printing and then quality check followed by packaging. Jute bags are Eco-friendly by nature and also reusable.

    Advantages of Jute products:

  •  These are bio degradable and Eco friendly and so do not pollute the environment.
  •  Jute is cheaper when compared with other materials.
  • Jute being cultivated mainly in the rural areas, a business prosper with the low cost jute products would generate economical help to the farmers producing the jute.

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Solar Products : An Innovative Optimism

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With the changing needs of the century it is vital to preserve and save energy to make the world a better place to live. So the energy efficient products are growing very popular now. Solar Products absorb the solar energy and preserve it for further use. Saving the solar energy in a very efficient way is essential so that in can be used further in various ways. With the new advancement in science and technology several energy efficient solar products have been introduced in the market.

solar products

  • Solar Charger: A solar charger is a unique tool for saving the solar energy to charge batteries and these are flexible, portable, any trouble free. This kind of chargers are user friendly like solar torch, solar phones.
  • Solar Cooker : Solar cooker is very modern way of cooking which is inexpensive and easy to use. This solar cooker is very popular one among other Solar Products which transfers sunlight into heat and cooks the food.
  • Solar Lamp : Solar lamp is a very useful way of using the solar energy. Solar lamps charge during the day and lights at night. It preserves the energy without using any electrical grid. There are solar LED lamp, street lamp, small garden lamps and other forms of LED lamps in use.
  • Solar Watch : It is a smart way to use solar watch to monitor date and time   for our daily purpose. The dial of the watch acts as solar panel which absorbs the sunlight and transfers it to electrical energy to the watch.
  • Solar Pump : Among other Solar Products solar pump works entirely on thermal power or electricity generated by sunlight and supply water for drinking or irrigational use.
  • Solar Inverter : Commonly known as PV inverters are charged by without electrical framework. The inverter depends mainly on Photovoltaic energy group. Energy efficient micro inverters are fire safe and cost effective for use.

Solar products are extremely useful now days to lessen the effect of global warming. There are many other solar products available in the market like solar boat, solar fan and solar traffic light. Innovations of solar products are definitely cheaper, simpler and help us in various domestic purposes. The proper use of solar products can save the environment and natural resources. The best part of using Solar Products is that it creates awareness among masses to avoid contamination, wastage of natural resources and use other ways to maintain the ecological balance.

Lubricating Equipment and some information about it

August 22nd, 2014 No comments the world is getting improved each day various kinds of industrial equipments are being invented and created for better operation. There are various kinds of equipments and these are made with great care and precision so that it can serve for a good period of time. Amongst various kinds of industrial equipments Lubricating Equipment is worth mentioning.

Usage of Lubricating Equipment

As far as the usage is concerned, this equipment is known for performing the process known as lubrication, which is essential to give a smooth flow to the machines. If any part of machine stops working and faces interruption while operating, then it is lubrication that is recommended. For this lubrication, lubricant is used and various kinds of Lubricating Equipment are used for reducing the wear. Mainly used for vehicle service, these lubricating equipments are as essential as it could be.


Lubrication is a process that can be performed through various methods. These methods are decided as par the requirements of the machineries. The processes are –boundary lubrication, fluid film lubrication, elastrohydrodynamic lubrication, hydrostatic lubrication and so on.

Types of Lubricating Equipment

  • Lever grease gun – This is one of the important lubricating instrument that is available in market. This gun is known to carry grease and input those into the machines where grease is required. This Lubricating Equipment is very well known for being manufactured several ways such as one that is featured with triggers and others that require no trigger. Pneumatic ones are also available.
  • Compressor lubricators – This type of equipment is very popular and has found its’ usage in the industrial sectors. There are various kinds of models available under the title of compressor lubricators.
  • Single point lubricator- This lubricator is capable of lubricating at any point of time and at any temperature. Cleaning and maintaining of these equipments are very easy such as the using of this.

Availability of Lubricating Equipment

The availability of the Lubricating Equipment is one of the main reasons of its popularity. Used for the engineering and automobile sectors these equipments are very easily available online and clients can choose their desired items from a wide range of manufacturers products collection. The online stores are very reliable and for this purpose one can count on the e commerce websites. The quality of the products is ensured so that it can offer good durability and service period. The prices are also affordable so that clients can buy at any point of time.

About Energy Conservation Products and its usage

August 21st, 2014 No comments the passages of time, be it reusable or non reusable, experiments with energy and its usages have been major topics of experiments. As the right way to channelize the energy has been shown, to reduce the cost of energy by using the Energy Conservation Products is also getting prominent to a larger extent. People have become more aware of these products which are very well reflected by the rapid usages.

Types of Energy Conservation Products

On the basis of its’ usage, there are various kinds of Energy Conservation Products and these are inclusive of the home and other appliances.

  • LED Street Light- This kind of light is known for its reasonable rates and less power consumption. Used widely to a great extent it is available in various kinds of color. The cost of maintaining the lights are also very low.
  • CFLS and halogen lights- These lights are durable and reasonable to use and these comes in very pocket friendly rates. Its increasing usage has been conducive to prove its popularity.
  • Ultrasonic insect repeller- To get rid of the insects, various kinds of insect repellers are used. As these are operated throughout electrical backup, power consumption is essential and important. However to decrease the rate of electrical power ultrasonic insect repeller has emerged into market. Amongst which, mosquito and rat repeller machines are very popular.
  • Air conditioner- The air conditioner machines used for controlling the thermal temperature of the house is also considered as one of the Energy Conservation Products. However there are various kinds air conditioning machines that come up with the low power consumption capacity and thus saving the budgets of the users.
  • Gym Machines- The gym machines are also known as the energy conservation product that needs very little energy to be operated. For the convenience of people various kinds of these machines are available but it is seen that the ones with lower power requirements are getting popular.
  • Digital equipments- There are various kinds of computers and laptops that are known to have less power requirements that other kinds and these are known as Energy Conservation Products.
  • Battery chargers- These chargers as the name suggests, is available in various kinds such as solar chargers, trickle chargers, fuel saving chargers which is known for the vehicle chargers, and USB chargers and so on. The basic similarity is that these are all available in the low power consumption models.


About Suede Fabric and some related information

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Over the period of years the textile industry has been witnessing tremendous success. From innovative machineries along with human excellence all are woven together to make perfect and useful fabrics that can give a new dimension of the textile industry. To suit diverse kinds of criteria latest technologies are used. It has been observed that Suede Fabric is emerging as one of the worth mentioning types of fabric due to its several advantages inclusive of its softness and easy maintenance.
Manufacturing and advantages

Leather is one of the most appreciated materials and to be precise it can be said that Suede Fabric is another kind of leather that is manufactured from the coarse skin of the goat and deer. For warm clothes the raw material is processed through several highly technology enabled machineries and after-wards is given proper shapes to be used for further purpose. Easy to paint as par one desire, this fabric offers fine finishing and is available in various colors.

Usage of Suede Fabric

Clothes-For manufacturing the jacket Suede Fabric is used and the jackets made from this fabric are very comfortable so that it can be worn during winter. Soft yet functional, one can feel comfortable wearing it. Skirts are also made from this material.
Shoes- There are shoes that are made from the Suede. The suede boots are very classy and give an elegant and sophisticated looks. All it needs is that some careful maintenance for long lasting.
Bags- For making fashionable bags suede is a trustable and reliable material that is observed to be very useful and popular. The demand of the suede bags is very high and due to its good quality people are opting for this kind of bag.
Upholstery- For making the upholstery products such as sofa covers, cushion covers suede is used. This kind of upholstery products gives a stylish yet trendy looks.

Maintenance of Suede Fabric

The maintenance of the products made of Suede Fabric needs careful human intervention so that the products get durability. Naturally soft and thin suede is likely to catch dust and dirt and for removing the dirt it should not be treated with water. Furthermore, dry cleaning is the best option. Sometimes for eliminating the dirt one should use the brush. For heavy stains, vinegar is the best choice that works magically on Suede. There are various kinds of suede protection sprays available in the market that can provide necessary protection.
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Brass Extruded Rod : All that one needs to know about

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brass etruded rodWith the industrial sectors getting immensely improved every day, various highly skilled machineries are used to manufacture necessary instruments conducive to perform and assist other creative operations in the course of time. Such one is Brass Extruded Rod that has found its usage and relevance to a great extent in the commercial sectors. Made and manufactured through technical process known as extrusion this extrusion rod is known to be very useful. From fast


There are various kinds of extruded rods available belonging to different shapes and sizes. To suit the criteria of the industrial sectors the bras rods are manufactured in diverse shapes and these are as follows-

  • Round extruded rod – This kind of brass rod is manufactured in the round and circular size. The two ending of the sizes are made round and hence it is known as brass round extruded rod.

  • Flat extruded rod - The brass flat extruded rod is given the flat shape for the convenience of the users. This flat extruded rod is manufactured with necessary manufacturing machinery.
  • Hexagon extruded rod- This rod is made and featured as the hexagon shapes of the two end of the rod. So that can be useful enough to perform the very task it is made for.

  • Square Brass Extruded Rod - This kind of rods end with the square shape on the both side. Usually it is seen that the sizes of such rod last from four millimeter up to sixty millimeter.
  Types of Brass Extruded Rod
  • Naval brass - for welding rods and other kinds of technical operation that is used for the marine purpose this brass rod is used. Durable and long lasting with better and fast capacity of completing tasks and using as part of the marine hardware this is important yet perfect.

  • Lead free brass rod – This kind of extruded rod is known for its hardness and sturdiness. Available in many sizes this is ideal choice for using as door frames and other kinds of operation such as heat exchanger shell and so on.
  • Free cutting brass rod - This kind of Brass Extruded Rod, as the name suggests is used for cutting and other kinds of manufacturing of the locks, auto parts and valve and other industrial equipments. For hot pressing this is ideal to reckon with.
  • High tensil Brass Extruded Rod - Widely used for industrial sectors this kind of rod comes with various combination of the metals. With good durability this kinds of rod is becoming one of the leading choices for acidic operation.

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Different types of Food Agents and their uses

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Food processing is one of the most important industries at presFood Agentsent. With an annual turnover of billions of dollars, this industry employs millions of people across the globe. Recent data shows that over the last few years the food processing industry has grown exponentially. With the passage of time several new technologies have been introduced in the food processing industry and with the practical use of the machines annual productivity has increased to a large extent. Apart from these machines several Food Agents are also used in the food processing industry in order to impart certain properties in the foods.


The acids that are used as food additives are lactic acid, fumaric acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, citric acid and vinegar. These acids are generally used to make the flavors of the foods sharper. Some of the acids are also used as preservatives in order to increase the shelf life of the products. However, the acids should be treated properly before using them in the foods in order to have the desired results.


Preservatives are used in the foods so that they can be preserved for a fair amount of time before being used. Different types of preservatives are used for different types of foods and so it is essential to be very careful while using a preservative. Each preservative has a distinct property and hence it is essential to use each one in the right proportion. Those who are in search of such products should be very careful while making the choice.


Antioxidants are some of the most important and most widely used Food Agents in the market at present. Antioxidants are generally used to reduce the effects of oxygen on the foods and hence are quite beneficial for health. Hence, most of the processed foods nowadays contain anti oxidants.


Added colors also act as Food Agents. When colors are added to a processed food, the end products gain the new color, thus looking more attractive. Edible colors are quite different from other conventional color and they are tried and tested a number of times before being used.   

Most of the food Agents are nowadays available online. Hence, clients can easily make a purchase of the products that they want straight from the online directory or stores. They do not have to hop from one store to another in search of the required products.

How to choose the best Precision Machine Components

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Since industrial revolution a large number of machines and instruments have been introduced in the market from time to time. As a result, there have been a large number of improvements in the technical fields related to different industries.

Precision Machine Components are some of the most widely used industrial tools and accessories that are specially designed to enhance the performance of a machine. The components must be selected very carefully as each component is different from the other in terms of structure and functions. There are certain things that clients need to keep in mind while purchasing these components.


One of the most important factors that clients need to take into account when it comes to purchasing these products is the quality. It is needless to mention that having a good quality product is the prerequisite of having a good performance. In most of the cases the products are tried, tested and certified before they are released into the market. It is to be kept in mind that over the last few years there have been quite a few developments in the manufacturing process of these products and more modern the manufacturing process is better is the quality of the product. Hence, clients should always source their products from those companies that use state of the art manufacturing process.    


Some products are also certified in recognition of their quality. Clients should always check the certificates before making a purchase. This would help them know how authentic the products are.  The certificates are generally provided by a central authority after carefully checking the products. Moreover, some certificates also contain grades that differentiate the Precision Machine Components according to their quality.


Every component has a different dimension and so clients should check the products over and over again to ascertain the right size and dimension. A misfit not only fails to deliver the required service, but can also jeopardize the entire product. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of products available in the market and so clients have to be very careful while making a choice.

Precision Machine Components are also available online nowadays. All that clients need to do is to visit an online business listing sites and place an order over the internet to get the products delivered to their designated address within a very short time.

How to choose the best TV Picture Tubes

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The innumerable advancements in the field of science and technology have made life a lot easier. There is a technical solution for each and every problem. Since the introduction of television the world has increasingly become smaller and smaller. As a matter of fact, television has changed life once and for all. TV Picture Tubes are the most important components of televisions and so clients who want this product should be very careful while making a choice. It is needless to mention that there are a large number of products available in the market and so clients can take the opportunity to choose from a large number of options.

TV Picture Tubes


Quality is the most important factor that clients need to take into account when they need to purchase television picture tube. It is to be kept in mind that the quality of the television largely depends on the quality of the picture tube itself and so clients should check the quality of the product well before making a purchase. In most of the cases, the products are checked and certified before they are released in the market. So clients should always choose the products that are certified.


The resolution is another important feature that clients need to take care of while purchasing TV Picture Tubes. Higher the resolution is, better is the picture quality. Hence, clients should always go with those products that have a higher resolution. In recent years television picture tubes have undergone huge developments and they have grown a lot thinner. As a result, clients can now easily get what they want if they know where to look for.

Most of the companies that manufacture these products nowadays offer their finished goods over the internet. The availability of different kinds of TV Picture Tubes in the market underscores the fact that clients can take the opportunity to choose from a large number of options. Nowadays it is possible for clients to sit at their home and place an order for such products over the internet. The ordered product is delivered to the designated address within a very short time. It is to be kept in mind that there are a large number of products available in the market and so clients have to be very careful regarding the choice. Moreover, they can also take the help of professional experts in this regard.

Lifesaving Equipment : A must for the Healthcare Sector

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It is quite true that over the last few years there has been a huge development in the healthcare sector. As result, new and more sophisticated machineries are always high ion demand. However, in the healthcare sector the machines that matter most are the Lifesaving Equipment. It is to be kept in mind there are a large number of equipments available in the market and so one has to be very careful while making a choice. Lifesaving equipment are some of the costliest products in the market, but they worth a purchase.

lifesaving Equipment


Ventilators are some of the most important Lifesaving Equipment in the market at present. Ventilators are generally used to pump oxygen directly into the lungs of patients who are unable to breathe naturally. This equipment is mainly used on those who are suffering from cardiac problems or lungs disease. However, it is quite obvious that these equipments need to be used under complete medical supervision.

Oxygen mask

Oxygen mask has been used in the medical sector for a long time and till date it continues to be one of the most important equipments. Oxygen masks help people breathe more easily. It works even if the patient is unconscious. The flow of oxygen through the mask can be maintained according to the requirement and so patients can breathe quite easily.

Most of the life saving equipments are tried and tested a number of times before being released in the market. This ensures quality as well as effectiveness. Hence, they are able to deliver the best possible performance for a long time. When it comes to Lifesaving equipment, there is no room for compromising with the quality. Hence, clients should be very careful while making a choice.

Most of the manufacturers of these equipments now offer their products over the internet. The main advantage of online shopping is that clients can easily get the product delivered right to their door step. All that clients need to do is to go through the sites of online sellers and place an order. However, they need to check the certification of the products in order to ascertain the authenticity. It is quite obvious that clients have to be very careful in making a choice. They can take the help of professional experts in this regard. It is needless to mention that over the last few years the demand for these products has increased to a large extent and making a prior booking can be a good idea.

Different Types of Gas Field Equipment

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The power and energy sector is undoubtedly the most important industrial sector in the world at present. Over the last few decades, steady as well as scientific developments in different arenas has significantly increased the need for power. Hence, power and energy companies nowadays are performing at their full capacity. As power and energy is that main life line behind global development, there is no room for compromising with the quality of the equipments used in this sector. Gas Field Equipment are those machines that are used in drilling oil and natural gas in different parts of the world, be it on land or be it off land.

Hydraulic Test Unit

A Hydraulic Test Unit is an equipment which is widely used all over the world in the oil and gas sector. These machines are generally used for testing different kinds of equipments used in the sector. They can be used for testing piping, vessels, bodies, valves, cylinders and accumulators. All these equipments are necessary in the oil and gas industry and so testing them before putting them to us is absolutely necessary and this is where Hydraulic Test Unit gains importance.

Chemical Injection Unit

Another important form of Gas Field Equipment is the Chemical Injection Unit. This chemical machine is generally used to inject chemicals into the gas storage unit or the pipeline in order to prevent the formation of hydrates. The capacity of these machines can be regulated according to the requirement of the clients and so clients can be rest assured that they are going to have exactly what they want.

Drilling Machines

Drilling Machines used in the oil and gas industry are a lot different from other drillers. They are generally equipped with a high power motor that makes it possible for users to drill even through tough rock surface. These machines are available in different capacities and so client s can easily get one according to their requirement.

Nowadays, it is possible for clients to buy Gas Field Equipment over the internet as most of the manufacturers sell their products through online stores. However, as there is no room for compromising with the quality of the machines it is always better for clients to contact the manufacturer or supplier in person before making a choice in order to get the best products in the market. They can also take the help of professional experts in this regard.

Buying the best Chemical Machinery

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With a massive development in science and technology, there has been a remarkable progress in human life. It is needless to mention that the chemical industry is one of the most important beneficiaries of the scientific and technological development. Over the last few years the chemical industry has changed a lot and the Chemical Machinery used in this industry are a lot more sophisticated than ever before. As there are different kinds of machines available in the market clients must choose very carefully from the options in hand. there are certain things that clients must check before making a purchase.


Quality is undoubtedly the most important factor that clients have to take into account before purchasing a Chemical Machinery. As these machines are the backbone of the chemical industry there is no room for compromising with their quality. Over the last few years a large number of chemical machines have been introduced in the market and so clients have to be very careful regarding their choice. In order to stay assured about the quality of the machines clients can check the certificate and the warranty card that come with the machines.


Capacity is the next most important thing that clients need to consider when it comes to purchasing chemical equipments. It is needless to mention that every industrial machine in this world comes with a capacity that determines its efficiency. Hence, checking the capacity of the machine is not a formality but a necessity. Though these machines generally come with a predetermined capacity, it is possible for clients to have custom made machines according to their own requirement.


Machines need to be maintained properly but those machines that need constant maintenance should be avoided for better. At present Chemical Machinery are built in such a way that they are able to perform impeccably without constant maintenance. This helps clients save a lot of time and money. However, the occasional maintenance work shall be done by trained professionals who have considerable experience in this field.

The fact that chemical equipments are nowadays available online makes it easier for clients to make a purchase. All that clients need to do is to visit an online store selling these machines and place an order after checking through the catalogues. However, it is better to consult professional experts if clients want to have the best products in the market at the best price. 

State of the Readymade Garments Industry

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The readymade garments manufacturing industry is one of the most globalized ones in the world. Of the manufacturing counties around the world, the ready-made garments manufactured in India are one of the most renowned and sought after. One of the reasons for this is that textiles have been manufactured in the country for centuries which has resulted in a high degree of specialization. There are many conditions in the country that has and continues to be favorable to the ready-made garment industry.

How the industry is changing

The Indian readymade garments business is one that is becoming highly fragmented, and as a result, very specialized. There are manufacturers who concentrate only on the manufacture of garments for children. Others manufacture men’s wear, women’s wear etc. Out of these broad divisions the segment of men’s wear is the largest, although other segments are growing fast. One of the reasons for this is that technology and manufacturing machinery has been sophisticated to a great degree and also the consumers want better products.

There are many factors that have led to the sudden rise or development of the readymade garment sector. The first is the rising level of disposable income of the population. With the rise of the Indian middle class population, consumerism has grown as well. People now demand, not only better quality products for which they are prepared to shed out money, but also branded goods at bargain prices. Today people keep abreast of changes in fashion trends. This has led the industry to manufacture better and better goods. With the current trend or increase of purchasing from shopping malls and discount stores, the sale of readymade garment is on the rise. Another reason, which is much akin with the first one, is the presence of a large working population. People today want to buy garments, not based on needs alone, but also for experimenting with various fabrics, colors and varieties.

Predictions for the industry trends in the coming years

As said above, the Readymade Garments industry is dominated by men’s wear and women’s apparel. Although this is still the case, kid’s wear is catching up fast. The places where these garments are manufactured and are brought or purchased more are in the large cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, and Pune. Smaller cities are also fast catching up to this trend. New concepts and trends like customized clothing, made-to-order clothing, purchasing through the internet and plus size clothing are developing fast as well. These are the things readymade garment manufacturers should be aware of.

Industry matters

The readymade garment industry is one of the largest sectors in the Indian economy. Around 70% of revenue to the overall textile industry comes from the readymade garment segment. Not only this, but the segment also contributes considerable to the Indian exports.

Why to buy from is a well known trading website where both clientele and manufacturers of readymade garment meet, both national and foreign. Out of many manufacturers business listings once can find a supplier or manufacturer who can give gives quality products for a bargain prices.

Where to Purchase a Water Fountain from and its Advantages

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In the olden times, Water Fountain was seen generally in parks, in public areas and on the grounds of government buildings. As the income of the people continues to increase, more and more families want to purchase luxury products for themselves. A water fountain is one of the things that are in great demand nowadays. Customers do not want plain looking fountains either, but water fountains that look like a work of art. Manufacturers are therefore more than willing to give them these products.
A Water Fountain manufactured today comes in various sub divisions like garden fountains, table fountains, wall fountains, indoor fountains, outdoor fountains, indoor and outdoor waterfalls and much more. As it can be seen from the above divisions, the manufacture of water fountains has become specialized and artistic.

Water Fountain

Wall Fountain

These are so named because they can be used as decorative items and placed against walls. Wall fountains are beautiful products and provide a serene and peaceful vibe to the home of the owner. The primary material it is made of is metal, glass and stone. Its main base structure is carefully made of metal and sometimes even of wood. The mid portion includes the fountain, which includes a glass screen and an artistic background for increased aesthetic purposes. This type of products come along with lights, lamps, polished river rocks, detachable utility brackets and an optional DVD drive.

Statue Fountains

These make for creative and antique-looking water fountains. Generally at the base of metal is attached to the statue. The statue’s mechanism is made in such a way that the water flows from the statue onto the base, and back again into the statue without any loss of water. These come along in various sizes.

Outdoor Fountains

These are just as good, as or even better than the indoor counterparts. An outdoor Water Fountain is typically placed in parks, gardens and pools. If the owner or purchaser has a large garden or backyard then space will never be a problem. Outdoor fountains or waterfalls are grand and in appearance are can made of marble, stone or sometimes metal. Glass is used as a component fort outdoor water fountain as well.

Fountain Manufacturers
The manufacturers of water fountains earn a considerable amount of revenue. The market for this product is increasing by leaps and bounds with the increase of the disposable income of people. Although the business setup cost is high, the rewards are high as well. From, one can see a huge database of manufactures of the product. The premiere website for trading is extremely advantages for the consumer finding a water fountain manufacturer who resides in his or her own area.

Buying a Water Fountain

Water fountains do not require much maintenance and care. All that is needed is a proper electric connection. The most common problem for customers is of space. But that is hardly a cause to worry. There are many portable desktop water fountains that are just as beautiful and serene as the larger counterparts.

Holi Celebration at TradeIndia

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Holi is one ofthe major festival of India and is the most vibrant of all. The festival is filled with so much fun and brings smile and enthusiasm amongst the people. Holi is celebrated on the arrival of Spring, that is a season of joy and hope. There are many interesting stories associated with the festival’s origin; the most popular stories of Holi origin relates to ‘Holika Dahan’ and Legend of Radha-Krishan.

Like every year, Holi was celebrated in Trade India office premises with great joy and happiness. This year Holi was really special at office, as I have never had so much fun during this festival as much as I did this year. Celebrating festival of colors with the entire team at office was an amazing experience. This festival has not just spreading colors, but it is also about forgiving and forgetting the misunderstandings of the past and have a new beginning.


TradeIndia has organized the holi celebrations at our Delhi office on March 15 2014, as most of the co-workers are on leave for celebrating holi with their family members. On that day, the whole office was decorated with colorful pictures and slogans. Entering into the office made our mood colorful and throughout the day the color was spread all over the office. All the credit goes to our TradeIndia Funclub team for organizing the festivities with such great efforts.


In evening, everybody gathered in the lobby and started splashing colors on each other. That was followed by small snacks and cold drinks party that make the entire day fantastic and full of fun. Everyone has joined the event and eventually we all had a great time. This year, the joy doubled as we combined the Holi celebrations with our monthly events where we welcome new members in Trade India family, celebrate birthdays, acknowledge the star performers from each team and have lots of fun together.

The environment of office was exciting enough and everyone celebrated Holi by putting colors and wishing each other a colorful life. A particular dress code has been kept for the day that was white kurtis, tees, kurtas for both the girls and boys. Some people were dancing crazily at downstairs on the beats of dhols that was arranged for the day. Some were busy eating, while some were making plans to also meet the next day to play Holi again. It was quiet exciting to see everyone dancing and enjoying together those festive moments.


After nonstop fun and party, it was the time for everyone to leave for homes with smiling colored faces. We are really thankful to our management and appreciate their gesture of celebrating the festival of colors with great efforts, it has generated happiness in our lives and making the festival truly enjoyable. Holi, the festival of colors is all about celebrating the spirit of life. TradeIndia celebrate every occasion with company fellows, colleagues and higher management like a big family. We all look forward for such events and celebrations that we celebrate together and have great fun together at TradeIndia

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TradeIndia: A B2B Marketplace for Online Business

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If you want to grow your business and expand it in the overseas markets then take the advantage of  trusted b2b portals present in the market. Though there is a number of b2b portals are running at present, but they are not reliable in terms of providing effective and business oriented services to the clients because of lack of experience, technology, network resources etc. Here I would like to suggest a reliable portal that is ahead to its competitors because of trustworthy services.

TradeIndia,com has started its journey in the year of 1996 and achieved several milestone during this journey. Today, portal have approximately 2.7 million registered users that is the biggest achievement itself. In India no portal have such a great database. In addition to this, TradeIndia has recently won the award of “B2B Marketplace of the Year” in eTailing India Awards 2014. Our company has actively participated in  the major 300 international as well as domestic trade fairs.  

Benefits of TradeIndia Membership

Membership Options

Get registered with TradeIndia for free and we will help to expand your business either as a free member or a paid one. If you opt for free membership, you will be able to list your company details on our portal along with maximum of ten pictures of products. As a paid member you cam search and contact potential buyer and seller and use our unique features like Call Me Free, EXIM CD-Rom, Dial B2B, Trade Leads, Trade Alerts, Trust Stamp, SMS Inquiry etc. all these services help you to get ahead of competition. To use our portal to your advantage you should choose the package with most features and functions.

Display Your Products through Online Catalogs

The online product catalog services offered at TradeIndia is a better way to showcase your product and services, as it enables you to get better exposure in global front. Advantage of online catalog service is that we are providing around 5330 attractive customized catalog templates on our website, in which you have the facility to make any type of update or changes in your product services, etc. at any time. We also provide our clients with the facility to access their catalogs, so that they can itself make the changes as per their requirements. If you have any concern regarding this service then we are open to solve your queries as per your business requirements within the given time frame. With these services we also provide catalogs in 10 different languages. As per market demand we are also providing mobile compatible catalog services to our valued clients.      

Product Trade Leads

TradeIndia offer this service to registered business enterprises that help them in promoting their business free of cost. This service will let you to showcase maximum of 50 featured products along with their photographs or sell trade leads for a period of one year at free of cost. This is a unique service that helps to attract more buyers and more business inquiries from the prospective market. Even, you can update product information as well as your profile whenever it is required to do. So, post your products details at our online portal for free and  you will surely get good results in a shorter span of time.

Compliance Management Software for SME’s

Compliance Management Software is a web based service providing a unique platform for the SME’s that will them to manage industry rules, regulations, government issues and policy management. In other words, there is deadline set for each and every task such as license expiration, certification and other government procedures, the compliance system create alert for all these services and let you to perform business effectively. Users can also select the time period for which they need the alert services  the options available with TradeIndia are 1 Week, 2 Week, 3 Week, 1 Month, 2 Month And 3 Month. Whenever an alert is created, the system sends alerts through SMS or e-mail to remind you of the tasks.

Trade India is a trusted business e-marketplace that is helpful in providing information regarding the details of company profile and their offered products or services that results in increasing profits and trade leads. The main objective of our company is to create a special niche in the market that allow SME’s to efficiently conduct business processes on the internet. In a broader sense, TradeIndia is an online platform where buyers and sellers communicate, collaborate and make business transactions in an effective way.

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Trade India – Know more about India’s Leading Business Search Engine

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TradeIndia is one of the prominent b2b portal from India involved in the ever-expanding field of online business promotion solutions. With our remarkable efforts in data acquisition and online business solutions, company subsumes a huge number of buyers and sellers listed under 2,181 different product categories and sub-categories. Our organization is well-promoted on all major search engines and today the portal is considered as an ideal platform by millions of buyers and sellers across the globe. TradeIndia aims to provide useful, authentic and accurate information to the EXIM community and ensuring the best of services and business leads for our clients.

We are running this business successfully since 1996 under the guidance of Mr. Bikky Khosla and achieved numerous milestones during this journey. In this direction, now we have over 2.7 million registered users till now and this count is increasing day by day. This shows our popularity in the online b2b market and our site work as a marketplace where buyers and suppliers can perform different business activities in a smooth manner. To provide maximum client satisfaction, we have expanded our network in all major cities of India, so that maximum people get advantage through us. We are working with talented professionals that helps manufacturers, suppliers, importers and buyers to grow their business in online business marketplace that has imparted successfully.

Why to Choose TradeIndia

* We are a renowned B2B portal that is dedicated to provide information on Indian manufacturers, exporters, importers, suppliers, wholesalers, traders, distributors and service providers and act as a bridge between customer’s and SME’s. With the help of our portal worth Rs. 11,773 crore generated through the b2b marketplace.

* We provide online catalog services, book domains, trust stamp, tenders, dial b2b and many more business oriented services. Our catalogs services are best to display detailed company profile and product information along with product photographs, customized header, personalized domain and catalogs in 10 different languages other than English.    

* Our DIALB2B service offer users freedom to find out the details of targeted suppliers through SMS from us without visiting Required information of B2B suppliers will be delivered to user as SMS or in an email.  

* Call Me Free service is an easy way to connect with the targeted global suppliers over the phone. The buyers can use this facility for free to directly connect with the TradeIndia suppliers.

* Hosting and organizing business talk shows and TV commercial on all the famous business TV channels and on other media platforms such as YouTube, SlideShare, etc.

* Have shown active participation in major 300 international as well as domestic trade fairs. Trade India SME Times is an informative news portal providing complete business new coverage for SMEs.

* is a useful platform for the distributors, franchisees and sales agents who wants to grow their business and seeking the list of sales orders from concerned companies.

* Apart from all the above mentioned online services, we publish Exporters Yellow Pages (EYP), that is a offline business directory contains the list of manufacturers, exporters and service providers. Published biannually, it is available in printed form, CD’s and on Trade India web portal.

We are pioneers in providing unique business solutions to buyers and sellers, tradeindia is now accessible through smart phone, as we have started mobile compatible websites and product catalogs services. If you are interested to know more about EXIM community, international trade shows, SME news, tenders and more more associated business information you can visit Trade India portal for detailed information. So, what you are waiting for it is just a click away!

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Readymade Garments Supply: A Lucrative Business Option

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Those who are fashionable always try to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the market. Over the last few years the fashion industry has undergone huge changes from each and every side. As a result, Readymade Garments have gained huge popularity nowadays alongside custom made garments. The increase in the demand of readymade wears has led to the growth of the readymade garment supply business all over the world and today it is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative business options in the world. Keeping in mind the ever changing nature of fashion and the increasing demand for fashionable clothes it can be said that the business is going to grow steadily in future as well.

Readymade Garments Industry

The readymade garment industry in India has been facing a path of steady growth both in the domestic theatre as well as in the international arena. Readymade fashion wears make up to almost 45 percent of the total textile export of India and hence plays an important role in India’s economy. The readymade garment industry is estimated to be of Rs.745 billion with a projected growth rate of 25 percent in the next few years. In fact the entry of a large number of designer brands in the Indian market has given an unprecedented boost to the industry. Over the last few years India has emerged to be one of the most important exporters of readymade clothes in the global market, with products being shipped to the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and parts of Asia. This provides an ideal backdrop for starting a readymade garment supply business.

How to start

Making a market survey is essential before making a start and it is true for any business, be it readymade garments or be it something else. Over the last few years the market of Readymade Garments has expanded substantially and is it is not hard to find clients in this situation. However, entrepreneurs must assess the business from their own perspective in order to have a better understanding. Getting in touch with the established readymade garment manufacturing companies on one hand and on the other with the wholesale buyers and retailers forms the main platform of this business. Apart from this entrepreneurs also have to make arrangement for adequate funds that would help them survive in the market.

Tradeindia business listing(Sellers Section)

Here listed tremendous array of 2,181 and over categories. simply click category and view manufacturers, suppliers and exporters business listing along with address and other given details.


Connecting directly with the garment manufacturers can be a reliable and an effective way of starting the readymade garments supply business. There are a large number of garment manufacturers in India and establishing a business relationship with a few of them in the first stage would provide a stepping stone for the entrepreneur. These manufacturers sell their products to suppliers at a relatively low price, thus making it possible for new suppliers to gain foothold in the market. Most of the manufacturers have their own websites where suppliers can get a detailed information on what types of products they offer and what cost they demand. It is always better to go through the website of the manufacturer before starting a business.

Get Unique Business Solutions at your Nearest Location through Trade India

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Infocom Network Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, established in the year 1990. It is headquartered in New Delhi and have 34 branch offices across India. The company is popular as and conceptualized in the year 1996. Serving as a bridge between buyers, sellers, importers and exporters that helps them to maintain a good relationship with each other.

In this challenging world, Trade India is cropping up new avenues for the corporates by providing a wide array of online services such as online product catalogs, exporters Yellow Pages (EYP), domain name hosting, EXIM CD-ROM,  trust stamp, credit reports and various other value added services. Trade India is counted amongst the pioneer business search engines  that incorporates a huge number of company profiles under 1,538 different product categories and sub-categories.

Under the visionary guidance of Mr. Bikky Khosla company has reached to a database of 2.4 million registered users and marked its presence in the major cities of India. Promoting its services on all popular search engines, company receives on around 26 million of hits per month. With a mission to bring down the entire trade community under a common roof, Trade India is providing an interactive b2b platform to the EXIM community.

Growing rapidly Trade India is considered as an effective portal where users can advertise their products and offerings to the targeted audiences. With a strategy to serve customers in every region of globe, company offers comprehensive product catalog services in 10 different languages.

Trade India branch offices are present all across the major business hubs in India, from where company is able to cater the needs of privileged customers. Showed active participation in more than 300 national and international trade fairs, company is now getting business opportunities from the different parts of world. Now, from anywhere in India marketers can easily approach Trade India to promote their products and offered services.  

The diversified network of Trade India provides a suitable platform to the buyers and sellers to clarify their trade related issues. Company web portal assists foreign buyers to locate Indian manufacturers and exporters with an ease. Trade India “call me free” facility is helpful in connecting the global buyers to the targeted suppliers over the phone for free.     

Being an experienced company we are providing satisfactory services to our clients and our success graph is growing day by day. Trade India wide spread network paves the way for the entire business community to access excellent b2b services at their nearest branch. With over 1200+ working professionals and well equipped offices in India, Trade India has become a pioneer search engine in the business market.

A large number of clients have gained maximum benefits through Trade India. The company has received great appreciation from the Indian as well as global clients. Similarly, valuable feedback from our business partners motivate us to provide superior quality services in stipulated time frame. You can simply access more information at Trade India website to reach out to any of our network highlighted in the form of map.

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Trade India Sports Day: A Team Building Event for All

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Trade India is a renowned online b2b platform for SMEs based in India and established in the year 1990. The company offers comprehensive business solutions to the global EXIM community and considered as an ideal place for the buyers and sellers to interact with each other.

The company has organized its first Sports cum Recreation Day for the employees at South Delhi DDA Sports Complex on 12th February, 2014. The motive of this event was to improve team spirit and cross-departmental interaction among the employees. On that day, Trade India employees have participated in different sports activities and competed with each other in groups.

A great fun was experienced on this day and everyone has enjoyed the day with full zeal and excitement. Trade India sports event was a fun packed day for its employees, at the same time it receives equal attention from the senior level management. The event held from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, included various activities like cricket, football, racing competitions and much more.

The venue decided for the event is quite near to Jasola metro station. The complex where the event took place was simply great, boasting supreme quality sports facilities such as widespread green fields, volleyball court, gymnasium area, football ground and more. The location was perfect to accommodate small and big groups.

Trade India sports event was organized under the guidance of respective floor managers, who are responsible for most fun employee engagement activities. Some of the popular activities held at the day was:

Cricket Match: The cricket is a incredible fun game played during the event. There were four cricket matches played at the ground in between eight teams, each match is of 10 overs. The match began at 10:00 in the morning, all the teams have shown great performance in the field.

Football Match: It is one of the most exciting game of all the activities. The match was played between two teams consists of 14 players each. All the players are determined to emerge as winners and have showed great game at the event. The participants have a great team spirit between them and experienced lots of fun during the event.

Racing Events: Different racing contests were held at the spot like spoon race, sack race, relay race and tied leg race. Trade India employees participated in the event with great zeal and showed high level of performance. Viewers and participants both have experienced a great fun while performing such activities on the ground.

The winners in particular sport category are appreciated for their enthusiasm and rewarded with the exciting prizes. On this day, Trade India CEO was also present at the event, which was quite motivating for the employees. Through this event, Trade India recognizes the essence of having a strong foundation in order for their employees to be at their best at work.

In the middle of this fun, breakfast facilities were also provided there for the ease of employees. A proper arrangement of food was arranged at the event like mineral water, fruits, juices and different snacks items, meals, etc. This entire day was full of fun packed sports activities and have received maximum participation from the employees.

Trade India Sports Recreation day was a pleasant experience for its employees, where they have interacted with each other and participated in different team building sports activities. Main objective of the event is to bring all the employees at a common place that encourages fun, interaction and team bonding. Before this event, Trade India has organized exciting fun events like outdoor trips, group movie shows, lunch and many more. Visit Trade India Facebook Fun Club page to get more information on employees engagement activities.

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Some Information On Bricks

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Bricks are often termed as the building blocks of modern civilization. When seen in light of the varied use of Bricks, this simple fact is hard to deny. Though, the history of bricks dates back to 7500 BCE according to archeological evidences, it was only in the 19th century that bricks were started to be used on an industrial scale for construction. In India bricks with dimension 228 × 107 × 69 mm are mostly used for construction purposes. The most widely used bricks in India are the Common Burnt Clay Bricks which are reddish in color and are chiefly manufactured in kilns all over the country.

Types of Brick

  • Common Burn Clay Bricks— Common Burnt Clay Bricks are manufactured by pressing a lump of clay into a mould and later drying the molde structure in a furnace at a klin. These are the most common form of bricks found in India and abroad and are devoid of any special features. They are simple building blocks and require plastering once they are assembled in place.
  • Sand Lime Bricks— The Bricks are manufactured by blending sand with lime and fly ash followed by a chemical process. These bricks have a smoother finish and a distinguishable from the Burnt Clay Bricks by their grey color. These bricks are also strong enough to support huge loads.
  • Engineering Bricks— Engineering Bricks are generally manufactured at a very high temperature in order to impart huge strength and load bearing capacity. These bricks are often made damp proof and chemical resistant and are chiefly used in industrial buildings.
  • Concrete Bricks— The main feature of concrete bricks is that they can be manufactured in different colors. They have extraordinary aesthetic properties and are generally used in to decorate the facade of a building.
  • Fly Ash Clay Bricks— These bricks are a mixture of clay and fly ash and are generally manufactured by heating the molded form of the mixture at almost 1000 degree Celsius. However, these bricks soak in water and even moisture and tend to expand, thus compromising with the stability of the structure.
Brick making machines There are different types of brick making machines available in the Indian market. These machines include Automatic Brick and block machine, Pan Mixtures, Hollow Block Machine, Pug Mill-Wire cut brick making machine, Clay Brick Machine, Wire-cut brick making machine, Fly Ash Brick Machine and Interlocking Brick Machine. These machines are manufactured by different companies and so it is important for buyers to make a careful choice from the options in hand.  These machines can be operated either manually or with the help of computer controls.

Bricks manufacturers

It is better to buy bricks directly from the manufacturers as they provide quality products at an affordable price. A number of manufacturers available on under  bricks manufacturers category (Here you can browse bricks manufacturers suppliers contact detalis along with products details) also many manufacturers have their own websites where users can get a detailed information on the bricks that they offer and the price that they ask for. In the construction industry there is no room for compromising with the quality of the raw materials and so it is important for buyers to check the quality before making a purchase

How Should Brass Terminals Distributors The Best Battery Terminals?

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Battery terminals are metal platforms that are used for connecting a cell or battery to a charger. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They also come in many designs. The manufacturing process used all over the world for making battery terminals is called the powder metallurgy process. In this process the components that are used from making the brass battery terminals are either ferrous or non-ferrous. These are always made of brass of the very best quality. Non-ferrous powders are much more preferred by the clients as these have brass powders.

Battery terminals are made in the industry by precision machines and are crafted to optimum perfection. The advantage of machine tooling process is that there is no chance of any uneven surfaces and irregularities. The whole surface of a terminal should ideally be uniform and manufacturing companies give a lot of effort so that every product is uniform. By the use of the precision machines the surfaces are precise and have an even geometric structure. Also the process eliminates all chances of corrosion. Corrosion of terminals occurs when they are fitted into connections poorly. For this reason, battery terminals today have fluids added in the structure that negates the effect of corrosion. These are then sent to Brass Terminals Distributors and customers.

While purchasing a brass battery terminal there are a few parameters that the customer should remember to avoid getting cheated or unintentionally getting faulty goods. The ideal brass battery terminal should be decidedly durable. Brass is used as it is highly durable as a metal. A good terminal should also be strong enough to be long lasting for the maximum time. Its dimensions should be uniform because of the simple reason that it may not be able to accommodate batteries at all otherwise. Resistance to corrosive activity is a very important attribute and should be remembered while buying. Additionally it should be aesthetic as well. Some other important things to see is that of the quality of metal, the welding quality, in case of two metals that whether the two metals are properly welded or not, what type of brass link it has and many other parameters.

The industries the finished products go to are the electrical goods manufacturing companies and to Brass Terminals Distributors. Various grades of brass are used for making battery terminals. Brass Terminals Distributors may also pre order for the manufacture of custom designed products of the category which are of better brass grades.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the brass terminals companies and brass rivets distributors.

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