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All about Powder Coating System

The complete code of Powder Coating System comes in two version, i.e., batch system and conveyor system. Both powder coating system consists of following components such as:
  • Pretreatment system
  • Air compressor
  • Powder spray system
  • Powder coating booth with recovery system
  • Curing oven
Pretreatment system consists of tank either filled with chemicals or water. The components which are going to be powder coated are dipped in the chemical to make the clean for the process. The size of the tank varies in accordance of the requirement and the components need to be coated.

Air compressor is usually fitted with appropriate filters so as to provide clean and dry compresses air, which is needed for imparting the perfect finish while powder coating. Generally, 3HP or 5HP air compressor is adequate for batch coating system that have only one coating machine. However, conveyor systems that are equipped with multi-gun application usually requires air compressor of higher capacity.

Powder spray system, often referred as Powder Coating Machines, is actually the main component of powder coating work shop. An electrostatic powder spray system is used for the said purpose. The prime motive of using a spray is to electrostatic charged the chemical powder into the spray booth or oven, where there is a component to be coated. This technique always ensures uniform and consistent coating quality.

Powder coating booth with recovery system, is the component where actual powder coating process is carried out. Powder coating recovery booths are of two types

  • Filter cartridge
  • Hyper Cyclone

Curing oven is used for imparting the final finish to the component. For the said purpose, the coated component is placed for 10 to 15 min at a certain temperature. With the effect of heat, powder tends to melt, polymerize as well as fuse and cure featuring the final finish with strong mechanical and chemical properties.

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