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March 8, 2013

Popular fasteners – brass nuts and bolts

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Various industries use brass nuts and bolts for joining different types of objects. A nut usually has a threaded hole and it is used with a bolt to join or to fasten different parts tightly. A bolt is a type of screw which has a blunt end and has raised ridge around its shank.


Brass nuts and bolts can be classified as pan head, round head, truss head, binding head, hexagon head, hex flange, square shoulder and flat heads.

One can choose a hex bolt and nut that has a six sided head, a threaded shaft, and is made from high quality steel. These are used as fasteners in auto and construction industries. To fasten large wooden structures, carriage bolt is used. These bolts have a rounded head and a cubic section which acts as a lock and also contains a threaded shaft.

One can even choose hex, wing or acorn nuts along with different types of bolts to fasten wood or metallic structures.


Before buying these brass products one should be well acquainted with the properties of different types of brass. The properties of brass depend upon the percentage of the constituent metals present in it. Most of these nuts and bolts are resistant to heat, water, temperature fluctuations and corrosion and so they are used in different industries as popular fasteners. The tensile strength, hardness, density, high melting point and elasticity of this alloy depends upon the percentage of the constituent metals.


The manufacturing companies carefully select and purchase the raw materials for manufacturing these nuts and bolts. They use different varieties of brasses and latest technologies to manufacture various types of nuts and bolts. Most of these manufacturing companies have professionals who monitor every step of production and check for the defects.


These nuts and bolts should be cleaned with suitable cleaning agents to increase their longevity and also to impart durability. Various types of lubricating agents are applied to make their surface resistant to rust and other environmental conditions.


One can purchase these bolts and nuts directly from the manufacturers or from the dealers. These manufacturing companies and dealers can alter the shapes and the sizes of these items. There are different online portals from where one can get information about the shapes and sizes of these nuts and bolts and can also get the information about the prices of these items.

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