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Variety of Dyes and their usage

Dyes are considered as coloring substances and it needs the help of a mordant to impart coloration on any fiber. The mordant forms a coordination complex with variety of dyes. Dye generally absorbs light and appears to be a colored substance.


Dyes can be classified in various groups:

* Natural: Plants are considered as the natural source of these coloring substances. You can get these substances from bark, leaves, berries, lichens, fungi and roots of various plants.

* Acidic: These dyes are considered as the water soluble in nature. These are used for coloring variety of substances like nylon, wool and silk.  These are anionic type of substances.

* Basic: These are cationic water and water soluble substances. These are used for coloring paper items and acrylic fibers.

* Direct: These substances can be applied directly on the substrate without the help of binders or mordant. These are generally used on cotton, rayon and on linen products. The colors which they impart are not so brilliant like other type of coloring substances.

* Sulphur: These compounds provide deep shades and are resistant to various washing procedures but can be affected by sunlight.

* Vat: These are considered as the best type of coloring substance as it is resistant to sunlight and washing. These are usually generally used on rayon and cotton materials.

* Other than these there are water based, alcohol based, neutral, alizarin, aniline, chrome and acetate dyes.

Artificial colors are used medicine, toothpaste, modern foods, cosmetics and beverages. Artificial colors were earlier made from tar oil but now these are artificially produced from petroleum. Artificial flavors are also used to enhance the flavor of a food product. Vanillin is one such compound.  Food industries generally use antioxidants preservatives and these help to prevent any rancidity of fats.  Most of these colors, flavors and preservatives contain ingredients which are hardly harmful to our body. Experts from food industry properly choose the ingredients and mix them accordingly to make these products. These coloring substances are used within a certain limit.

These coloring substances are used in different types of industries. These are used in textile, paper, leather, wood and food industries. In food industry natural dyes are generally used but now federal agency has allowed the use of synthetic dyes but within a permissible level. Variety of petroleum based items such as lubricating oils, waxes, gasoline and polishes use these coloring substances. To color fur, hair and other biological samples you can use various types of coloring substances.


Manufacturing companies use the finest types of materials to produce these coloring products. You can buy these coloring substances directly from these manufacturing companies. They offer discounts to their clients. These manufacturing companies use modern tools and technology for manufacturing and packaging.
They have teams to monitor the quality of these products. You can even check online sites to purchase different types of coloring materials and dyes intermediates. From these websites you can see the composition and the price of these products.

With just a click on your mouse you can communicate with the Dyes Intermediates Companies.

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