A study in Tea- types of tea and their uses

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world. A large number of people all over the world regularly consume tea on daily basis. It is also used as an energy drink in many parts of the world. Most of the tea production comes from China and India. The most preferred flavors of tea are found in India. The tea production has turned into an industry over the last century in the eastern part of the Himalayas. Here are some of the most productive tea gardens in the world. If everything is to be known about Tea- types of tea is the option to start with.


Types of tea
There are different types of tea available in the market. They are black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea and premium tea. Each of the types has different nutritional values and are prescribed to different people. It is thought that tea sometimes works as medicine as well though its medicinal properties have not yet been manifested in human beings. Different types of tea are favorite in different parts of the world. For example people in the west prefer black tea whereas people in many parts of Africa prefer green tea.

Tea Industries Buying a bag of tea is not a problem. You can easily visit the grocery store round the corner or any supermarket in order to buy tea. Clients can also opt for online shopping if they want to purchase authentic tea. There are many online stores and Tea Manufacturers who provide these products at affordable rates and buyers can easily take the help of these online stores.